Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Experience: A New Choice For Light Mobile Office

[The Surface Laptop Go is a new member of the Surface family, further enriching Microsoft’s notebook product line and providing a new option for users with mobile office needs. The Surface Laptop Go can be considered an entry-level product in the Surface series, but it also incorporates the excellent quality and features of the Surface series, from design, portability, productivity, experience, and other aspects, all of which are very much in line with the needs of users in the mobile office. The Surface Laptop Go is available in three colors: Ice Crystal Blue, Sandstone Gold, and Bright Platinum, and it measures 278.18mm x 205.67mm x 15.69mm, making it small enough to fit in a woman’s purse. It is also more adaptable and convenient to use in small spaces, such as on airplanes and high-speed trains, where small desks are required.

The device weighs 1110 grams and is easy to use on your legs and hold in your hands. The Surface Laptop Go’s A-side is made of aluminum, which has a smooth frosted texture and does not easily leave fingerprint stains, ensuring a neat and tidy body. The D side is made of polycarbonate composite resin, so the texture is more delicate and warm, and does not have the cold feeling of metal.

This will provide a more comfortable experience for users who are accustomed to resting their laptops on their legs. Surface Laptop Go has a 12.4-inch PixelSense touch display with 1536 x 1024 (148 PPI) resolution, which provides a richer interactive experience in mobile office scenarios (the display will be more detailed if the resolution is slightly higher).

Aside from the touch screen, the Surface Laptop Go’s 3:2 screen ratio boosts productivity. In comparison to the 16:9 screen ratio commonly used in notebooks, the 3:2 ratio allows for more lines to be displayed on the same screen, allowing for more information to be displayed on one screen when viewing documents and browsing the web, improving reading efficiency. PS: As a detail design, the Surface Laptop Go’s screen also supports one-handed opening and closing, earning extra points. Surface Laptop Go also includes a 720P front-facing HD camera that supports adaptive indoor and outdoor lighting conditions in video calls and meetings, allowing you to turn on your computer and wake up with one hand while holding your coffee or glass of water.

It further enhances the video calling experience in telecommuting and distance learning by supporting Dolby Atmos with the matrix far-field dual microphones and Omnisonic speakers, ensuring clear and efficient communication.

The Surface Laptop Go is a low-cost device, but the keyboard does not disappoint. The Surface Laptop Go is a low-cost device, but the keyboard does not disappoint. Because of the small size of the body, the large key caps and comfortable key spacing remain, so you won’t feel constrained when entering data. The 1.3mm key range and the sense of paragraph and confirmation when pressed improve the entry experience.

The keyboard is directly below the touchpad, feels fine and smooth, and can be used with the same hand as the touchpad. Of course, if the touchpad is larger, the experience can be improved for users who do not like to carry a mouse when working on the go.

The power button on the Surface Laptop Go is located in the upper right corner of the keyboard, but unlike other keys, there is no need to be concerned about accidentally touching it. From my experience, it’s difficult to press the power button while simultaneously pressing the “Delete” key, unless you do it on purpose. Furthermore, the power button has an integrated fingerprint recognition, so you can wake up and enter the system with one click, which is fast, efficient, and secure.

One thing to note is that, in addition to the power button, the Surface Laptop Go’s keyboard lacks backlighting, which needs to be improved. After all, in the case of mobile office and travel, users may require the keyboard backlight to quickly confirm keystrokes.

The Surface Laptop Go, like many thin and light notebooks, has a moderate performance in terms of interface configuration, with one USB-C, one USB-A, and one 3.5mm headphone jack on the left side of the body, and a Surface Connect port on the right side. Users who like to use an external keyboard and mouse, monitor, may still need to use a docking station.

The Surface Laptop Go is powered by an Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor from the 10th generation, with 4 cores and 8 threads, 1.0GHz, 3.6GHz maximum firing rate, 6MB Level 3 cache, and a 15W TDP. If you have access to Wi-Fi 6 at work or at home with applications such as OneDrive, the experience of collaborative work and cloud data synchronization will be more efficient. If your daily use process frequently involves multi-tasking scenarios, such as opening multiple web pages while editing Word, PPT, Excel documents, it is still recommended to choose the 8GB memo.

Surface Laptop Go can handle daily office needs such as office software, web browsing, video conferencing, image processing, and so on in the best performance mode, even without plugging in, ensuring efficiency in mobile office scenarios. without being pressed The Surface Laptop Go’s SSD can read and write at 2000MB/s and over 800MB/s, making system and program startup, data transfer, and backup smoother and more efficient.

Officials claim that the Surface Laptop Go’s battery can last up to 13 hours. In real-world use, the screen at 50% brightness, connected to WiFi, browsing the web, playing online streaming media, editing Word and Excel tables, and other daily applications can be used continuously for 5-6 hours. In the best performance mode, connected to WiFi, 50 percent screen brightness and volume, playing online 1080P videos for 1 hour with Akiyon client, power consumption was approximately 20%; in the same setting, playing 1080P videos in the browser for 1 hour with B station, power consumption was approximately 18%; and in the best performance mode, open flight mode, 50 percent screen brightness and volume, playing local 1080P video for 1 hour, power consumption is approximately 18%. S mode improves system security, but it also prevents you from installing third-party apps.

Users can exit Safe Mode with a simple action and then use the Surface Laptop Go normally. Despite its thin and light body, the Surface Laptop Go has an active cooling design, which improves cooling performance under high load conditions. To maintain a unified look and feel, the cooling vents are hidden at the back of the machine.

After running at full load for a period of time, the average CPU temperature is around 70°C, which is a relatively good performance. Also, as previously stated, the Surface Laptop Go’s body D-side is not made of metal, so under high load, there is no burning sensation when placed on the legs (even if it touches the skin), ensuring comfort. At the same time, the touch screen, 3:2 screen ratio, moderate interface, and core configuration of the Surface Laptop Go in the light mobile office scenario involving web browsing, office software applications, video communication, audio and video entertainment, and other application scenarios can provide stable and reliable productivity to ensure efficiency.