Nut Pro 3 Comprehensive Review: A Flagship With Both Sentimental And Ideal Features

[Bestbuy618 mobile channel]After more than a year, the nut phone has finally given birth to a new product, the Nut Pro 3. In comparison to previous nut phones, the nut Pro 3 in the design or basic continuation of the classic Smartisan design style, while to ensure that users get the best experience in the new software interaction, the hardware configuration has also reached the flagship level. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, 48 million model four cameras, the new Smartisan OS 7.0, the efficiency of the three sets of 3.0 version, and many other highlights have also made this new product has received widespread attention, so how is its actual use experience? Let’s take a look below.

Appearance design: the heritage of classic craftsmanship

It conceals the earpiece and light distance sensor between the screen and the middle frame, and the bezel has been shrunk even further, resulting in a higher screen-to-body ratio and a better view. Although the screen has grown in size, the size of the body has not changed significantly, and the traditional 5.5-inch products are essentially the same, one-handed control of the basic will not be an issue. The back of the Nut Pro 3 retains the previous 2.5D glass design, and different color schemes have different camera module design, we got the pine green version of the “zero into whole” design, all the cameras arranged into a whole, and finally And this time, the nut Pro 3 battery capacity has reached 4000mAh, while the body thickness is only 7.8mm, making it the best in the same battery capacity products.

The volume and power buttons are on one side, while the SIM card slot and flash memory capsule button are on the other. Photo experience: improved but still needs to be optimized

In terms of photography, the Nut Pro 3 has a rear 48MP main camera 13MP ultra-wide angle 8MP telephoto 5MP macro quad-camera combination that can meet the shooting needs of various scenes. The main camera uses Sony’s IMX586 sensor, which has a 1/2″ sensor area and a pixel size of 0.8um, and supports multi-pixel synthesis of 1.6um large pixels for better photo performance in low light. The phone’s 5.0 megapixel macro lens can achieve 2cm macro shooting, and we can see how it performs in practice through sample photos.Outdoor sample (sunny day)Outdoor sample (cloudy day)Indoor Sample

The nut Pro 3 imaging overall contrast, saturation, and color are relatively plain in more than enough light conditions. Unlike other products on the market, it is more focused on restoring the most realistic colors of the scene, belonging to the “realism”, white balance is not a very noticeable shift, but in some scenes will appear in the highlights overexposure problem, tolerance to be improved, open HDR will be improved, but the overall photo will appear The problem of darkness. At the moment, the nut Pro 3 camera is also undergoing continuous optimization; I hope that the subsequent optimization can continue to improve it.Two times zoom, normal, ultra-wide angle The 123° ultra-wide angle lens allows for a wider field of view, which is very useful when photographing multiple people or grand landscapes, giving us more room for creativity.

The telephoto lens offers twice the optical zoom, allowing us to get closer to the action. Both lenses produce good imaging results in good outdoor lighting conditions.Super Macro Sample Photos The new macro lens adds super macro shooting capabilities to the Nut Pro 3, allowing us to capture scenes that are difficult to see with the naked eye, and the imaging results are excellent.

Bokeh Sample The depth of field bokeh effect is also very good, there is no obvious false bokeh, the front and rear view is clear, the image is very layered and texture. Selfie, the nut Pro 3 front a 20 megapixel intelligent beauty camera, built-in light face camera beauty algorithm, you can achieve the effect of sub-personal beauty, memory beauty through the recognition of facial information. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the sample photos.Selfie samples With the help of the beauty algorithm of the light face camera, the effect of the selfie is really great, to get a very natural beauty effect, but also did not lose the details of the face, the skin is very textured, the lady said can be a compliment.

Previous nut phones generally use mid-range processors, and this nut Pro 3 in order to get a more extreme software interaction experience, directly with the flagship level Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, the hardware performance to pull full, to further enhance the production positioning and competitiveness. Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus with a 7nm process, highest main frequency up to 2.96Ghz, is also one of the most powerful CPUs on the market, Adreno 640 GPU frequency from 585MHz to 672MHz, more powerful performance, providing strong support for the user’s daily use and gaming experience The Snapdragon 855 Plus is also better in terms of gaming performance, with Snapdragon Elite Gaming supporting software enhancement features such as system-level game lag optimization, game fast-loading optimization, and game anti-cheat extensions. We also put two of the most popular games, “Honor of Kings” and “Peace Elite,” through their paces. First and foremost, I set the image quality to very high and activated the high frame rate, and the frame rate was very stable with little fluctuation while playing.

In “Elite Peace,” I set the image quality to HDR HD and activated the high frame rate. In-game, I occasionally experienced minor lag, but it had little impact.

According to the test data, the game frame rate fluctuations are a little larger than in “glory of the king,” but overall smoothness is still no problem, the operation is also relatively hands-on, and the phone did not appear to be overheated. According to the results of the tests, the nut Pro 3 can meet the needs of the majority of users in terms of game experience.

In order to improve the gaming experience, the Nut Pro 3 has a built-in game mode, in which the game can be achieved by blocking notifications, blocking incoming calls, locking the brightness, message pop-ups, small window WeChat, hang mode, and other functions. Continuity, the Nut Pro 3 is equipped with a large-capacity battery of 4000mAh, from my actual experience, a day of heavy use is not a problem, but if you play more games The Nut Pro 3 comes standard with 18W fast charging; according to the results of the actual test, 30 minutes (off state) can be charged to 53%, and about 80 minutes can be fully charged.

System experience: the efficiency of the three sets into the 3.0 era Nut Pro 3 this time with a new Smartisan OS 7.0 system, not only redrawing some icons, but also designing a new multi-tasking bar and drop-down menu, the UI is still a continuation of the previous simple and beautiful style, but also the new Founder custom Smartisan T black font, and brought 322 basic experience upgrades Of course, the most significant upgrade to the Smartisan OS 7.0 system is the efficiency of the three sets of big bang, one step, flash memory capsule into the 3.0 era, bringing new features and experiences. First and foremost, Big Bang 3.0 is based on the original fried text, fried pictures based on the new fried sound, and fried recording screen function. Blowing sound can convert the audio in the video into text in real time, and it can be edited and shared, and it is blowing sound from the bottom of the system to capture the sound, so even if our phone is completely silent, we can get the sound content of the video in some scenarios where the sound cannot be turned on.

In my actual test, the conversion accuracy is still relatively high.Blow up sound The video frames can be extracted in the form of pictures, which can be saved, synthesized into Gifs or long pictures, whether for emoji packs, long pictures with subtitles, or long pictures of episodes, and I personally like this feature because it saves me from having to take screenshots one by one when I want to synthesize long pictures.

One step 3.0 of the Fried recording screen shows the nut phone for the application of split screen thinking. Unlike other systems that only allow two applications to split the screen at the same time, One Step 3.0 allows the phone to achieve four “live APP” running on the same screen, easily switching between the main application and small applications, each application can also realize the content of the free drag and drop, very convenient. With this feature, we can watch videos or chat with WeChat while also understanding the journey or process of taking a taxi; or brush a jitterbug while waiting for video commercials.

Furthermore, for many text workers, you can drag and drop pictures directly to documents or sticky notes and other applications, which undoubtedly increases the efficiency of cell phone editing content; I personally like this feature.4 “Live App” switch at willFree drag and drop between applications Previously, the capsule was primarily used for recording, and we triggered the capsule to begin voice input by long pressing the side button, allowing us to easily and quickly record our fleeting thoughts. The addition of the “voice assistant” function in the new version of flash memory capsule in the record, search Unfortunately, the “voice assistant” function is still in testing and not available online, so this part has not been experienced. There is still only record and search, with shorter content triggering both record and search and longer content triggering only record.

In addition to the efficiency trio, TNT also ushered in an update that allows wireless screen casting, supporting Miracast screen casting and LeSports screen casting, in actual experience can feel the more noticeable delay, the subsequent need to continue to optimize And a sharing mode has been added; in this mode, the bottom menu bar is hidden. Notifications and other content will not appear on the cast screen, which can help protect your personal information while also making it more convenient and useful when going out for speeches and meetings. In addition to the aforementioned key features, this Smartisan OS 7.0 system includes 322 basic experience upgrades that have been fully optimized to compensate for the previous lack of some minor features, as well as to improve some of the daily interaction experience.

As a brand new product built over a year, Nut Pro 3 still adheres to sentiment and craftsmanship, while maintaining a unique style of industrial design introduced some new elements, making it both classic and fresh; hardware is directly pull full, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus support to make its performance in the current cell phone market in the first echelon; software interaction is the core competitiveness of this product It is possible to say that the Nut Pro 3 has very Smartisan characteristics, as its appearance is similar to the bottom left corner of the body of the Smartisan Logo: a small flame that will not go out, a warm surprise in the dark.