Oppo A11 Comprehensive Review: Natural Color Elegant And Brilliant Rear Image System Has A Surprise

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]These days, the young user group has increasingly high expectations for smartphones, not only in terms of appearance and design, but also in terms of imaging system and battery life. The latest OPPO thousand-dollar cell phone was recently launched on the official website and officially opened for sale, 4GB 128GB storage combination priced at only 1,499 yuan, that OPPO A11 in the end what is the bright spot? Let us count the details.OPPO A11 AppearanceNature colors I got the OPPO A11 flowing cloud white color, different from the monotonous white, OPPO A11 flowing cloud white in different light will appear pink, The 3D plate deepens and textures the color scheme of the OPPO A11 via a complex process that transforms the color from a simple gradient to a single light pattern. In addition to cloud white, the OPPO A11 is available in two colorways: Lake Green and Muchen Purple, both of which are inspired by natural elements, such as Lake Green from the deep light of the lake and Muchen Purple from the twilight stars, and are both elegant and brilliant.

OPPO A11 OPPO A11 is equipped with a 12MP lens 8MP lens 2MP lens combination is placed at the top of the back, below the “DESIGNED FOR A-SERIES” font and the new OPPO LOGO, bringing a sense of noble quality. The A11 employs rear fingerprint recognition, which is located beneath the four rear cameras, and is a breath of fresh air among smartphones that use under-screen fingerprint recognition. After some practice, the speed of fingerprint recognition and phone unlocking is fast, and it can be unlocked even with slightly wet fingers.OPPO A11 The OPPO A11 has a 6.5-inch LCD waterdrop screen; the bottom retains a 3.5mm headphone jack and uses a Type-C data interface. It is worth noting that the OPPO A11’s screen cover material is Corning Gorilla Glass, which has a higher surface compressive stress to further improve damage resistance.

At the same time, the higher the screen-to-body ratio, the more effectively Corning Gorilla Glass can reduce the possibility of a broken screen.

OPPO A11 ImagingIn terms of photography, the OPPO A11 rear adopts a 12MP lens 8MP lens 2MP lens 2MP lens quad camera system, the main camera is equipped with F1.8 large aperture, large aperture bokeh algorithm is also upgraded again, you can get the best bokeh effect; 119 degrees of large wide-angle can accommodate more scenery, the landscape is more spectacular; 10 filter styles at your disposal

OPPO A11 shooting sampleOPPO A11 super wide angle sample photosOPPO A11 super wide angle shot in night mode

OPPO A11 rear 10 filter styles Through photo compositing, the portrait mode can achieve a more liberal background bokeh effect, and the samples taken with the portrait mode on look better, with the background bokeh highlighting the characters and the details of the characters being very delicate. It is worth noting that when you use HDR mode while shooting, you don’t have to worry about blackness even when backlighting, the photos are richer in details and better reproduction, and even when backlighting, the bright background of people can be clear and layered.

The OPPO A11’s Ultra-clear Night View 2.0 mode uses a new algorithm to reduce noise and dramatically improve the dynamic range of night photos, without overflowing highlights and increasing brightness in dark areas, with excellent detailing, making the photos as visible to the naked eye as possible. Its new night mode significantly improves the dynamic range of night photos by using a variety of exposure options for photo intelligent synthesis, resulting in a stunning night beauty, which can be understood by comparing shooting samples.OPPO A11 original photo shooting sampleOPPO A11 super clear night mode 2.0 shooting sample

The OPPO A11 can also clearly record the image in the more difficult imaging night, simply open the AI Super Night View mode, through the AI algorithm noise reduction, so that the final image without too much noise, the overall will not be black, dark details are improved, overall rear image capabilities can meet the needs of everyone’s daily shooting.

OPPO A11 anti-shake video shooting After discussing the rear camera, I’d like to recommend the OPPO A11’s front camera. The model in this review is a “melancholic teenager” with a “senior face” who takes selfies in an unusual manner. The front of the A11 is outfitted with an 8-megapixel AI intelligent beauty lens, which makes your beauty unique by targeting your beauty.OPPO A11 without beauty (left) and with beauty on Of course, the OPPO A11 is outfitted with a new portrait style, and the texture has evolved once more. The new self-research algorithm, combined with portrait bokeh and professional color debugging, with 7 in the new style of exclusive OPPO portrait, in the continuation of the beauty of the shot at the same time with a very good-looking shot.

The OPPO A11 is equipped with LPDDR4x memory, which allows it to run multiple programs at the same time without lagging in the background, providing high performance with lower energy consumption and less heat. The most thoughtful feature is the remote guardian function, which allows users to remotely understand each other’s location, sports steps, and other information, so that once abnormalities are discovered, they can be dealt with immediately to prevent accidents from occurring, which is very practical. The HyperBoost 2.0 acceleration engine in ColorOS 6 enables system acceleration, application acceleration, and game acceleration, bringing users a more extreme use and gaming experience. The new GameBoost 2.0 with FrameBoost and TouchBoost makes the game run more smoothly and responds faster, greatly improving the gaming experience, and the memory is a combination of 4GB 128GB.

The new GameBoost 2.0 makes the game run smoother and more responsive, greatly improving the gaming experience. To save users charging time, the OPPO A11 is equipped with a large battery of 5000mAh, and with fast charging technology, battery life is guaranteed, whether listening to songs, hacking, or drama, will not be concerned about the power.

The price, OPPO A11 4GB 128GB version of 1499 yuan, now the machine can also be purchased with 3 interest-free, free Bluetooth speakers, interested users can be in the OPPO official mall, Jingdong, Tmall, Suning and other online platforms and offline OPPO stores synchronized to understand the purchase, so sincere OPPO A11, the heart of the friends do not act quickly!