New Posture Of Oral Cleaning Philips Sonicare Jet Flosser Experience Tour

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] Food debris is easily stuffed in the corners of teeth and gum sulcus after a person eats and drinks. Food debris not only transports bacteria, but it also provides nutrients to plaque. Plaque will easily attach, form calculus, and accumulate at the roots of teeth if not removed in a timely manner, compressing and stimulating the periodontal environment and causing periodontal atrophy. Although flossing can remove stains between teeth, it has no effect on stains in the back sockets.

So, how can we perform a thorough cleaning of the mouth? Try the Philips Sonicare jet flosser, which uses a unique micro-burst airflow technology, compressed air, and micro-droplets to form a highly effective cleaning water mist that gently and effectively removes residue and plaque from deep within the teeth and around the gums, easily solving the problem of oral cleaning.

Portable and easy to use Philips’ small appliances can be said to be very distinctive, and this Philips Sonicare jet flosser packaging is very recognizable, very delicate, and I liked it the first time I saw it.

Philips Sonicare jet flosser comes in three colors: black, pink, and white. I received the white model, which has a sophisticated sense of fashion from the appearance of the machine as a whole, and the two sides are also designed with non-slip treatment, which is very thoughtful. Philips Sonicare jet flosser nozzle with a castle-type design, can effectively reduce the use of recoil force and splash, so that the water outlet is wider, covering a larger area, cleaning I recommend replacing the nozzle every six months to ensure the best cleaning effect.

The water reservoir is located in the middle of the handle; simply open the reservoir buckle and fill it with water or mouthwash. Furthermore, the excellent workmanship of the Philips Sonicare jet flosser ensures the sealing of the entire machine, so there is no problem of water leakage even if vigorously shaken. The start button is designed at the top of the handle, the button key range is moderate, the strength feedback is good, and in use, we will naturally place the thumb or index finger at the button, there is no learning cost.

At the end of the handle is a non-slip silicone function operation button, by clicking can switch three different jet modes (single, double, three times), choose a good fit for their mode, long press or continuous click on the start button can be oral cleaning. Philips Sonicare jet flosser accessories are a handle, a high-performance nozzle, and a charger dock, simple and portable, a plug and play. When fully charged, the small size can be stuffed into a bag and handle the demands of business travel.

Before we get into the actual experience, we need to learn about the innovative and exclusive technology of this flosser – Microburst Airflow Technology. This technology uses fast-bursting compressed air and micro-droplets of water to create a water mist that “charges” between the teeth, gently but effectively removing interdental residue, soft tartar, and plaque while also improving gum health.

The Philips Sonicare jet flosser is simple to use, and I like the three jet modes, which combine airflow and water flow to gently and effectively clean the crevices of the teeth and quickly remove residue and plaque without irritating the sensitive gums. This flosser also has excellent water resistance, lasting as long as the faucet to clean.

My deepest feeling after a week is that my mouth has become cleaner and cleaner, that my teeth are not uncomfortable with foreign objects every day, and that the redness and swelling of the gums that I frequently commit has been relieved.

Dental issues should not be overlooked. If you do not clean the food debris in between your teeth on a regular basis, it is very likely that you will develop periodontitis and other oral problems. And, after using the Philips Sonicare jet flosser, you will be able to remove food debris and soft scale from your teeth in 60 seconds, reducing oral odor.

In order to get the best oral cleaning effect, I recommend that you clean your teeth after meals.