No Need To Chase Dyson! This Face On The Go Sylph Hair Dryer May Be More Suitable For You

As a representative of personal care tools, the hair dryer, invented at the end of the nineteenth century, has gone through many iterations, beginning with a massive instrument tool that evolved into the familiar pistol shape, after which there have been few changes. Dyson released a bladeless hair dryer called Supersonic in 2016, launching a round of personal care tools design trends, with many users amazed that “the original hair dryer can also look like this”! However, after more than two years, Dyson Supersonic hair dryer did not usher in a large area of popularity, with the price of this personal care tools reaching 3000 yuan, destined to become a niche user choice. In these two years, perhaps you have also heard the name of another hair dryer, it is from the domestic startup company “species origin” in 2017 to create a new SYLPH hair dryer, the unique design and function of the SYLPH before the market has been a large number of users in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, North America, and other markets, and successfully got more than the target 720 percent and the total market share. Crowdfunding dollars This long-awaited personal care tool has recently been fully shipped and is now available in 9 countries and regions, including North America, Europe, Japan, and Korea.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( dollars) Bestbuy618 was fortunate to obtain the SYLPH hair dryer in the highly sought-after future gray color scheme (another color scheme: Gel White), after up to half a month of use, to achieve a satisfactory result. SYLPH hair dryer’s simple appearance and packaging design attracted a lot of office partners to look around at the beginning of the receipt of goods. Before turning on, it’s difficult to believe that SYLPH can be connected to a “silly big” hair dryer, but the minimalist design and unobtrusive button arrangement are just right, and the entire body is made of skin-like material, warm and smooth and easy to hold.

You say it’s too slippery and difficult to remove? Doesn’t exist, handheld 180 grams lighter than a can of drink, but also SYLPH publicity highlights, so no unicorn arm partners can also be used continuously for a long time.

The SYLPH hair dryer is the size of a small bottle of drink.

SYLPH hair dryer air inlet Unlike traditional hair dryers, the SYLPH hair dryer engine is housed in the integrated internal handheld part, ensuring that the process is simple to use. This aspect and the Dyson Supersonic design are the same work, but the air outlet design is different, because the SYLPH top of the air outlet design is smaller, so the rose area of the air outlet area “gap” will be larger. The internal brushless DC motor achieves a wind speed of up to 19 meters per second and is one of two factors (wind speed and temperature) for fast hair drying. The air inlet is located at the bottom of the handheld, and it has a layer of cotton mesh to catch debris, as well as regular openings full of technology.

SYLPH full body on two buttons and a push button, the front button to control the wind mode, the back button is the fan switch, and next to the push button can achieve stepless control of air volume. SYLPH hair dryers are rated at 650W, but when set to maximum air volume, the power rises to 1400W.

I usually use my own 3000W traditional hair dryer at home, as opposed to really counting A small witch to see a big witch.

When you really turn it on and use it, the brushless motor makes a lot of noise. To compare it to traditional hair dryers, the noise is actually similar, but the SYLPH sound more high frequency, especially at night or when used with caution, is also its only disadvantage. However, due to the brushless motor’s high speed logic and miniaturization of noise sensitive natural conflict, SYLPH has been through the stepless variable speed to control the noise to the available range.

The general use of traditional hair dryers is nothing more than cold air hot air, large wind small wind several modes of operation, SYLPH can be in the state of controlled wind speed, to achieve five kinds of wind effect, are Cold wind mode (blue): continuous

Warm air mode (green): create small hot air, large cold air alternating airflow Styling wind mode (yellow): quickly alternate hot and cold wind, creating an airflow of about 78 °C, suitable for hair styling Fast dry wind mode (red): create 92 °C high temperature with a large wind speed can quickly remove moisture from the surface of the hair, quickly blow dry hair

Intelligent wind mode (purple): according to the blowing time and the sensor back to the degree of wet and dry hair, automatically adjust the temperature of the air out In all hot air mode, SYLPH air outlet glass beads temperature and humidity sensor will detect the temperature of the air at a frequency of 50 times / second to avoid damage to the hair caused by high temperature. In practice, I prefer to use the fast dry wind mode because the SYLPH outlet is very concentrated, 1400W power air volume and 3000W hair dryer equivalent, with high temperature to achieve fast dry hair, suitable for temporary go out or go to bed early fast men. If you have high modeling requirements, you can switch to the yellow modeling wind when the hair is almost dry, with the magnetic narrow hair blowing nozzle, more conducive to air volume conduction.

If that’s too much trouble, simply select the purple smart wind mode.

Of course, if you want to blow dry a freshly bathed Samoyed, SYLPH hair dryer still appears a bit strenuous, I once used for my own dog, because SYLPH will automatically detect the temperature, to achieve the dry hair effect is not as good as the human effect After all, SYLPH is a negative ion hair dryer that can help smooth frizz and remove static electricity, making it more suitable for “human” use.

SYLPH hair dryer humanized self-cleaning mode, enhance the sense of well-being, as long as the power is on, while pressing the power button and wind control key for 3 seconds, you can automatically clean, about a minute after the cleaning is completed automatically shut down. Small and portable SYLPH hair dryer is very suitable for today’s “minimalist” lifestyle, minimalist design is the main highlight of the traditional hair dryer, breaking the traditional past people A variety of wind patterns for different people require a variety of care, small body into a number of imperceptible technology applications, but the noise problem must also be optimized. SYLPH hair dryer has reached the ideal level of consumer use as a domestic startup company’s trial work, but it also allows us to look forward to the next better iteration of the product.