Nubia Alpha Soft-screen Wrist Machine Review

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]In Beijing on April 8, Nubia released a new “soft screen wrist phone.” In 2019, the first year of flexible screen phones, the Nubia Alpha soft screen wristphone defines itself as a “new species” of “new form” of smartphone development, completely free of the design abduction of traditional phones or new folding screen phones. With a wrist shape that you might only see in the next 5 years, it also challenges the limited experience of existing hardware. Is Nubia exaggerating when it says the Alpha has a disruptive and revolutionary experience as well as a cool, stylish look? After a week of hands-on experience, we believe we can give it a more accurate assessment.

At the beginning, Nubia Alpha at MWC2019, no doubt because of its “mass-producible” 4.01-inch OLED flexible curved screen, attached to the dial and strap, almost wrapped half of my wrist, to maximize the displayable information listed, complete the moment you just glance at the watch Efficiency.

In comparison to cell phones, Alpha’s flexible screen appears to be very slender and distinct. The specific size is 19.99 99.94mm, the resolution is 960 192, and the PPI is 244. In today’s 300PPI can only be considered a starting traditional cell phone market is by no means strong, and almost all flexible screens in the market are very delicate without the protection of tempered glass.

In order to strengthen the screen hardness of Alpha, Nubia with up to 11 layers of flexible structure to put together, to achieve up to 100,000 times more than the twist life, in addition to a layer of German Schott ultra-thin bendable screen glass, in 45 ° ar In the 45° twisted form, the screen is even “similar in surface hardness to the iPhone XS hard screen.” The Alpha screen, however, came with a film pre-installed on the surface when we first unpacked it. We removed the film for review purposes, and we didn’t notice any scratches after a week of normal use.

The Nubia Alpha’s crown bracelet army is made of stainless steel with a brushed texture that is well-received, and I would probably prefer the brushed black over the 18K gold-plated model.

Alpha employs silicone to protect the screen’s bond, ensuring IPx5 water resistance, i.e. To improve the protection, Alpha designed the crown and strap to be higher than the screen to avoid surface wear in everyday use. The strap module part can be easily removed and adjusted without the use of tools.

The gesture sensor and 5 megapixel lens are located on the crown’s left and right sides, respectively, and the contact wireless charging is located on the back.

Speakers on the sides

Strap buckle removal without the use of a tool The overall weight and size of the Nubia Alpha Soft Screen Wristwatch will be slightly heavier and larger than that of a standard mechanical watch. You will look better if you wear it if you have a pair of meaty hands. But skinny is also acceptable; at the very least, the gap between stability and functional experience will be minimal; once you get used to the weight, it will usher in the sweet period of use. Many of my friends think the Alpha, the black full-screen wrist machine, is “cool.”