Multi-functional And Good Sound Quality Of Both Huwei Mc-200 Multimedia Speakers Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]At the moment, the market has a wide variety of audio and video products, but many devices with multi-function and good sound quality have a “bias” phenomenon that cannot be checked and balanced. Huwei launched the definition of “intelligent audio and video media playback center” smart speaker MC-100 as early as 2015, a breakthrough in the combination of multimedia and high-quality speakers, bringing users an unprecedented audio-visual interaction experience, but also allowing the speaker to be not limited to the definition of monotony. This maneuver earned the 2017 U.S.

Following this, this collection of multimedia playback, while ensuring high-fidelity sound performance of the speaker, ushered in another upgrade, integrating years of market understanding of the brand-new Huwei – Huwei MC-200. The new look and large screen make it very bright and eye-catching, positioning it as “portable.” We will talk about the next, the Huewei MC-200 this time have brought what experience upgrades after a longer period of my experience.

What do you care about when a smart audio will accompany you across mountains and seas, as well as through crowds of people? The face! The biggest difference between the MC-200 and the previous generation is the understated and calm appearance of the shape, which may look a bit like the 80s on the shoulder of the recorder at first glance, but a closer look will reveal that most of the cabinet of the Huwei MC-200 is surrounded by solid wood splicing, and the market with the same type of speaker design is very different, emphasizing the retro and the sense of age, very elegant and durable. At the same time, the wooden cabinet can ensure that noise “disturbance” does not disrupt the sound quality.

The cabinet is made of four pieces of solid wood that are tightly joined together. The wood is carefully polished through cutting, sandblasting, polishing, and other steps, so the finished product not only has a smooth wood grain, but also makes each MC-200 unique. The MC-200 has a trapezoidal shape from the side, which contributes to the overall stability of the cabinet. The tilt elevation design can also direct the human ear directly to the speaker for the best listening effect.

On the front of the MC-200 is an 8-inch touch screen with a pixel density that matches that of mainstream flat panels and is comfortable to look at. The left and right sides are stuffed with a 3-inch mid-woofer and a 20mm metal dome tweeter, covered in a full champagne-gold aluminum mesh, and embedded into the solid wood cabinet with tightly sealed edges with the 8-inch touchscreen.

The Huewei MC-200 is also humane to include a camera in the screen directly above to take care of some of the video needs of users; because this is a multimedia speaker, applications are available, so the camera will have a use. At the bottom are four cylindrical rubber feet with reasonable height arrangement and high hardness, which can slow down the bottom fluttering during audio playback.

In addition to the foregoing, I like the top of the Huewei MC-200 leather handle, which is concealed at the top of the cabinet and strong enough to match the vintage tone of the entire speaker while also emphasizing its meticulous placement. In fact, when it comes to portability, it’s all about light and easy to carry, and the weight of the Huewei MC-200 is within the acceptable range when lifted with one hand. Suitable for family picnics and sharing the fun, it can also be used as a temporary emergency playback device. At the same time, the body’s high value increases its frequency and desire to be carried out.

Even on the back of the case, the Hewlett Packard MC-200 has a very astringent black shell, with the following features: switch button, DC 64.8W power supply interface, battery signal indicator, RST reset, Micro-USB (OTG) interface, OUTPUT output interface, network cable WLAN port. The Huewei MC-200’s operating system is based on Android OS, with a full menu bar on the phone and a familiar and intuitive interaction. APT-X lossless encoding of high-speed Bluetooth transmission, WIFI, Bluetooth, USB, and other ways to play audio are supported by hardware.

The MC-200’s front-facing 8-inch touchscreen has a 16:10 aspect ratio and a viewing angle of 178°, making it an excellent tool for watching movies. The built-in application market has been adapted to a large number of mainstream audio and video software, such as Akiyay, Youku, Tencent, and other video APPs are provided with HD version, synchronized with the cell phone’s playback records, we can watch movies together, but also enjoy the cinema version of the audio effect; of course, you can also use social networking software to make video calls with friends and relatives, the camera picture quality is still OK, or bored However, because of the tilt angle of the Whiteway MC-200, it is more inclined to audio playback rather than touch screen experience, play a small game no problem, but I don’t think anyone would take it to eat chicken five kills, right?

Furthermore, when we enjoy the entertainment experience of multimedia with the Huewei MC200 outdoors, the other side of the phone battery but can not hold up, Huewei MC-200 can also be transformed into a 10000mAh rechargeable battery, support fast charging, based on this humane function, we can always be a user’s cell phone and all kinds of mobile digital devices for fast charging. However, the measured sound quality is a pleasant surprise, as the built-in unit is more sensitive to high and medium human voice frequencies. Bright and penetrating high-frequency sound that will not be tuned to excessive harshness The midrange is warm and soft, but not weak, and the vocal conjunctions are clear; everything about this part is just right.

Because the hardware unit is limited, the low-frequency part will have a slight lack of bass flexibility, but overall, the 3-inch bass unit itself has a good dive performance, compared to other speakers in the same class, the sound quality of the Huewei MC-200 is already at the upper level. In the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody,” Freddy’s voice is richly rendered, and the band’s instrument playing is also passionate; I’m glad I was using the Huewei MC-200 to enjoy this music movie.

Overall, the Hewlett Packard MC-200 as a multimedia audio terminal achieves the level of ease of use of everyday cell phones, almost for all ages (start interface function is simple, application interface configuration is complete). At the same time, the MC-200 truly achieves the highest level of sound quality in its class, and it also supports playback with built-in power supply and even powering external devices, not to mention the high value and large screen. In a nutshell, the MC-200 is a multi-functional audio and video entertainment system, but it is also a sense of comfort that emphasizes the quality of life.