Oppo A52 Comprehensive Review: You Want The Ai Quad Camera + Long-lasting Battery Life It All Has

[The OPPO A52 comes in two colors: starburst white and black, and the 8GB 128GB version costs only 1,599 yuan, making it yet another major player in the cell phone market. With the passage of time, an increasing number of users in today’s society have higher and higher expectations for smartphones. Not only is price one of the most important factors in a consumer’s decision to purchase a machine, but they also have higher expectations for appearance design, image system, and battery life, among other things. The newly launched OPPO A52 meets the diverse needs of most smartphone users, with a 6.5-inch new-generation 1080P ultra-clear full-screen display with left and right bezels that are only 1.73mm wide and a screen-to-body ratio of 90.5 percent.

Furthermore, with the LTPS (Low Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon) technology, this high 405PPI pixel density screen not only has high clarity and vivid colors, but also low power consumption. TÜV Rheinland has certified the screen of the OPPO A52 for low blue light, which can filter the blue light of the screen in the eye protection mode, effectively reducing the danger of the cell phone screen to the user’s eyes and protecting the vision health.

At the same time, the OPPO A52 supports a maximum brightness of 480 nits, which can improve screen readability under strong light according to different lighting environments, so that the screen content can be read clearly even under strong sunlight; and color fidelity can be maintained in dim environments.

The OPPO A52 body thickness is only 8.9mm, the weight of the entire machine is 192g, hold in the hand thin and light, no heavy feeling, long time to hold in the hand soreness is not very strong; the bottom retains the 3.5mm headphone hole, and the use of Type-C data interface.

The black color is like a quiet polar night sky, while the Starburst White in my hand is like a glistening polar river of stars; the color changes with a gentle change in the phone’s angle. The four rear cameras are arranged in a “C” shaped constellation array with a well-designed flash, and a rectangle almost similar to the phone’s aspect ratio envelops all the elements; the classic minimalist OPPO logo is arranged in the lower right corner. The sample photos below show the OPPO A52’s rear quad camera capability.

The normal photo mode will appear yellowish, but because the girl’s face base is better, the overall view is not a big problem; and the effect of portrait mode photography will be better than the normal photo effect, in addition to a beautiful face, the girl’s face is fairer, makeup is also more neat, for female users, portrait mode is the best choice for everyone when taking selfies. Its new night mode significantly improves the dynamic range of night photos, and it finally achieves a nice night view through the intelligent synthesis of photos with multiple exposure schemes. It is also worth noting that the wide-angle lens supports ultra-clear night photography as well as better dark-light photos of large scenes.

Why not compare some photos? The front camera of the OPPO A52 supports AI intelligent beauty, which can automatically identify skin texture, age, gender, and skin tone, and make different beauty treatments for different people, and one key skin will automatically choose the most suitable for their own skin degree, selfie no longer “fake face” The company also supports one-touch make-up and will personalize the beauty treatment based on different skin tones and aesthetic tendencies, resulting in more realistic and textured photos.

The new ColorOS 7.1 comes with video editing software – Soloop, which supports intelligent editing, intelligent music, intelligent transitions, and other functions, shooting at hand, a variety of templates can easily get a unique video. The new ColorOS 7.1 includes Soloop, a video editing software that supports smart editing, smart music, smart transitions, and other functions. The OPPO A52 is equipped with a Qualcomm 665 chip, which uses Samsung’s 11nm LPP process, with four Kryo 260 large cores and four Kryo 260 small cores at 2.0GHz and 1.8GHz, GPU upgraded to Adreno 610, DSP upgraded to Hexagon 686, and power consumption reduced by 20% When compared to the previous generation, power consumption is reduced by 20%, and AI performance is increased by twice.

Furthermore, the OPPO A52 comes standard with 8GB 128GB large storage and UFS2.1 high-capacity high-speed flash memory, which improves sequential reading performance by 61 percent, making it faster in games, application launch, application installation, and file copying. The OPPO A52 built-in Hyper Boost also optimizes game heat, fast power consumption, and other problems, and can quickly and efficiently match the corresponding system resources based on different sc

In practice, after discharging the OPPO A52 to 1% and starting the charging test after 10 minutes, the power can be charged to 30% in 30 minutes and over 80% in 90 minutes, which is within the acceptable range for a phone with a 5000mAh large-capacity battery. The 5000mAh high-capacity battery of the OPPO A52 takes about 110 minutes to “finish charging,” so the performance is adequate. Next, I will conduct a 4-hour uninterrupted power consumption test, the content of which is as follows.

First, the OPPO A52 was left in the state of “charging is complete” for 10 minutes, with WiFi, Bluetooth, and positioning turned on, and the volume was turned on to 50 percent by defaut.

There is nothing better for daily entertainment than playing mobile games, so I conducted a one-hour chicken mode test, and the power consumed was only 12 percent of the power, so playing 10 consecutive games is no problem, and daily use to maintain a charge without pressure. The fourth test item was originally intended for navigation, but for special reasons, we replaced the navigation test with a web browsing test, because web browsing is more similar to people’s habits. After 60 minutes of Taobao shopping, web browsing, and eating many “melons,” the power consumption was 11%, indicating that the battery life is still very good. After that, a 24-hour standby test was performed, with WiFi, Bluetooth, and positioning turned on, and no applications running in the background, the power consumption was 14 percent for 24 hours.

According to the actual test, the OPPO A52’s 5000mAh high-capacity battery life is very good, coupled with 18W fast charging, the battery life charging gives you a proper sense of security. It not only optimizes the user interface, interaction, and animation, but it also allows users to enjoy the system’s “fast” experience, revealing its own unique beauty from within. ColorOS 7.1 maintains the lightweight design concept, with lighter and more beautiful icons, page whites, and animation interactions, as well as a less saturated color mode that makes colors more elegant and simple, effectively reducing fatigue from prolonged use.

ColorOS 7.1 includes default, material (Google Material Design), pebble, custom, and Art icons with various icon system styles. It is worth noting that Art icons are redrawn by using designer’s three-party icons, redrawing more than 200 third-party APP icons to keep common APP and system style consistent. The new all-weather dark mode makes ColorOS 7.1 more practical and eye-friendly, and the “reverse adaptation” of the third-party “dark mode” allows the phone system to get a full “dark mode,” avoiding the painful point of “blindness” at night. “Bright blindness” is a source of pain.

The all-day dark mode is said to be based on the concept of borderless design, which distinguishes the page level and effectively improves the dark contrast, reducing the possibility of visual fatigue. Furthermore, ColorOS 7.1 is designed with a large number of detailed animations that improve the sensory experience linearly, using non-linear animation with the crisp vibrating feedback of the Z-axis linear motor to bring a complete and superior interactive experience. Multi-tasking, weather animation, charging animation, and other features achieve the desired effect of balancing global design and detailed experience.

ColorOS 7.1 has a flashback key that displays a countdown to return to games, navigation, and other applications at any time (the game supports King’s Honor as well as Peace Elite, etc.), so users can quickly switch to other tasks while waiting for the game to be resurrected. OPPO also does the best in terms of user information security, using multiple data protection to ensure user information security in different scenarios.

For example, with ColorOS 7.1’s password book feature, ColorOS will save the account number and password after the first login, and when we log in again, we only need to select the account number, and the password will be filled automatically. ColorOS 7.1 also includes security features such as anti-deduction, anti-auto-installation, secure keyboard (no recording of input when entering sensitive information such as passwords, and no networking, no association), and no networking, no association.

The OPPO A52 has ultra-linear speakers with large amplitude and loudness at the top and bottom of the body to create the most perfect stereo sound environment. Furthermore, the OPPO A52 has a more powerful and intelligent Dirac 2.0 function, which can automatically switch the sound mode based on different scenes such as music, video, and game, resulting in more realistic game sound, pure music sound quality, and stereo video sound. Whatever users are listening to, A52 can instantly transport you to another world. The OPPO A52 is also Hi-Res certified, which allows you to feel the presence of the original singer or performer in a live performance through the ultimate music quality and original sound reproduction.

The OPPO A52 is a comprehensive experience that meets the requirements of most consumers for mainstream cell phones on the market today, whether in terms of appearance, photography, performance, or price. What are you waiting for, come and find out about the “machine benefit”!