Oppo A7 Comprehensive Review: Vibrant Waterdrop Screen Strong Large Power Photo Better-looking System More Intelligent

[The OPPO R17 Pro, which was listed on the market during the double 11, was a hot commodity, and the first sale was both online and offline, with an excellent user reputation on the major e-commerce platforms. Oppo took advantage of this fantastic opportunity to launch a new model, the OPPO A7.OPPO A7 real picture The back of the OPPO A7 has a hidden lenticular texture that changes with the light and has a distinct style. In fact, the OPPO A7’s back design has been modified, making it appear more pure and detailed.

The OPPO A7 employs a nano-level microcrystalline process, lenticular texture, double lenticular, microscopic is horizontal, and intuitive is vertical. The vertical lenticular texture in the visual principle is easy to see, and the watch’s built-in mechanical movement uses a similar, but finer, Geneva texture.

The texture, as seen in the OPPO A7 real photo below, is clear and gives the pure gold color a 3D condensed light coat, making it appear more noble and atmospheric.OPPO A7 amber gold photo The texture is inspired by the distinctive peacock feathers, with numerous slim vertical lines forming a pure plane. The one-of-a-kind detail design brings pure beauty, advanced but not ostentatious, representing the industry aesthetics trend.

OPPO has also added a solid color pattern to the body that is designed with light, coalescing light from different angles on the back of the phone body, allowing the body to show different light column effects with changes in angle and light, making the body color more layered and stunning at every glance.

OPPO A7 frontal “water drop screen” actual photo image The OPPO A7 adopts the R15 Dream Edition and Find X’s 3D curved body design. The sheet is heat bent 3D processed for the first time to achieve the industry’s thinnest 3D sheet body at 0.64mm. Simultaneously, in the glass-like material, to create a mirror texture The OPPO A7’s detailing reflects its delicate side.

The front of the OPPO A7 is the same “water drop screen” design as the OPPO R17 series, with a spirited water drop curve that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. The design of the “water drop screen” is inspired by the falling water drops on the edge of a lotus leaf. The falling water drops are a process that shows a soft and smooth natural state with vitality, displaying infinite possibilities.OPPO A7 front “water droplet screen” actual photo picture The “water drop” design on the 6.2-inch screen allows the A7’s front sensor area to be reduced, and thanks to the optimization of the screen dispensing process and screen packaging technology, the OPPO A7’s bezel width is further reduced to 2.05 mm, with an overall screen-to-bod The A7 has a high screen-to-body ratio, which makes the screen more beautiful, agile, and full of life; additionally, the A7 has some hardware that differs from the OPPO R17 series and Find X.

It retains the 3.5mm American Standard headphone jack and supports OTG data transfer via a Micro USB data port.

OPPO A7 fresh pink real photo In addition to different interfaces, the OPPO A7’s fingerprint recognition is also different. Unlike the high-end model OPPO R17 series, the A7 uses rear fingerprint recognition rather than screen fingerprint recognition.OPPO A7 amber gold and fresh pink real photo OPPO A7’s rear fingerprint can enjoy a faster and more convenient phone unlocking, application encryption, and payment experience, in addition to the front design to avoid openings and make the phone more integrated. It performs the same function as a traditional fingerprint, and there is no requirement for users to use it.

Light up the screen to unlock it faster; also supports fingerprint payment, WeChat payment, and Alipay payment by simply touching the rear fingerprint.OPPO A7 rear fingerprint recognition unlocking

The OPPO A7 can be unlocked using facial recognition as well as fingerprint recognition and payment. The camera intelligently collects 128 facial features, and the OPPO facial recognition technology can identify the user’s facial features with high precision to ensure security. Facial recognition is fast and secure, and users can find “Fingerprint, Face, and Password” in the settings and see the “Face” option after entering, click on it, and enter the phone unlock password to enter the face.

After recording, users can choose what facial unlocking can be used for, such as phone unlocking, application encryption, private safe, and installation, and SMS debit verification.OPPO A7 facial recognition entry steps I also personally experimented with, after entering the face, facial recognition unlock almost seconds unlocked, the author in order to let you see more clearly, did not initially point the front camera to their face, press the bright screen after the phone s Before the test, facial unlock was used because the recognition speed was too fast, leading the author to believe that he had not set a password.OPPO A7 facial fingerprint recognition unlock For the face unlock method, users can choose between “slide up after the screen unlock” and “directly after the screen unlock,” with the latter being more convenient. Users can also choose whether to enable the “closed eyes cannot identify the face” feature.

If you enable the “closed eyes cannot identify the face” feature, when their own love to kill friends / girlfriends with your phone want you facial recognition payment when you If you close your eyes, you will be unable to pay, and you will feel that you have saved a lot of money. Facial recognition also solves some inconvenient fingerprint situations, such as a finger stained with water or unclean when the recognition may not come out, or when wearing gloves in winter and do not want to take off the gloves after unlocking and put the gloves back on, which is a time-consuming process, facial recognition will come in handy.

OPPO A7 real photo In terms of the front camera, the OPPO A7 has 16 megapixels, which accurately captures 296 feature points of the face, analyzes information such as gender, age, skin tone, and skin texture, and provides 8 million beauty solutions to intelligently match the beauty that suits you.OPPO A7 shooting sample photos According to the comparison chart below, the sample of the fa The most important aspect is that it does not transform your face into a snake face. OPPO A7 without AI Smart Face vs. AI Smart Face comparison

OPPO A7 photo samples OPPO A7 uses 13MP 2MP AI intelligent dual camera on the rear, with F2.2 F2.4 rear aperture, the photo effect is both “real” and “beautiful,” no need to download third-party APP, the camera comes with more ways to play, presenting different good-looking, interesting photo effects. The portrait mode function’s bokeh effect is real and layered, and the details of the characters are more natural, allowing you to enjoy the fun of mobile photography.OPPO A7 sample photo shootingOPPO A7 sample shot without portrait mode on

OPPO A7 sample shot with portrait mode onPeople like me can’t stop taking selfies, and the phone’s power will suddenly run out. But the good news is that the OPPO A7 has a large 4230mAh battery that provides a long battery life, so you won’t have to worry about the embarrassing scene of looking for a rechargeable battery after taking a picture with no power. The A7 also has an “app freeze” function, which freezes power-consuming applications and prevents them from waking up to each other, making the phone more power-efficient, so that the power is worry-free and you can say goodbye to rechargeable batteries.

The negative screen combines express, travel, and life services information with intelligent reminders and attentive companionship. The smart assistant adds six new types of cards to the original twelve, and optimizes “smart travel.” It offers more integrated solutions to problems arising from various life scenarios. It provides users with a more convenient and efficient experience in various life scenarios.

Intelligent negative screen The camera can scan and recognize barcodes, entities, and text using OCR recognition, object recognition, and AR technology, and it can also provide multilingual translation, content extraction, image optimization, scene service, information query, and other multifaceted recognition services. Among them, “Smart Scan” includes many functions, such as “Document Scan,” “Photo Translation,” “Word Translation,” and “Intelligent Word Recognition.” Smart Sweep adds “question answering” and “business card scanning” on the basis of optimizing “document scanning,” “photo translation,” “word translation,” and “intelligent object recognition.” I concentrate on the broad sweep of the answer, which is not the author during the study period. The author in mathematics can be said to be a little talent is not, do homework always write a pass, the process is incorrect, the answer is incorrect outrageous; examination is usually to see which option is more pleasing to the eye to choose which, the score is frequently stuck in 60 points With the advancement of technology, there are actually sweeping questions to answer, and the author’s heart is a little complicated.Smart sidebar can be opened globally in the form of a floating window to view and reply to WeChat, QQ, SMS messages; quickly switch to the system default settings or user-defined common applications; the recently used pictures, files, clip text, collections of rapid sharing, significantly improving the efficiency of

Xiao Ou voice assistant enables users to perform relevant operations with their voices rather than their hands, broadening the use of cell phones to include cooking, washing clothes, wet hands, and other inconvenient tasks. Voice interaction also makes the phone more futuristic. I asked the voice assistant to open QQ through the voice assistant, and the voice assistant received the request and then opened QQ, which could not be more convenient.Voice assistant The A7 is equipped with OPPO’s self-developed acceleration engine Hyper Boost, which optimizes the phone’s overall performance. The system engine optimizes the lagging problem from the ground up, increasing the speed of application launch by 31% and allowing for smoother interface switching.

The game engine optimizes 11 mobile games, including King’s Honor and Stimulation Battlefield, to make the game more enjoyable without the use of cards or drops. The application engine has been optimized for high-frequency software such as WeChat, QQ, and Taobao, making it easier to start and run.

A7 can easily run more APPs thanks to Qualcomm Snapdragon 8-core mobile processing platform. 4GB 64GB storage combination can store more personal information, eliminating the need to worry about memory shortages.King’s Honor Another feature of the OPPO A7 is the cloud service.

You can not only synchronize photos, contacts, and other important data with OPPO cloud service, but you can also use the “optimize storage space” function to save the original photos in the cloud. You can keep the smaller size version in your phone to save storage space. The cloud sync function has been enhanced to support cloud sync of WIFI keys, cloud sync of OPPO browser information and bookmarks, and cloud sync of audio files generated by OPPO phones.

Cloud backup function has been improved to backup and restore via cloud service, and cell phone desktop layout (application arrangement position and hierarchical relationship) can now be backed up and restored via cloud service. Furthermore, users’ purchased cloud space can be shared with family members!

OPPO Cloud Services Summary The OPPO A7 is a low-cost smartphone, but in terms of appearance, battery life, photography, system, and configuration, the A7 is satisfactory. Water drop screen design, in addition to bringing a more beautiful appearance, but also make the screen ratio more excellent; 4230mAh large battery, bring you peace of mind ultra-long life; unlock with facial recognition and fingerprint recognition two options, when fingerprint recognition is not convenient; This is a very noble face with an excellent photo function that is perfectly suited to the needs of young people.