One Plus 7t Smooth Experience Double Guarantee: 90hz Fluid Screen + Snapdragon 855 Plus

[Bestbuy618 mobile channel]Just as you will want to choose IMAX cinema first after experiencing IMAX, you will want to choose IMAX cinema first every time you watch a movie. After using the OnePlus 7T’s 90Hz fluid screen, you may feel as if “you can’t go back.” The 90Hz fluid screen is not only a hardware upgrade, but also a deep optimization around the system and software to achieve a comprehensive “smooth” experience in system browsing, program launching, and game entertainment. However, the 90Hz screen is only one of the key components in the OnePlus 7T’s smooth experience.

If you imagine a dancer who shines brightly in front of the camera, there is a hardworking member behind the scenes who silently works to keep the entire stage in place. The OnePlus 7T, as the year’s final OnePlus phone, is unsurprisingly equipped with the Snapdragon 855 Plus, which boosts performance even further.

Snapdragon 855 Plus also uses a 7nm process, and its integrated Qualcomm Kryo 485 CPU super core frequency increased to 2.96GHz when compared to Snapdragon 855; Qualcomm Adreno 640 GPU performance improved by 15%. Simultaneously, the Snapdragon 855 Plus supports USF 3.0 storage, which brings a 67 percent increase in read speed and a 31 percent increase in write speed to the OnePlus 7T and is also the “secret weapon” of the machine’s smooth experience. The OnePlus 7T not only launches applications, opens and loads games more smoothly, but also benefits from Snapdragon 855 Plus’ support for UFS 3.0 and USB 3.1, which makes data backup and transfer more efficient. With the Snapdragon 855 Plus’ top performance, the OnePlus 7T can basically maintain a stable frame rate of around 60 FPS when running Honor of Kings in high frame rate mode, and did not encounter lag even in late group battles.

This corresponds to the Snapdragon Elite Gaming feature, which is supported by the Snapdragon 855 Plus mobile platform.

Unlike traditional hardware chips or software tools, Snapdragon Elite Gaming is a complete set of hardware and software features, including audio technology advantages such as Qualcomm aptX Adaptive and Qualcomm Aqstic, while supporting True HDR rendering and display, physics-based rendering (PBR), cinema-grade post-processing, and other graphics display features, and incorporating system-level game lag optimization solutions, game fast-loading optimization, game network latency optimization, and game network latency optimization. As a result, the combination of the Bach algorithm rate and the Snapdragon Elite Gaming can deeply solve problems that affect user experience, such as lagging, and help the OnePlus 7T “continue the era of smoothness.” The 90Hz screen refresh rate is 50% higher than a normal 60Hz phone, and the OnePlus 7T redefines touch and drawing priorities to reduce swipe response time to 40ms, 38% faster than a 60Hz phone. science and technology It gives players a smoother, lag-free display experience.

The OnePlus 7T is ready for high frame rate mode, thanks to the 90Hz fluid screen and Snapdragon 855 Plus, but developers must still provide applications such as games before it can be delivered to users. Snapdragon Elite Gaming also includes a number of “black technologies” for developers, such as Vulkan 1.1 graphics driver support, True HDR rendering, and display support.

With these two technologies, developers can not only improve HDR effects in games, but also increase the standard dynamic range processing brightness from 0-100 nits to 0-1000 nits with a 10bit HDR processor, providing gamers with over 1 billion colors and a more realistic visual experience. Taking full advantage of the OnePlus 7T fluid screen’s 1000 nits peak brightness and HDR10 display certification, Snapdragon Elite Gaming not only allows the phone to run more smoothly, but also assists cell phone manufacturers and developers in optimizing for the Snapdragon 855 Plus mobile platform, bringing a better experience, and it can also be said that hardware and software multi-party cooperation has been the hand game eco’s development trend.

The popular handheld game “Peace Elite” has now been released in 90 fps mode. By playing “Peaceful Elite” on the OnePlus 7T, you can enjoy a smooth 90-fps experience by reducing image dragging and delay and opening and shooting in one go.

In terms of enhancing the visual experience, Snapdragon Elite Gaming of Snapdragon 855 Plus also supports surreal enhanced image quality technology, which allows independent parameter debugging for color reproduction, material texture, light and shadow effects of games, as well as noise reduction and jagged processing of color blocks in the game screen, making the game screen clearer and more vivid. Nowadays, Internet content is heavily video-oriented; both video and short video platforms are producing high-quality content and improving the platform’s content quality. For example, a few years ago, users were satisfied with HD or Ultra HD, but now it has been upgraded to Blu-ray, HDR 1080P, 4K, and other higher quality, especially with the arrival of the 5G era, the future of high-quality content is clearly the main resource of video platforms, so we see more and more users have accepted to pay to watch higher quality content, which also puts high demands on the phone!

As previously stated, the OnePlus 7T’s 90Hz fluid screen supports 1000 nits peak brightness for an excellent experience in bright light, while HDR10 certification provides a fuller, textured image, and we can significantly feel the image quality upgrade when HDR mode is turned on (of course, the effect as seen by both eyes is even better than the photo in the article)! Of course, you can use the Snapdragon Elite Gaming’s 4K TV Out feature to cast videos to the screen for a more enjoyable catch-up experience. In terms of audio, the Snapdragon 855 Plus supports Qualcomm TrueWireless, Qualcomm aptX Adaptive audio technology, and other technologies, providing users with an ultra-low latency, high-quality audio experience. efficiency So you can enjoy a “sound-immersive, immersive” entertainment experience with the OnePlus 7T even in noisy public places like airports, subways, and cafes.

The OnePlus 7T comes with three rear cameras: a 48MP main camera (f/1.6), a 12MP telephoto (f/2.2), and a 16MP super wide-angle (f/2.2, 117°) camera that supports Super Night View, macro, portrait, intelligent scene recognition, and other functions to provide users with a rich shooting experience. Simultaneously, Snapdragon 855 Plus integrates the first computer vision ISP (CV-ISP) – Qualcomm Spectra 380; supports HDR 10 shooting, HEIF shooting; supports 4K HDR shooting in portrait mode…many features. Users who enjoy shooting vlogs, for example, can easily shoot portrait videos with more natural background bokeh to capture wonderful moments, whereas Snapdragon 855 Plus supports Qualcomm’s fourth-generation multi-core artificial intelligence engine AI Engine, allowing the OnePlus 7T to achieve more accurate scene recognition and thus present better colors when shooting. For example, many people like to shoot ginkgo trees and ginkgo leaves in autumn and winter, and with the help of intelligent scene recognition, you can fully show the golden color of fallen leaves.

At the same time, thanks to the excellent AI features, the phone will also give “reminders” when the user is shooting, such as the recommended use of ultra-wide angle lens in suitable scenes, and so on. It is worth noting that the use of Snapdragon 855 Plus top AI performance on the OnePlus 7T is not limited to gaming and photography.

The latest release of Android 10-based Hydrogen OS 10.0 also includes a new intelligent voice assistant “Xiaobu,” which can provide users with a new voice interaction experience, providing a more humane experience in many application scenarios through accurate voice recognition.

The 90Hz fluid screen adds a great deal to the experience, but it also puts a strain on the battery life. However, the OnePlus 7T has a large 3800mAh battery, and the Snapdragon 855 Plus has two secret weapons to extend battery life: the design concept of balancing performance and power consumption and Qualcomm Quick Charge 4 technology. Qualcomm designed the Snapdragon 855 Plus with the balance of performance and power consumption in mind, not only with the advanced 7nm process, but also with the flexible architecture of Super Core 3 performance cores 4 e Furthermore, the Snapdragon 855 Plus integrated Adreno 640 GPU supports Vulkan 1.1 graphics driver, which can reduce power consumption by 20% compared to Open GL ES; for audio, Qualcomm’s game-oriented spatial 3D audio SDK enables reverberation processing on DSP, which can also reduce 10 percent CPU load, enabling range optimization.

The OnePlus 7T is more fluid in all kinds of scenarios, such as system browsing, program launching, and gaming entertainment, thanks to the 90Hz fluid screen and Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus. Simultaneously, the “Bach algorithm rate” proposed by OnePlus for the 90Hz screen combined with Snapdragon Elite Gaming supported by Snapdragon 855 Plus achieves in-depth hardware and software optimization, allowing developers to fully exploit the display advantages of the fluid screen as well as the performance advantages of Snapdragon 855 Plus. Users will be able to access more high-quality applications that support 90Hz refresh rates, and the OnePlus 7T will be improved in terms of shooting, battery life, and fast charging.

The triple rear camera supports intelligent scene recognition, which can be used in conjunction with Qualcomm’s fourth-generation multi-core artificial intelligence engine, AI Engine, to capture more exciting photos and 4K HDR videos. On the other hand, Snapdragon 855 Plus comprehensive optimization, combined with the latest Warp Flash 30T, can guarantee a plus 7T battery life, so that the experience is “always smooth, a straight cool.” Want to feel the smooth experience brought by a 90Hz screen? Then try the Snapdragon 855 Plus-equipped OnePlus 7T.