Meet Lightweight + Modular! Leiper V360 Gaming Mouse Review

[Bestbuy618DIY hardware channel]As computers become smaller, the mouse becomes lighter and wireless. Many players select the mouse in addition to focusing on hardware parameters and shape design, as a lightweight mouse can bring more light, comfortable mobile performance, which is preferred by MOBA or FPS game players. In addition to reducing internal unnecessary accessories, a shell in the shape of digging holes is a good method for reducing mouse weight; however, “hole” mice are not friendly for dense phobic players; how to allow the user to switch between the two is also an important direction of product development.

Leiper recently launched the lightweight design V360 gaming mouse, which can meet the user’s needs in terms of lightweight and traditional switching.

Modular design with interchangeable components

As a positioning gaming mouse, the Leiper V360 is not the traditional “big mouse,” but rather a medium-sized mouse design that can better fit the habits of most users. Because of the mouse’s replaceable side skirt and magnetic design, the user can freely replace module combinations to achieve the best experience. The mouse default with “hole” set, a total of three modules into the left skirt, right skirt, and palm rest, with the weight of the punching combination 82 grams, with the weight of the non-perforated 86 grams Leiper also prepared an additional weight block for the mouse, a non-perforated weight block weighing 95 grams.

The ergonomic design of the Leiper V360 gaming mouse side allows it to better fit the palm and provide a comfortable grip feeling. The mouse has DPI adjustment buttons on the top, as well as left and right buttons and scroll wheel keys, making it simple for users to switch DPI in different types of games and quickly get into them.

The mouse is designed for right-handed use, and the two function buttons on the left side are web forward/backward buttons by default; however, users can customize the function of the buttons.

As a gaming mouse, the Leiper V360 retains the classic RGB illusion light effect, with the mouse scroll wheel and tail both using RGB light beads that support 16.8 million colors, which can create a cool gaming environment for gamers.

In addition to the aforementioned RGB light effect adjustment, Leiper has prepared an exclusive driver for the V360 gaming mouse, which allows users to set and adjust a number of parameters such as button functions and macros, as well as DPI, via the driver. Furthermore, the driver supports cloud synchronization function, so even if you switch computer devices, you can quickly download all the settings through cloud storage, extremely fast into the game state. Hardware specifications, Leiper V360 gaming mouse equipped with custom PWM3327 optical sensor, with a maximum of 6200 DPI, Leiper set for it 400/800/1200/1600/2000/2400/3000 a total of seven adjustable buttons.

In practice, the Leiper V360’s movement is smooth and accurate, and the gaming experience is excellent.

Editor’s Note: As a gaming mouse, the Leiper V360 gaming mouse provides users with a lightweight experience, as well as customizable 16.8 million color dazzling RGB lighting effects for an extremely good visual experience. The interchangeable modular design provides gamers with a diversified handfeel, a custom PMW3327 optical engine, and excellent scroll wheel and micro-movement to ensure a satisfying gaming experience.