Oceanic A12 5g Smart Triple Defense Phone Experience: No Fear Of Harsh Challenges Thinner Lighter More Professional And More Reliable

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]A few years ago, IP68 level dustproof and waterproof gradually became popular, and now more excellent durability has become one of the selling points of smart phones, and even the “new species” folding screen phones are beginning to support waterproof characteristics, so it can be seen that the user’s demand for smart phone durability and not with the design Perhaps because the smartphone use scenario is becoming more complex, and the price (maintenance costs) is becoming increasingly high, users are becoming increasingly concerned about the phone body material and strength. When it comes to the smartphone durability ceiling, you can’t get around the triple-defense phone. Nowadays, not only professionals choose three-proof cell phones; some users who enjoy outdoor sports and travel are also concerned about three-proof cell phones and other equipment. For these “geek gamers,” a reliable phone is one of their courage to hit the mountains, jungles, deserts, or reduce their worries.

That’s why, in the smartphone era, there are innovations in triple-defense phones, which continue the core competitiveness of “triple-defense features” while meeting more users’ demands in terms of appearance design, performance configuration, and functional positioning, and also break the stereotype of triple-defeating phones. For example, the Oceanic A12 5G smart phone (hereinafter referred to as Oceanic A12) is one of them. First, let’s look at the Oceanic A12’s configuration information: it has the Tiangui 700 5G chip, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage (with support for storage expansion), a large 6.517-inch screen, a 16-megapixel front camera and a 48-megapixel AI rear quad camera, a 5180mAh battery, IP68 protection

Many of you may have images in mind when it comes to triple-defense phones – a thick and heavy exterior with “armor” that appears more resistant than the average smartphone. The Oceanic A12 retains the anti-build feature, but its appearance does not feel bulky, and even its recognizable design allows this three-proof phone to be labeled as “trendy.” The “X” creative design, for example, is used on the bezel, back, camera, and speaker. According to the introduction, this unique shape concept is derived from the “fish bone,” not only to improve the appearance of the bezel, but also to improve the grip.

In addition to the “X” element, the logo and the 5G “decorative belt” are printed below the camera, which also improves the phone’s recognition.

The Oceanic A12 has been “slimmed down” in comparison to traditional triple-defense phones, despite feeling a little heavy in one hand. This was especially evident when I went on a shooting mission with my colleagues in the desert. In the endless desert, climbing the dunes, every little bit of weight on the body will bring more weight. As a result, for many people who love to travel or work outdoors, the Oceanic A12 is a great way to ensure durability and reliability while also reducing some of the burden.

It’s a fantastic experience, whether for video and audio entertainment or for work and reading. At the same time, the triple defense feature makes this screen more durable and effective when bumped or dropped. When used outside, you can avoid accidents that render the screen and touch unusable, affecting planning or work progress.

It is unfortunate that the HD resolution, perhaps there is still a gap between the performance of the screen details and the middle and high-end smartphones.

The Ocean A12 not only ensures sound quality reproduction, but also up to 106dB sound loudness, thanks to its symmetrical dual 1216 ultra-linear speakers, 1.6cc ultra-large sound cavity, and 7 magnet sound generating units with 0.65mm amplitude. This provides a more immersive experience during audio and video entertainment, and also ensures that users can hear the phone when the environment is noisy, preventing users from missing important information at construction sites, factories, or other scenes. The Oceanic A12’s main highlight is its ruggedness and durability in a slimmer and lighter body, giving users peace of mind when using it. For example, when my colleagues and I were executing the Bestbuy 618 special project “Desert Challenge Tour,” we not only thoroughly tested the Oceanis A12, but it also became a key prop for the Bestbuy team’s “Desert Game.” The A12 supports IP68 level protection and has been tested according to MIL-STD-810G military protection standard, with multiple protection features such as 100 percent dustproof, 1.5m water depth immersion for 30 minutes, and As a result, when compared to ordinary smartphones in the desert, where you must be careful not to drop the phone into the sand and also pay attention to cleaning the sand, the Oceanic A12 saves people a lot of heartache in the same situation, and it also endures a lot.

For example, the phone was inserted into the sand for some video footage shooting, and drop tests were conducted on sand, rocky ground, and wooden floors. The triple defense feature also lessens the need to clean the phone. When returning to the car or hotel, colleagues who use traditional smartphones must be careful to clean the body with storm balls and wet wipes.

The Oceanic A12 was rinsed directly with tap water by the author, and despite such “rough” treatment, it coped easily and without damage. So, if you like to push the boundaries of wilderness travel, and you’re concerned about your phone getting damaged in the sand, rain, snow, or bumps and bruises, the Oceanic A12 is a better choice. The superior durability of the Oceanic A12, combined with its portability, can make work easier and more secure for professionals who need to work outside.

For example, if you use it in a factory, you won’t have to worry about dust damaging the handset, speaker, and so on. Not only did the team plan “desert games” to make the desert trip more interesting than the hardship, but they also planned “extreme tests” to make the desert trip more interesting than the hardship. One of the games was to dig a 6 meter pit in the sand, then members took turns throwing the phone into the pit, and the winner was the one who entered the pit and was closest to the pit’s edge.

The phone that was thrown was, of course, the Oceanic A12. After several rounds of throwing, the Oceanic A12 experienced drops, bumps, sand slides, and sand burying, but it continued to function normally.

Several throws were made with the camera turned on, and the phone recorded the flight to the drop. The Oceanic A12 also works well as a “regular” smartphone during travel, for example, with a large screen of over 6.5 inches, the Oceanic A12 can be used as a great audio and video entertainment tool, brushing up on data, watching Jitterbug, and even playing games.

The game “glory of the king” high quality, high frame rate mode, the game can also be stable at around 60 fps, according to the test.

Although the configuration of 8GB RAM and 128GB storage is not exceptional, it can reach the pass line and meet the needs of a variety of scenarios. The Oceanis A12’s 5G support deserves special mention. With the 5G high-speed feature, you can install software or download videos more quickly, increasing efficiency. The phone can receive 5G signals even when you are at the edge of the desert.

For field travelers and professionals, the Oceanic A12’s 5G network support also makes everyday use easier, such as video calls, remote inspections, and fast cloud synchronization of filmed content and data. To meet the needs of outdoor travelers and field workers, a multifunctional toolbox built into the phone provides practical tools such as noise test, compass, level, height measurement, magnifying glass, lead hammer, and protractor. To enhance the efficiency of use, a custom key – Wisdom Key – is also provided on the left side of the body of the Oceanic A12, which can be set to functions such as PPT intercom, flashlight, access to recording, screenshot, SOS, u The addition of the Smart Key is especially useful in emergency situations to enable quick activation of functions, especially if using the touch screen while wearing gloves is inconvenient.

For example, the flashlight can be quickly activated at night to find items or check the situation in the dark; or to activate the intercom or SOS to call for help, etc. The Oceanic A12 has a quad AI rear camera that includes a 48MP main camera, an 8MP wide angle camera, a 2MP macro camera, and a 0.3MP secondary camera. It is not yet comparable to flagship smartphones in terms of camera parameters, but it can meet the needs of daily use or staff for on-site photography and recording work content.

While the image quality of the Oceanic A12 isn’t particularly good, with its triple defense feature, the Oceanic A12 can bring some new ways to play that you can’t try with a standard smartphone, for example, if you plug the Oceanic A12 into a sand dune while in the desert, you can take photos from a different angle and experiment with different compositions. In addition, with IP68 level protection, the Oceanic A12 can be used and photographed normally even when placed in a humid environment or even underwater, especially with the SmartLite key, which makes it more convenient to operate. If it is not possible to set up a tripod in the jungle or mountains, the A12 can be placed directly on the ground or on rocks for shooting. For travel enthusiasts who love to push the limits and explore the boundaries of the outdoors, the Oceanic A12 can be used in a unique way that fits their concept of “looking for something different.” For those who need to work outdoors or in a special environment, the Oceanic A12’s dependable triple-defense features and 48 million AI quad-camera combination can also do the job better.

The Oceanic A12 also has exclusive accessory devices such as back clips, carriers, external cameras, and more, making it easier for users to carry the phone more easily and securely in different scenarios or when they need to.

The Oceanic A12 has a massive battery capacity of up to 5180 mAh, which is among the best in the smartphone market, and this provides the phone with a full day of battery life. The battery life test was performed with 5G and WiFi turned on, screen brightness at 50%, and volume at 30%, and the results are as follows: Watching online video on B station for 1 hour, power consumption is about 8%; Brush ShakeYin for 1 hour, power consumption is about 8%; Video call for 1 hour, power consumption is about 10%; “Glory of Kings” power consumption is about 9% for 1 hour in high picture quality.

The camera records video for 1 hour and consumes approximately 15% of the power; in the standby test, 8 hours of standby in flight mode consumes approximately 4% of the power; and 8 hours of standby with 5G enabled consumes approximately 8% of the power. The phone supports wired fast charging at 18W, wireless fast charging at 15W, and OTG reverse charging. The Oceanic A12 charged for 30 minutes with the original charger, tested with WiFi connected and 5G turned on, and the power increased from 1% to 30%; after 60 minutes, the power reached 60%; after 90 minutes, the power reached 82 percent; and after 2 hours, the power reached 93 percent.

Finally, it took about 2.5 hours to fill up this large 5180mAh battery. The A12 5G smart phone’s slimmer, lighter, and trendier design supports IP68 level protection, passes MIL-STD-810G military protection standard test, and is dustproof, waterproof, and drop-proof, effectively reducing the user’s carrying burden.

As a result, the Oceanic A12 is a good choice for users who need a durable device for work, or for those who like to travel outdoors or camp, or for geeky gamers who want to experience the unique experience of a three-proof phone. This device can also serve as a dependable 5G data terminal solution for enterprise and industrial applications.