More Than Just A Pile Of Material It’s A Godsend Lenovo Saver Gaming Phone 2 Pro Quick Review

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]After the Spring Festival, the cell phone circle once again ushered in a cycle of intensive product releases, and among the many cell phones released in March, gaming phones have once again become a keyword that cannot be ignored, and the three gaming phones launched successively by Red Devil, ROG, and Black Shark have successfully attracted the attention of gaming fans. The box is neatly packed with accessories such as chargers, data cables, headphone conversion cables, and matching cases. The Savior Gaming 2 Pro’s first impression is that it is large, with a 6.92-inch AMOLED gaming non-porous screen customized by Samsung on the front, supporting a 144Hz ultra-high refresh rate and a 720Hz multi-finger sampling rate.

The Savior Gaming 2 Pro retains the symmetrical aesthetic, with the front and back being symmetrical vertically and horizontally. The micro-perforations at the top and bottom of the device house dual speakers with 1.6cc equivalent sound cavities, which, when combined with Dolby Atmos’ customizable “Game Panorama” mode, allows users to experience cinema-quality sound performance, doubling the experience of gaming and video playback. The world’s first dual 6-curved glass intersects in the middle of the body, emphasizing the presence of LEGION’s gaming logo and shooting module – a design concept inspired by Lenovo’s design concept’s podium shape.

In practice, the curve not only provides a more comfortable grip, but also makes it easier for users to blindly operate the two control buttons hidden in the curve. As a phone focused on gaming functions, the lighting effect is also a natural part of the phone that cannot be overlooked.

The Y-shaped breathing light in the center of the body has a variety of special effects such as flow, breathing, rotation, and spring water, and supports different state light settings, so you can see the state of the phone through the light effect alone. On the “podium,” in addition to the shooting module, we can quickly find a double turbo fan, which, when combined with the air vents on both sides of the body, forms a unique T-shaped air duct, extending

The Savior Gaming 2 Pro, like its predecessor, uses a side lift camera solution, which is really more appealing to users with live gaming needs, and the addition of an AR image during live streaming also appears more thoughtful for privacy protection. The weight of the Savior Gaming 2 Pro is a bit heavier due to the glass back, 262g when held in one hand, but there is no such problem when held horizontally during gaming. Of course, the benefits of the glass material are obvious; the touch is more delicate and comfortable. Lenovo has given the Savior Gaming 2 Pro two Chinese names – “Xuan” and “Xiao,” which correspond to the ancient battlefield’s Xuan armor and the dawn of victory, respectively.

In practice, the Xuan back we received appears to be mirror black, with an electric blue decorative strip around the edge of the week serving as the finishing touch. The game requires a good screen, which has undoubtedly become a consensus after the screen has undergone rapid development over the last two years.

As previously stated, the Savior Gaming 2 Pro has a 6.92-inch custom Samsung screen that is HDR10 certified and supports a wide color gamut of 111.1 percent with Delta E0.5, as well as the latest E4 material and diamond arrangement to ensure its excellent display performance. The screen’s quality was fully utilized during the gaming experience with the Saver Gaming 2 Pro, both in terms of fuller colors and smooth graphics at high frame rates, making these games slick.

Many people wonder what the significance of the game phone is; in fact, unlike computers, the configuration is not the game phone’s main feature; after all, most flagship machines of various brands use similar solutions. The game phone can be added to the soft configuration that is more suitable for the game’s characteristics, the control to do better, so that players play more comfortably, is what the designers must consider. For gaming features, the Savior Gaming Phone 2 Pro supports 144Hz refresh rate and 720Hz multi-finger sampling rate on the screen, lower latency and more hands-on operation can give full play to the advantages in the operation-oriented games.

In the Savior gaming phone 2 Pro, we see a new combination of solutions – eight gods key. In short, the Savior Gaming 2 Pro adds additional sets of keys, which include the L1/R1 and L2/R2 ultrasonic buttons located on the top sides, as well as capacitive sliding buttons located on the back on both sides of the curved glass; additionally, the phone adds 4D pressure-sensitive areas o

The Savior Gaming Phone 2 Pro also provides different recommended solutions depending on the game; for example, in “Honor of Kings,” it corresponds to two outfit upgrade buttons and recovery/flash skill buttons. Of course, players can customize the keys to their preferences, allowing complex operations to be executed instantly. The addition of the ultra-high touch sampling rate and the Yagami key provides gamers with a more professional and accurate operating experience. The Savior Gaming Phone 2 Pro also adds many details through touch feedback, and through the built-in dual X-axis linear motors, the tactile feedback expression is richer, adding more excitement to the user’s gaming experience.

The hard configuration is also the core of the gaming phone, in this regard the Savior Gaming Phone 2 Pro is unsurprisingly equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G mobile platform, 5nm process, and ultra-high main frequency. The version we reviewed has a 16 512GB configuration, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with massive storage for games and video files. The Savior Gaming 2 Pro also has a convincing 5G Wi-Fi6 combination, allowing users to have the lowest latency and network throughput performance under both mobile and broadband networks, without delaying the game due to network problems.

The score of Saver Gaming 2 Pro in the AnTuTu test can reach 840704, which means that it can bring more smooth and smooth gaming experience. Next, we will feel the performance of this phone through the game test. Before entering the game test, we need to open the “Savior Field,” press and hold L1/R1 at the same time in the bright screen state to open this mode after the cool sound effects.

Here you can configure the game’s light effect, fan, buttons, screen refresh rate, vibration, and other related settings, as well as simultaneously monitor the signal strength/latency, phone temperature, frame rate, CPU/GPU frequency, and other states. In the actual game test, “King of Honor” at the highest image quality and resolution has an average frame rate of 92.5 with almost no fluctuation.

Finally, it is the current hot “negative optimization” handheld game “Original God” that allows you to eat chicken more comfortably. The Savior Gaming 2 Pro’s average frame rate was 59.2 at 60 fps with the highest image quality setting, running smoothly and naturally, with some minor fluctuations that had no effect on the game.

Heat dissipation system – a multi-pronged approach to a miracle Many of you will have experienced heat degradation while playing games. To address this issue, the Savior Gaming 2 Pro has developed the world’s first dual-turbocharged liquid-cooled active-passive integrated mid-range cooling system. On the back of the body, we can see an exposed fan of the Savior Gaming 2 Pro, which is the active air inlet, and another active exhaust fan in the upper right corner of the internal air outlet location. The unique center structure is built with a pure copper sealed T-shaped air duct, which provides a longer path for heat dissipation than conventional phones, and internally the Saver Gaming 2 Pro also features the industry’s largest liquid-cooled VC heat sink, which speeds up the transfer of heat and thus reduces the phone’s temperature.

We did not conduct a temperature test due to time constraints, and we will update this section of the review later.

Despite being a gaming phone, the Savior Gaming 2 Pro’s shooting configuration should not be overlooked, particularly its central 44 megapixel lens with 84° wide angle and 4K shooting capability, which can perform well in scenarios such as selfies and live game broadcasts. For the fun and privacy aspects of live streaming, the Savior Gaming Phone 2 Pro introduces industry-leading AI virtual image generation technology. Users can generate an exclusive image automatically using AI face attribute detection, and they can also freely pinch their faces according to their preferences. The user can then begin broadcasting with the virtual image they have created, chatting online with friends about the game, or exchanging technology.

The Saver Gaming 2 Pro has a 64-megapixel, 1/1.32-inch main camera with dark light support and a 16-megapixel ultra wide-angle macro lens for everyday 8K video and landscape shots on the back.

It is worth noting that the Saver Gaming Phone 2 Pro includes a director mode, which means that the front and rear cameras are used for video recording at the same time. The four screens correspond to the ultra-wide angle, wide angle/2x zoom, and front-facing lens, and you can use the multi-mirror director mode to switch the ring surface in real time, or shoot multiple videos simultaneously for easy post-production adjustments. The addition of the director mode is very much in line with the current trend of short video creation and is a pleasant surprise for those who love to record their lives with their phones. The battery configuration of the Savior Gaming Phone 2 Pro is also quite proud, equipped with a large battery capacity of 5500mA, compared to the common 4500mAh.

The Saver Gaming Phone 2 Pro still charges with a 90W solution of 20Vx4.5A. The line graph of the test shows that the Saver Gaming 2 Pro can charge 45 percent, which translates to about 2475mAh, in 10 minutes, an incredible efficiency. When using the bypass charging feature, the Saver Gaming 2 Pro also allows the charger to directly power components other than the battery, eliminating warming and degradation from the source.

The design of the product is more than just a material pile; it is a design breakthrough. The exterior features a more modern, gaming-inspired design, making it more hardcore and personalized. In terms of hard power, the mid-architecture combined with dual turbo fans design is to fully suppress the Snapdragon 888 heat dissipation, which, when combined with the open hang eight gods key design and abundant performance, can be said to bring gamers an exceptional gaming tool.

As the saying goes, good food is not afraid of being late. Although the listing time did not seize the opportunity, both professional players and ordinary water enthusiasts can find more game fun through this phone.