Oppo A9x Is A Near-perfect Solution For The Mid-range With Both Photography And Battery Life “review

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]Over the last two years, OPPO has been pursuing youth and creativity in its products and positioning, its series of cell phones throughout the high-end market, of which the A series has always been moderate in product volume, price, and shape. This year, the series has arrived at OPPO A9, as well as the recently enhanced OPPO A9x on the shelves, today we review the model, is the main focus of large memory, long battery life OPPO A9x. Appearance and design First look at the screen, OPPO A9x is equipped with the mainstream OPPO water drop screen in recent years, the front camera cut edge inspired by the lotus leaf edge will fall water drops, natural and bright. The screen size 6.53 inches, resolution of 2340 1080, vividness and clarity both, the left and right bezel narrow to 1.71mm, screen ratio of up to 90.07 percent, so that the advantages of the full-screen again to enlarge, in the game and viewing process can get a broader field of view, but also convenient to display more UI content, bringing a better sense of immersion.

The back panel can appear streamlined light flow effect through the laser engraving process, and OPPO also made a highlight color OPPO green notch on the power button. Thanks to OPPO’s previous accumulation of capacitive fingerprint recognition technology, the A9x’s rear fingerprint recognition speed remains at the cutting edge of the industry today. It is worth noting that all the elements on the back of the OPPO A9x, including the camera, fingerprint, logo and text, e

This generation of OPPO A9x retains the 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom (kudos), and next door is a three-section open-hole speaker. Photo shooting Despite being positioned as a mid-range device, the A9x uses the flagship IMX586 sensor for the photo function that OPPO has been focusing on. I’m sure you’re familiar with this lens, which has 48 megapixels, a four-in-one 1.6um large pixel unit, a 1/2.0 large sensor size, and an f/1.7 large aperture to support photo night shoots from both sides of the sky. At the same time, the A9x includes a 5-megapixel depth-of-field lens to increase the fun of photography, so that the bokeh algorithm has hardware support to achieve better separation of main and background bokeh.

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OPPO’s photos are bright, high-contrast, and good-looking, with accurate white balance and exposure to ensure a good yield, thanks to OPPO’s deep involvement in the fashion world. With the HDR effect enabled, the darker parts of the building are brightened and enriched, and the high-speed shutter is used to ensure a clear image in a bright environment. The three primary colors of red, green, and blue are accurately reproduced, and the 48 megapixels ensure that the pictures are clear when enlarged.

5 megapixel depth of field camera, the detection of this generation of bokeh combined with the hardware has been very good, the more complex shape of street lamps, Starbucks cups (straws), flowers can be accurately divided background, easy to shoot the effect of a blockbuster. Night scene sample review.

Selfie The AI can perform targeted beauty based on the user’s age, gender, skin color, skin texture, ethnicity, and other dimensions. The AI will become more aware of the user’s aesthetic style after a longer period of learning. ColorOS 6 The software is OPPO’s ColorOS 6, which is based on Android 9 Pie and is inspired by traditional Chinese artwork of white cloth, eliminating a lot of figurative dividing lines in the UI design to make the interface elements more pure.

UI UI ColorOS 6 introduces the concept of “progressive colors,” which uses lighter colors to reduce visual stimulation in several system applications and UI design, resulting in a very good visual appearance; OPPO also adds a lot of delicate transitional animation and improves on the details.

For the first time, ColorOS 6 includes the new artificial intelligence Breeno, which not only integrates the original AI functions, such as voice assistant and intelligent sweep, but also has built-in scenario-based multi-mode interaction, which integrates screen recognition, voice and object recognition, and not only listens and sees, but also learns to understand users’ habits and makes suggestions. The built-in SLA multi-state network acceleration technology can monitor the data network and Wi-Fi in real time, and dynamically use 4G and Wi-Fi networks based on network congestion, allowing the data network and wifi to work simultaneously. “The A9x is also made of copper-alloy alloy, which is the most popular in the world.

The A9x also uses a copper alloy frame graphite sheet double-sided thermal conductive silicone film, triple heat dissipation technology, the phone still does not get hot in high load game scenarios.” As for the battery, the OPPO A9x has a large capacity 4020mAh battery built in to provide the device with long-lasting battery life, and the 4020mAh battery In the battery life test, the battery is fully charged in 80 minutes thanks to the processor, and the battery is very durable whether it is for games or watching videos online, not to mention standby calls, thanks to the processor’s low power consumption frequency.

To summarize, in the current market, the OPPO A9x excels in performance, particularly in photography, allowing you to have a good experience with a mid-range phone. The OPPO A9x is a nearly perfect reference answer to the many options available if you want a mid-range phone with the benefits of large memory and long battery life. If there are any flaws, the USB-C interface comes the closest to being perfect.