Nokia 9 Pureview Hands-on Experience What Kind Of Surprise Can Five Cameras Bring

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]As early as last year, news of the Nokia 9 PureView (hereinafter referred to as Nokia 9) began to circulate, and the five cameras on the back can be said to make people unforgettable, but the phone’s official release was delayed. The Nokia 9 PureView is the world’s first camera phone with a unique array of five cameras, which was officially released on the eve of MWC this year in Barcelona. The Nokia 9 is equipped with an 18:9 6-inch OLED screen, retaining the “forehead” and chin, which is said to be the oldest full-screen design solution.

Perhaps because I’ve seen a lot of 19:9 and 19.5:9 waterdrop screen, Liu Hai screen, punching screen products on the market recently, Nokia 9 gives me the first impression that there is something “short and fat,” but in fact its width and length and most of the 6.3-inch products are basically the same, but the screen length is a short piece to make the Nokia 9 It lacks that “slender” feel, and the screen-to-body ratio is also relatively low.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the resolution of this NOKIA 9 OLED screen is 2K, with a brightness of up to 600nit and a color gamut coverage of 104 percent NTSC. The picture is very good in detail, and the display is also relatively clear in direct sunlight. 5 cameras, a laser focus window, and a fill light are distributed in an array, with a consistent and symmetrical shape and size, interpreting symmetrical aesthetics, and each camera is not protruding, such a flat feeling appears to have not been experienced in a long time. The back cover has a 3D curved design and a large curvature that fits the palm of your hand very well, despite the fact that it appears “short and fat,” it is still very comfortable to hold.

The Nokia 9 is made of a 6 series aluminum and magnesium metal frame, and the color is consistent with the front and rear panels, giving the phone a good sense of unity.

In comparison to the various innovative designs on the market today, the Nokia 9 is not much of a highlight in terms of overall appearance, but the iconic five-camera camera still gives it an unrivaled recognition, which is also the essence of this product. Then let’s talk about the five cameras, most of the high-end products on the market are currently using a multi-camera solution is to increase the number of focal lengths of the lens, generally by adding telephoto lenses. The Nokia 9’s five cameras are completely different, but they all have the same basic specifications, including the Sony IMX386 sensor (1/2.8 inches, 12 megapixels, 1.25 micron single pixel), 6P, F1.8 aperture, and Zeiss certification.

The middle and bottom cameras are color, while the remaining three in a triangular arrangement are black and white. When we take photos, all five cameras will work in unison to capture images with varying exposures, which will then be combined with the multi-frame synthesis algorithm to create a high-quality image. However, because the current Snapdragon ISP cannot support five cameras at the same time, the Nokia 9 includes an internal Light co-processor to assist with shooting and post-synthesis. Having said that, let’s take a look at some sample photos to see how it performs.Outdoor Sample

We can see from the sample photos that the overall image quality of the Nokia 9 is very good in outdoor lighting conditions, has a good tolerance and resolution, and is rich in detail. In terms of imaging style, unlike many products on the market that are optimized through AI scene recognition, Nokia 9 tries to pursue the restoration of the real, rather than deliberately pleasing the user’s eye, so the imaging color looks very plain, which, of course, leaves the user more space for post-production. Furthermore, when shooting samples, I discovered that the Nokia 9 will sometimes be too low exposed in some scenes, resulting in photos that are a little gray.Bokeh sample photos

The portrait bokeh on the Nokia 9 is also very close to my heart; the bokeh edge grasp is very accurate, and the scene subject more prominent photo is very rich in layers.Night view sample

When shooting a scene with more obvious contrast between light and dark, the suppression of highlights is very well done, while the dark details are also well preserved, still maintaining excellent tolerance, and there is no very obvious color distortion, basically in line with the scene I saw with my naked eye. However, although Nokia 9 will appropriately increase the exposure time in night scenes, there is still a gap in very dark light conditions when compared to those products with night mode long exposure. In addition, here we must emphasize a problem, that is, the output of photos, unlike ordinary cell phones, Nokia 9 is a composite of five photos, the amount of computing is really a bit large, coupled with the limited capacity of the external co-processor, from the end of the

Finally, a brief description of the hardware configuration, perhaps due to the long development cycle, this product did not use the Snapdragon 855, but was equipped with the previous generation of flagship processor Snapdragon 845, with 6GB of memory and 128GB of storage, here also do not do too much description, AnTuTu run score of more than 290,000, “Jedi survival: stimulate the battlefield” high quality, frame rate is very high basic throughout the stable 39-40 fr Of course, the system is lightly customized for the Chinese market, with long screenshots, screen recording, application double-opening (support WeChat, QQ, Alipay), cell phone butler, game assistant, AI assistant, and other functions that complement the shortcomings of the native system, and the overall functionality and smoothness is also good.

Finally, if this phone had been released last year, it would have been a great flagship, but this year it is more of a technology showcase. The Nokia 9 PureView demonstrates that, even without a large CMOS, the lens does not protrude as well as outstanding image quality, through the rear array camera and excellent algorithms from the industry’s leading companies to explore the future direction of cell phones, although it may not become a trend, but it is at least a bold attempt, which also demonstrates that Nokia can now make good camera phones.

Furthermore, this phone is about to be released in China, and many e-commerce platforms have already put it on the shelves, with the price to be officially confirmed after the launch. If you want high picture quality and a large enough storage space, this phone is still worth considering.