Oppo A11x Comprehensive Review: A Stunning $1000 Phone

[Bestbuy618]Just as everyone is gearing up for the upcoming 2019 National Day 7-day mini-holiday, OPPO officially unveiled the new OPPO A11x. Follow me down the road for more information about this product.OPPO A11x The Appearance The OPPO A11x’s first impression can be described as stunning. First and foremost, in the process is very special, I hand this one color for the lake green, this color looks a bit like the OPPO R17 series of green color, but the difference is that OPPO A11x will see a different color, gently change the phone angle, the color will also change, a bit like the feeling of the aurora borealis; secondly, the back of the symmetrical design of the central axis, storing up Logo

The rear camera head is placed in the upper middle of the body, and the rear fingerprint is placed beneath the lens, which is a refreshing trend in the crowd of smartphones with under-screen fingerprints. The fingerprint recognition area is not too large, but also not too small; after a period of unlocking experience, the OPPO A11x fingerprint recognition success rate is quite high, and the unlocking speed is fast; overall, the device is still very good.

The OPPO A11x is a 6.5-inch shallow water drop sun screen with a new generation of shallow water drop design, with a 31.4 percent smaller water drop area than the previous generation. The new A11x screen is not only more comprehensive, but also better looking, with sun screen technology that makes content display more clearly in bright light.OPPO A11x Image The OPPO A11x features a 48MP 8MP 2MP 2MP quad-camera combination, of which the 48MP super-clear main camera and the 8MP ultra-wide angle lens should be highlighted.

The second is the 119° wide angle of the OPPO A11x, the shooting effect comparison can also be described as “stunning”, using the phone to record the beauty of the eye, using the phone to shoot a more extensive beauty For instance, consider China’s speed – high-speed rail. The elevated section of the high-speed railway in Shenzhen that crosses the Yangtai Mountain Forest Park will make people stop in their tracks every time it passes, sighing at the country’s rapid development and the increasing convenience of people’s lives. More beautiful scenery can be found when you open the OPPO A11x ultra-wide angle shooting.OPPO A11x shooting sample photos (original image)

There is also a glass bridge that makes your feet weak, so if you are brave, you can bravely walk forward, and the scenery in front of you will be more spectacular with a wide angle.OPPO A11x sample photos (original)OPPO A11x sample photo (super wide angle) I will “dislike” the lens to the praying mantis, but the effect with macro shooting out is also good. The editor appears to be a “natural enemy,” with the praying mantis shaking in different directions, as if it wants to have a “duel to the death” with the editor, who appears to be scared.

Of course, it is natural to shoot macro without some flowers and plants, which can more directly present the OPPO A11x macro shooting ability in the end.OPPO A11x macro shooting samplesFrom the picture above, we can see that the OPPO A11x macro shooting ability is actually good, the subject details are clear, the petal texture can be very clearly presented, and the background bokeh transition is natural. Furthermore, I tried backlight shooting, and the effect is also good; although it is backlight, the overall tone is not as bad as imagined, and the subject’s color reproduction is still quite good. In terms of night scene shooting capability, the OPPO A11x can solve the problem of night shooting black.

Its new night mode significantly improves the dynamic range of night photos by intelligently synthesising photos with a variety of exposure options, resulting in a stunning night beauty, which can be understood through shooting sample comparison.

The OPPO A11x can also clearly record the image in the more difficult imaging night, just open the AI Super Night View mode, through the AI algorithm noise reduction, so that the final image without excessive noise, the overall will not be black, dark details are improved, overall rear image capabilities to meet the needs of everyone’s daily shooting, you can give a nod. Following that, please feel the OPPO A11x shooting samples.

OPPO A11x shooting sample photos OPPO A11x portrait style texture evolved again, using the new self-research algorithm, combined with portrait bokeh and professional color debugging, the distinctive 7 new exclusive OPPO portrait style, so that portrait texture upgraded a lot, Miss really good-looking.OPPO A11x shooting sample photos

OPPO A11x is equipped with ColorOS 6, and its intelligent assistant Breeno integrates a number of AI functions to achieve deep customization of personalized services, the most intimate is a remote guardian function, remote understanding of each other’s location, sports steps, and other information, once found abnormalities can be dealt with the first time, to prevent accidents, the practicality is very strong. Bad network? It doesn’t matter, because the OPPO A11x has SLA multi-state network acceleration technology, intelligent switching 4G and Wi-Fi network, dual-channel online at the same time, the group battle dropped? Don’t worry, the 5000mAh battery of the OPPO A11x will let you play all day long! The OPPO A11x’s superb battery life can be easily faced even if you listen to songs and watch dramas without interruption. The OPPO A11x is currently in the official mall, and the reservation channel will open on September 24 at 10 a.m. officially launched for sale, offering two colors, muchen purple and lake green, and an 8GB/12GB version for only 1799 yuan.

If you want to try out the OPPO A11x, be prepared for some unexpected surprises.