Onkyo Acoustic Base + Q Sound Quality Engine Tcl X8 Qled Tv Awesome Sound Quality Experience

[Bestbuy618 home appliance channel] 4K resolution has become popular, the content gradually HD, the next breaking point of the TV is TV speakers. Both the international and domestic color TV market, flagship products, in addition to having a good audio-visual performance, are equipped with luxury speakers, and thus affect its form structure changes, the speaker and screen split, the speaker base as the representative of the two most prominent form, the purpose is to obtain The tcl X8 QLED TV is a “speaker This type of “base.”

TCL X8 QLED TV and has 73 years of HiFi manufacturers ONKYO collaboration, using ONKYO ATOMS acoustic base design The first key word is “acoustic base,” which is the sound surface and the horizontal plane into a 30 ° elevation angle, creating a masterpiece of art of acoustics and mechanics, sound is not bound to the plane; the second key word is “ATMOS,” which is DOLBY ATMOS decoding technology, which creates a sense of space and a sense of seclusion without the need to increase the hardware equipment, from the bass, treble, vocals, surround and panoramic

Q sound quality is the heart of TCL’s sound quality technology, which was developed to improve the width of the sound range, sound purity, and sound hierarchy, while the sound mode can be customized via the mixer, and perfect interpretation of good sound. With ONKYO audio and Dolby ATMOS technology, an acoustic panoramic sound audio system is created. Is a donkey or a horse slipped out to see it, the sound is good or bad, let me distinguish it with this pair of “golden ears”:

I played a few 320K sound quality classic audition tracks, such as Zhao Peng’s “Grandma’s Penghu Bay,” Han Hong’s “Qinghai-Tibet Plateau,” and so on, and you can experience the X8 audio bass power surging powerful, there is a sense of conjuncture, can create the environment atmosphere when watching Hollywood action blockbusters and horror films, bringing a sense of immersion; and the treble part loud and

“Grandma’s Penghu Bay” should be played.

Play “Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Overall, the width of the X8 sound range, sound purity, sound layering, and surround sound are good performances, in addition to customizable sound modes via the mixer, it is worth mentioning that the X8 built-in sports mode sound, can bring more vivid surging performance of the event.

Comments: TCL X8 QLED TV through multi-dimensional to create quality sound, under the category of TV speakers, ONKYO, 65 /0.6L independent sound cavity, high power and other elements of the attachment, bass, midrange, treble have a very good performance.