Open Oppo Osie Ultra-clear Video Effects Short Videos Can Be Gorgeous

On October 25, OPPO released “[R17 Pro, more than just super night shot and super flash charging” on the official microblogging site, with six new skills to obtain, including a graphic of OPPO’s self-developed OSIE ultra-clear visual effect. The text content of the OPPO OSIE ultra-clear visual effect is “watch the video, like opening the dazzling mode,” and today I want to take you to understand in depth this sounds very advanced OSIE ultra-clear visual effect in the end is what.

OPPO’s OSIE ultra-clear visual effect is now available for short video viewing, enhancing the quality of short videos. Speaking of short videos, I’d like to discuss this one. The most recent hot short video software includes Jitterbug, beauty shot, and others. This has become one of the most important forms of entertainment for users, as they can not only watch other users shoot short videos, but they can also shoot a video and upload it for the majority of Internet users to watch.

It is understood that the user scale of each popular short video applications amounted to 594 million, accounting for 74.1 percent of the overall size of Internet users, has surpassed news and information content, with 8.8 percent of the time to become the third largest class of mobile Internet users applications, I really have to praise the development of today’s network and the number of Internet users ah, although I am also a member of this.

Having said that, OSIE Ultra HD Visual Effect is also known as OPPO Screen Image Engine, which is OPPO’s screen imaging engine and self-developed visual optimization technology. The OPPO Screen Image Engine is a visual optimization technology developed by OPPO that improves visual effects by inserting algorithms from the system’s bottom through OPPO’s self-developed innovative algorithms, and it can render video content in real time while ensuring power consumption. Doing so will not sacrifice precious power while improving user experience.

OPPO’s first OSIE ultra-clear visual effect is the first brand in the cell phone industry to support ultra-clear visual effect for short videos, including WeChat, Jitterbug short video, WeTV, Racer, Volcano video, and Meipai. Users will see the short video brighter and clearer after opening the ultra-clear visual effect, but also more vivid and transparent, effectively resolving the user’s experience pain points such as watching the video unclear, dull color, and no light. However, if you look at the following comparison of the author’s short video in the case of not opening OSIE ultra-clear visual effects and opening OSIE ultra-clear visual effects, you may disagree.

Does the comparison between the two pictures seem particularly obvious? Does it feel like the old video screen is as blurry as the old TV with snowflakes? The OSIE Ultra HD effect is an innovative lightweight algorithm inserted in the system’s bottom, which enables OPPO to achieve the effect of real-time rendering of video content, accurately adjusting the scree

In fact, the operating principle of the OSIE Ultra HD video effect is relatively simple to grasp. The encoding stage of the process of uploading videos recorded by users to the platform server is the root cause of poor video display. The simple and brutal explanation is that all small videos are blurry, not because the user’s resolution is insufficient, but because the encoder encoding bit rate is too low. However, as the bit rate increases, so will the required bandwidth and storage space.

A 1080P video, for example, has a frame size of 6MB. This is the first time the network bandwidth has been exceeded, and the platform’s server has been unable to handle such a large amount of data. The most important thing is to watch Jitterbug in a non-WiFi environment, using their own traffic ah, watch a short video to use so much traffic, I think their pocket money is a little overburdened.

The OSIE technology solves the problem of differences in source quality due to differences in the content provider’s server, hardware differences in the encoder and sensor of the phone, and uncontrollable factors such as video shooting conditions. OSIE technology addresses the issue of video source quality differences caused by a combination of content provider server differences, hardware differences such as mobile encoders and sensors, and uncontrollable factors such as video shooting conditions.

At the same time, OPPO’s intervention in the video synthesis position implies that the company is capable of targeting video platforms effectively, regardless of whether they use their own software decoding (Jitterbug, Racer) or hardware decoding (WeChat).

I first put a motion picture to show you the steps to open OSIE ultra-clear visual effect and the effect of opening OSIE ultra-clear visual effect to watch the short video of Jitterbug.

OSIE Ultra HD effect steps and video effects First, open the settings, find ‘Display and Brightness,’ click on it, and drag it to the bottom to find ‘OSIE Ultra HD Video Effect,’ users can turn on OSIE Ultra HD Video Effect, and there will be a small tip to tell users that the applications that support OSIE Ultra HD Video Effect include Jitterbug, Volcano, WeTV, WeChat, Racer, and Meipai, after turning on OSIE Ultra HD Video

Steps to enable the OSIE Ultra HD effect I compared the short video with and without the OSIE Ultra HD effect, and the difference is quite noticeable.

In the short term, OPPO hopes to optimize the image quality of OSIE Ultra HD video effect for video chatting, live streaming, or streaming media applications by balancing cell phone battery life and power consumption, and to achieve high precision feature extraction and image classification by combining OSIE Ultra HD video effect with AI hardware acceleration engine. OPPO hopes that the OSIE ultra-HD visual effect will be used for video calibration, SDR to HDR image quality improvement, and other broader application scenarios in the future, and that it will encourage chip makers to upgrade hardware by adding software algorithms to support more comprehensive visual optimization from the chip, allowing cell phone hardware to explore more possibilities and perform better.

Summary Based on my experience with OSIE ultra-clear visual effects, OPPO’s OSIE ultra-clear visual effects are achieved through independent research and development of innovative algorithms, inserting algorithms from the system’s bottom to enhance visual effects, while rendering video content in real time, and the original UI design can make your phone screen display more gorgeous, clearer details, and a better visual sense of nature. The same short video, but different levels of enjoyment.