One App To Achieve All The Operations Cool Kai Internet Tv Pie Experience

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] Founded in 2006, Kukai Network took the initiative to adapt to changing times during the golden era of mobile Internet transition to the large living room screen, seized the OTT Internet traffic dividend in the process of consumer upgrade, transitioned from TV business to a platform operation service company, providing smart TV system, content, and value-added services for OTT terminals, and led the way in proposing “sub-crowd ope Kukai Network has accepted investment stakes from Akiyon, Tencent, and Baidu, and has become the first unicorn company in the OTT industry, with a valuation of nearly $10 billion. In 2011, Kukai Network developed its own smart TV system, Kukai System, based on PC system operation. Today, Kukai System 7.0 improves user experience in a variety of ways, including a new TV system interface, content presentation form, and interaction method, while also bringing more imagination to future OTT big screen marketing. The number of activated Kukai system terminals reached 37.3 million by the end of December 2018 under the influence of the three major elements of scale, platform, and commercialization.

“TV Pie” is an official mobile app launched by Kukai Network for users, “TV Pie” can control the Kukai system and realize rich functions, and has begun to form TV Pie mobile APP (Android, IOS), TV Pie WeChat applet, TV Pie Baidu applet, and other product matrix. TVpad Baidu applet, as well as other product matrices Make the user experience smoother and easier to use.

I’ll explain in more detail later. “TV Pie” App Installation and Connection The most recent version of “TV Pie” is, and users can find it by pressing the “source” button on the remote control on the TV side of the Kukai system. “TV Pie app can be downloaded and installed by scanning the QR code on the screen; to connect TV Pie app to TV, make sure your phone and OTT devices are on the same LAN; and the “TV Pie” device list can automatically search for OTT devices on the same LAN, and users can connect by clicking on them.” The “TV Pie” device list will search for OTT devices on the same LAN and allow users to connect by clicking.

Digital Remote Control “TV Pie” supports digital remote control, including touch mode and button mode. When compared to infrared remote control, APP remote control has the advantage of no alignment. When compared to Bluetooth remote control, its advantage is that as long as there is WiFi signal coverage, it can be controlled, whether you are in the kitchen or toilet, or even the old king’s house next door.

The voice function of “TV Pie” is docked to the Cool Kai system’s artificial intelligence interface, so the voice remote control function of “TV Pie” can realize all of the voice commands of Cool Kai system 7.0 artificial intelligence, such as movie/music search, consultation, encyclopedia, system control, and regular life assistant functions. When compared to far-field voice control, the advantage of the APP version of voice control is that there is no need to say the wakeup word, and there is less interference due to near-field voice control, but you must press and hold the voice button to operate; both have advantages and disadvantages.

Furthermore, the actual test, voice remote control support Mandarin, Cantonese, Hunan, Sichuan, and Henan dialects, among others.

The “TV Pie” control function also supports signal source selection and one-key mute, and “TV Pie” supports the screenshot function, which is perfect for those who like to show their friends, and of course, the screenshot function is also very convenient for reviewers like me, when you see interesting images or news worth sharing, you can share them with your WeChat friends, WeChat friends circle, QQ friends or Qzone by taking screenshots. “TV Pie” can push pictures, videos, and music taken with a cell phone or downloaded with a cell phone to the TV big screen for playback; simply select the local pictures/local videos/local music files from “My” and click the cast button.

The cool system supports listen alone function, the TV screen will turn off during playback, and with the “TV Pie” push local music function, the TV can become pure audio, a very good experience. Online content push “TV Pie” integrates the video content of Qiwi and Tencent Aurora video platforms, with 21 video partitions such as movies, TV series, variety shows, animation, music……, etc. For each video partition’s content to provide filtering items to assist users in selecting the film, after the selection directly on the “TV Pie” can be pushed to the TV for playback, and then controlled by the “TV Pie” remote control.

“TV Pie” also has a search box for users to search for movies and TV applications; if the search finds a target movie, it can be directly pushed to the TV screen; if there is a TV application, it can be opened through “TV Pie;” if the application is not installed on the system, it can be pushed to the TV for installation. The text introduces the movie guide and movie points in a lighthearted and humorous manner, and at the end of the text, there is a watch the movie button, which can be pushed to the TV screen for playback.

“TV Pie” can not only realize video/picture/music casting function, online video pushing, but also open and delete TV applications, browse and search applications on “TV Pie” and remotely push them to Kukai system for installation. Second, WeChat version of “TV Pie” In addition to the APP version of “TV Pie,” Kukai network also provides a WeChat version of “TV Pie” – TV Pie WeChat applet, a lightweight version of TV Pie, the “high-frequency

The function design of WeChat “TV Pie” is relatively simple when compared to the APP version of “TV Pie.” “WeChat “TV Pie” offers remote control and voice control, as well as picture pushing and a TV value-added accessories mall where you can buy microphones, game controllers, and other value-added accessories. value-added accessories, and WeChat TV Pie has a special feature: WeChat TV Pie can be operated across networks and across different LANs. People in the company, for example, who can control the TV at home, no longer have to worry about children watching TV who cannot be controlled. Three, TV Pie Baidu applet

Cool Kai system and collaborated to develop the TVpad Baidu applet. Given that the majority of users are for file-type operations, the TVpad Baidu applet will emphasize content level and TV interaction. Comment: In the past, there were many products on the mobile side, and each product is a single small function; users need to download or find different small programs to use different functions, it is true that the product is simple, but a bunch of simple products is another kind of complexity. As a result of reducing the user’s mental and operational burdens, the mobile side of the unified product, and the launch of “TV Pie,” a product with multiple end layouts, In general, the “TV Pie” of Kukai network can meet the user’s cell phone to Kukai system of multi-screen control, in the current mainstream of each OTT platform in the first array of mobile interactive applications, can bring users a better experience.