No Filter Air Purifier Decom Oxygen Teqair200 Negative Ion Air Purifier Experience

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] Air purifiers have long been popular in most Chinese homes, and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive; indeed, the presence of air purifiers has greatly changed the problem of home air pollution. We all know that air purifiers require filters to filter polluted air, but did you know that there is a type of air purifier that does not require a filter but has recently begun to fire up on the network, which is from France’s DE Kang

What exactly do negative ions do? Before I get into today’s product, let me explain what negative ions are. I wonder if you will feel relieved after a thunderstorm; in fact, this is because after a thunderstorm, the air occupies more negative ions as a result of the feeling of relief. Of course, when we are in the forest, seaside, waterfalls, and other places, we will feel refreshed; this is the role of negative air ions.

If we stay in the space, after the air negative ions reduced, if long-term stay will feel chest tightness, dizziness, fatigue, work efficiency, and health status decline, have you encountered this situation? If you have, it means your body requires negative ions.

Once you understand the importance of negative ions for our bodies, let’s move on to today’s protagonist, the DECON OXYGEN TEQAIR200 negative ion air purifier (hereinafter referred to as “DECON OXYGEN TEQAIR200”). As a desktop-level negative ion air purifier, the TEQAIR200’s overall size is only close to a sneaker, so it doesn’t take up much space when placed on a desktop or bedside

I’m not sure if the DECON OXYGEN product manager discovered this problem, but the raw material of the bottom bracket of the DECON OXYGEN TEQAIR200 is made of beech wood from the French sky heat, the surface is smooth, and the light color scheme also forms a sharp contrast with the main body, which brings the aura at once and the overall look is more natural and healthy. According to official data, DEK Oxygen TEQAIR200 can emit 1 trillion negative ions per second at a distance of one meter, bringing 200000 negative ions per cm3.

When using it normally, clean the 12 pins carefully to ensure the maximum effect of use. With the back of the hand near the DECON Oxygen TEQAIR200 can feel a gentle cool breeze coming, which is the natural negative ion wind. It is worth noting that the DECON Oxygen TEQAIR200 does not have any fan inside, so there is also this unprecedented feeling in the noise.

Furthermore, the DECOM Oxygen TEQAIR200 complies with the newly revised GB/T 18801-2015 “Air Purifier” national standard. In the use of this period of time, the biggest improvement is some improvement in rhinitis, the past early to sneeze symptoms gradually reduced, in addition to the morning after waking up, the mind does not feel drowsy feeling, it is not clear whether this is the role of negative ions or my psychological effect, in short As a result, regardless of health, power consumption, environmental protection, or other factors, I recommend that you keep the DEK Oxygen TEQAIR200 open all year.

As I previously stated, the main difference between DECON Oxygen TEQAIR200 as an air purifier product and traditional air purifiers is the lack of a filter, which reduces secondary pollution and the cost of use, which must be a major highlight for consumers. Despite the lack of a filter, DECON Oxygen TEQAIR200 can still remove air pollution particles; the principle is primarily the release of a large number of negative ions and the air with a positive charge of dust neutralization, However, if you want to maximize the purification of PM2.5 in the air or need to use with an air purifier, I recommend that you use DECON OXYGEN TEQAIR200, which is also capable of destroying airborne bacteria. When negative ions and bacteria combine, it can cause changes in the structure of bacteria, resulting in the death of bacteria, making it ideal for people with low physical resistance.

Overall, the presence of the DECON OXYGEN TEQAIR200 during my experience made me feel the magic of negative ions in my life. The negative ions released by the 12-pin port greatly improved my sleep quality, and when I woke up in the morning, my head did not feel drowsy, and my rhinitis symptoms began to improve. If you already have an air purifier at home, I believe that placing another DECON oxygen TEQAIR200 on your desk will not only give you a new feeling, but will also give you a new feeling.