Oppo A35 Hands-on Review: A Middle-of-the-road Entry-level Smartphone

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]With the advent of the 5G era, 5G cell phones have become the norm, but this does not imply that 4G phones have “disappeared.” According to e-commerce platform sales data, 4G phones are still selling well. In other words, even if 5G phones are popular, the purchase value of 4G phones is greatly reduced, but 4G phones continue to have a sizable market space. Recently, OPPO shelved a moderate entry-level 4G smartphone, the OPPO A35, adding another major force to the 4G phone market.

OPPO A35 Although it is an entry-level smartphone, in the eyes of many “face” users, the OPPO A35 appearance design is actually within the range of people can accept. The front is outfitted with a 6.52-inch LCD water drop screen panel, which, when compared to the OLED screen, has the advantages of no strobe and color transparency.

With a resolution of 1600720, a pixel density of 269 PPI, and a typical brightness of 480nit, the OPPO A35 only supports a 60Hz screen refresh rate. This new machine is a bit disappointing for users with high screen requirements, but it is a $1000 price point entry-level machine, and the 60Hz refresh rate is actually no excuse.

The back panel of the OPPO A35 is nothing special; it is a 3D curved design, but the highlight is the design of the rear triple camera. The delicate structure is more “careful” than the traditional design, and a central axis in the matrix divides the three cameras and the flash in half, visually integrated with the body to take over, and more depth. OPPO A35 Due to the LCD screen, the A53 uses a rear-mounted fingerprint recognition module, located in the upper back panel; it should be noted that the phone has a 3.5mm headphone jack, but does not come with wired headphones.

OPPO A35 The OPPO A35 is available in the traditional black and white color scheme of glazed black and ice white, as well as a fog sea blue color scheme. The rounded slender body feels better and more snug to the hand, the whole machine is as thin as 7.9mm and light as 177g, bringing 3D comfort to the hand, more friendly to hold for a long time, even if one-handed operation, you can also do a long grip not tired. In terms of camera, OPPO A35 is equipped with a 13MP AI main camera (F2.2), 2MP 4cm macro (F2.4), and 2MP bokeh

OPPO A35 Next, we’ll take a look at some sample photos taken by the OPPO A35.

The weather isn’t ideal, but the OPPO A35 shot and good resolution provide a good imaging foundation for the A35 samples. In one step, the portrait style is versatile and the beauty is natural.

The OPPO A35 night scene images taken overall have a good sense, rich color makes the scene very durable, this strength is also more than enough to send friends. The A35 is equipped with the new ColorOS 7.2 system, which comes with a video editing app – Soloop that can intelligently edit video, automatic music, automatic video generation, which greatly reduces the thre

The OPPO A35 is powered by a MediaTek Helio P35 processor with a maximum frequency of 2.3GHz, an entry-level octa-core processor complemented by a memory combination of 4GB RAM 128GB ROM, with support for up to 256GB memory expansion cards. The OPPO A35 inherits a smooth running experience as well as a large memory that alleviates users’ concerns. Users can enjoy a smooth operating experience at all times thanks to the factory-installed ColorOS 7.2 system, as well as a dark mode that enhances immersion when using the device, a sunken icon that facilitates one-handed operation, and an intelligent sidebar with various quick tools.

Of course, there is also remote guarding to make family members feel more at ease, all of which can make users feel better about the OPPO A35. As we all know, the ColorOS system has always attached importance to user experience, first and foremost in the visual experience to bring a “borderless” sense of shock, and at the same time in the UI, interaction, animation, and other aspects of optimization, users enjoy the system “light” experience at the same time, but Unfortunately, the OPPO A35 only supports 5V/2A and does not support fast charging, so charging time will be longer, taking approximately 133 minutes to fully charge.

To save even more battery power, the OPPO A35 has a super power saving mode and a night standby mode, ensuring that no degree of power is wasted. In practice, after watching a 120-minute movie, 23 percent of the battery power was used, which is a good battery life. The OPPO A35 in general, whether from the appearance, image, or performance, is relatively moderate for a thousand entry machine, and can meet the needs of most users with the machine.

The new machine has already been shelved on the OPPO website, but the price has not yet been announced; users who are interested in this new machine should keep an eye on it.