Open The Era Of Wireless Charging Leiper Mt750rpo Multi-mode Mouse Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel] With the advancement of technology, the wired mouse has become a source of discomfort for many players. The advancement of wireless technology has resulted in the wireless mouse gradually replacing the wired mouse as the first choice of office users. Early wireless mice were expensive, and many wireless mice had “electric tiger” characteristics, two 5 battery is difficult to support high-performance mouse use 1 month, the battery has become the user’s biggest headache.

Leiper MT750 series wireless mouse with built-in electric lithium battery design, excellent control of the mouse volume at the same time, also exempt users from the trouble of battery replacement. However, the MT750 series does not eliminate wire constraints; charging still requires data line support. Leiper officially brought support for wireless charging technology MT750PRO mouse in a thousand calls, completely solving the constraints of the data line, allowing the mouse to truly wireless.

The Leiper MT750PRO uses the classic blue and yellow color scheme of the MT750 series, making this office mouse more vibrant. The mouse box remains the Leiper MT750PRO mouse, while introducing mouse features such as support for 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0 three types of connection. The box includes a Leiper MT750PRO mouse, a Micro-USB charging cable, a manual, and a 2.4G USB-A connector. The mouse’s main color is frosted matte, and both sides are wrapped in skin-like material rubber with a diamond-shaped mesh pattern, which increases friction between the mouse and fingers and improves stability.

The left and right buttons on the Leiper MT750PRO are tilted, with the force point adjusted for domestic players’ hand size and habits to ensure quick response and reduce the possibility of mis-touch. The top left of the mouse still has a mirror design forward and backward button, which the user’s index finger can easily press. The side scroll wheel remains in the central position, and the user’s thumb can easily perform page turning and other functions. The mouse base has a silver gray tone, which is low-key and does not detract from the atmosphere; the top of the mouse has a metal wheel with a rubber wheel; metal can effectively improve the strength of the wheel; and rubber is for the user to provide a more soft, comfortable touch.

The back of the wheel contains device switching keys and DPI switching keys, allowing for quick device switching and DPI adjustment even when multiple devices are running at the same time. As a mouse designed for business people, the Leiper MT750PRO includes a switch indicator at the top and a device indicator at the back of the side scroll wheel, both of which provide users with a more intuitive device connection display. Leiper did not include an RGB light effect LOGO for the MT750PRO mouse in order to reduce power loss and improve battery life.

The Leiper MT750PRO mouse has a micro USB port on the front that allows for wired charging of the mouse as well as charging at the same time. The wireless charging module is designed on the ground at the back of the mouse, supports wireless Qi charging protocol, has a very wide range of adaptability, and can achieve charging when resting on the Qi wireless charger. Leiper MT750PRO disassembly As a mouse positioned for everyday office use, the Leiper MT750PRO offers eight customizable buttons that users can quickly switch through the mouse’s built-in memory mod. Furthermore, there are mode and DPI switching buttons on the mouse’s top, but these two buttons do not support customization.

The mouse employs Kaihua’s black-shell white dot micro-activation with an 8 million cycle life span, which is applied to the left and right buttons, forward and backward keys, and scroll wheel buttons. The wireless solution is Fairchild’s YC1023, which supports Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0, and 2.4G wireless. The YC1023, on the other hand, is an upgraded version of the YC1021, which is the only model available on the Fairchild website; the optical sensor uses the original phase PMW3610, with a resolution of up to 3200 DPI. Leiper’s default DPI is 600/1200/1600/3200 four-block adjustable.

In terms of battery life, Leiper MT750PRO built-in a 320mAh lithium battery, although the battery capacity “shrinkage,” but the mouse’s wireless charging function, to allow users to conveniently charge at rest, the battery life experience will be more excellent. The upper left corner of the driver contains login and synchronization options, making it easy for users to upload and download the mouse’s setting data; the upper right corner contains clipboard sharing, restoring default settings, configuring keys, and 2.4 pair of codes.

Basic functions, media functions, mouse functions, mouse sensitivity, Windows functions, and advanced function options are all provided by the mouse driver. These functions include custom buttons, custom shortcut aspects, DPI sensitivity adjustment, for users to customize according to personal habits and preferences, making the mouse more comfortable to use. Leiper MT750PRO experience The Leiper MT750PRO is a mouse with ergonomic design, providing users with comfortable palm support, skin-like coating to bring a warm and jade-like touch.

Both sides and the back of the rubber not only effectively reduce the likelihood of making the mouse’s hands slippery, but also provide Baby Skin-like comfort. The mouse has a Kevlar black shell white point micro-action, a crisp click sound, a quick rebound, and a very good paragraph sense and feel. Switching device convenience, the mouse has a quick mode switch function, making it easier for office users to switch between multiple devices to increase efficiency.

The mouse virtually eliminates the possibility of accidental touch; the location of the left and right buttons, as well as the side scroll wheel, is just right, and the user does not need to move the palm position to use it. The index finger can easily cover the mouse forward button, but after the recommended position is thick, the use of the need to move backward palm. Leiper MT750PRO summary Wireless charging mouse support has not been the first, but Leiper support for open Qi protocol, so the MT750PRO wireless charging function is far more ubiquitous than similar products. The mouse’s multi-mode feature allows it to quickly switch between four smart devices, increasing work efficiency and reducing desktop space.

The Leiper MT750PRO mouse is now available for purchase on a variety of e-commerce platforms, with an official price of 299 yuan.