New Members Of The Series Sincere Oppo Reno Z Comprehensive Review

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] The OPPO Reno series, one of the most popular smartphones released in the first half of this year, has received glowing reviews in terms of both appearance and configuration since its release. On May 30, OPPO released two new models in Hong Kong, one is the orange OPPO Reno standard edition phone, and the other is the OPPO Reno Z; the egg is OPPO launched the Reno-inspired version, and a limited number of late June release.OPPO Reno Z is equipped with a 6.4-inch AMOLED waterdrop screen, 1.47mm narrow bezel creates a high screen-to-body ratio of 92 percent and a wider field of view; Furthermore, Reno Z through the German TÜV Rheinland low blue light certified eye protection mode, although it can provide some relief to easily fatigued users’ eyes, we still hope that we do not just look at the phone, eyes still need to relax from a distance. It’s worth noting that the OPPO Reno Z’s front and rear glass panels are made of Corning’s fifth-generation Gorilla Glass, which has a higher surface compressive stress to improve damage resistance. The new light-sensitive screen fingerprint recognition technology uses a unique compensatory light projection scheme, making the entire area of the screen fingerprint brighter and more uniform, clearer fingerprint photos, and faster recognition speed the higher the screen to body ratio, the more effective Corning fifth generation Gorilla Glass can reduce the possibility of broken screen.

In practice, the OPPO Reno Z unlocking sensitivity has greatly improved, and in daily use, whether in unlocking or payment, it is more secure and fast.

In the back design, OPPO Reno Z follows the OPPO Reno series design, innovative rear equipped with 48 megapixel main camera 5 megapixel depth of field camera combination completely placed under the back glass body, making OPPO Reno Z back without bulge, from the side of Reno Z can be more clearly and obviously see the coordination between the rear camera and the body.OPPO Reno Z The bottom is the gold “DESIGNED BY OPPO” font and the new OPPO logo, Furthermore, the rear lens is vertically arranged in the phone’s central axis, which houses both the logo and text elements. On top of the central axis, OPPO innovatively designed an O-Dot with gemstone inlay, which on the one hand embellishes the design of the back of the OPPO Reno Z, and on the other hand slightly supports the camera, protecting the camera on the back of the body from daily wear and tear.

OPPO Reno Z OPPO Reno Z has four colors: coral orange, star purple, extreme night black, and pearl shell white, of which I got the pearl shell white, which is different from the monotonous white, OPPO Reno Z pearl shell white in different light will appear pink, and there will be laser color to add a sense of fantasy. It is believed that the OPPO Reno Z employs a new light gradient process, the “texture layer,” under the glass back frosting treatment, to achieve three different textures, to bring the depth of the three-dimensional gradient color, coupled with multiple lenticular texture, so that the color is no longer a simple gradient, nor a single light pattern, so that the Reno Z appearance with a single color. Reno Z’s color scheme has more depth and texture.

The OPPO Reno Z is an excellent example of OPPO’s commitment to aesthetic design.OPPO Reno Z in action

OPPO Reno Z real picture For photography, the OPPO Reno Z has a 48MP main camera 5MP depth of field AI intelligent dual camera combination on the back, with a large F1.7 aperture, and the large aperture bokeh algorithm has been upgraded again to take accurate bokeh photos and achieve the best bokeh effect. Let’s use shooting samples to demonstrate the OPPO Reno Z’s shooting capabilities.Sample shotsSample shots

The 500W pixel depth-of-field camera is used to record depth-of-field information, and it can achieve a more liberal background bokeh effect through photo compositing. With portrait mode enabled, the sample shots look even better, with the background bokeh highlighting the characters and the character details being extremely fine. It is worth noting that when you use HDR mode when shooting, you don’t have to worry about blackness even when backlighting, the photos are richer in details and better reproduction, and the bright background of people can be clear and layered even when backlit.

OPPO Reno Z sample shot without HDR onOPPO Reno Z sample shot with HDR onSample shots Because the launch was in Hong Kong, we couldn’t leave out the night view of Hong Kong. The Ultra HDR Night View 2.0 mode on the OPPO Reno Z employs a new algorithm that reduces noise, does not overflow in the highlights, increases brightness in the dark areas, and provides excellent detailing, resulting in photos that are as good as the naked eye can see.

Sample photos of the OPPO Reno ZOPPO Reno Z sample photosSample shots without Ultra HD Night View 2.0Sample shots with Ultra HD Night View 2.0 on

After discussing the rear camera, I must recommend the front camera of the OPPO Reno Z. You can’t help but take selfies every day if you’re a selfie addict. The most appealing feature is its 32-megapixel AI intelligent beauty lens, which enhances your beauty through targeted beauty. Of course, the OPPO Reno Z comes with a new portrait mode 2.0 that maintains the beauty of the shot and looks great with a single shot.

By combining two photos, the front HDR RAW makes the photos more realistic and layered.OPPO Reno Z sample photosOPPO Reno Z sample photosOPPO Reno Z sample photosOPPO Reno Z sample photosOPPO Reno Z sample photosOPPO Reno Z sample photosOPPO Reno Z sample photosOPPO Reno Z sample photosOPPO Reno Z sample photosOPPO Reno Z

The OPPO Reno Z has a 64-bit octa-core processor that provides high performance while consuming less energy and generating less heat, and it runs the ColorOS 6 system, which includes the HyperBoost 2.0 acceleration engine for system acceleration, application acceleration, and game acceleration, giving users a more extreme use and gaming experience. The new GameBoost 2.0, which includes FrameBoost and TouchBoost, makes games run more smoothly and responsively, greatly improving the gaming experience. The memory is a combination of 6GB 256GB, with an 8GB high-speed memory 128GB memory version available.

In terms of cell phone cooling, OPPO Reno Z is upgraded from the material, thermal gel graphite sheet copper tube liquid cooling triple technology instead of thermal silicone, so users will not be overheated even if they play games for a long time. It is worth noting that the OPPO Reno Z supports Dolby Atmos, which will provide you with a better experience whether you are watching movies, listening to music, or playing games.OPPO Reno Z In order to save users charging time, the OPPO Reno Z uses VOOC3.0 technology, which allows users to not only reduce charging time, but also play while charging, greatly reducing the user’s usual waiting time to charge the phone. It is worth noting that the Reno Z has a large 4035mAh battery; after testing, the charging time from the shutdown state to a full charge takes about 60-65 minutes, saving time.OPPO Reno Z charging test

The OPPO Reno Z costs 2499 yuan for the 6GB 256GB model, which comes in Polar Night Black, Star Purple, Pearl Shell White, and Coral Orange, and 2499 yuan for the 8GB 128GB model, which comes in Polar Night Black and Star Purple. The Reno Z is now available for pre-order and will be available on June 6 on OPPO’s website, Jingdong, Tmall, Suning, and other online platforms, as well as offline OPPO stores. Friends who are impressed by the OPPO Reno Z do not act quickly!