Low Frequency Details Found! Huwei D1500 Active Speaker Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]At the end of 2020, the audio maker Whiteway introduced a new living room speaker – D1500.In terms of product strategy, the Whiteway D1500 can be seen as an upgraded version of the D1090, and the highlights of both products are focused on the large-diameter low-mid frequency unit, but Compared to the D1090’s 6.5-inch caliber, the new D1500 very boldly low-frequency unit to

When we remove the black mesh in front of the D1500, we can see the 8-inch low and midrange units, as well as a 26mm metal tweeter on top. Because it is positioned living room speakers, the Huwei D1500 itself is not a small cabinet, a single volume to 253mm (W) 408mm (D) 375mm (H), the weight of the main cabinet came to 15.4kg, the weight of the sub box also has 15.3kg, so do not think you can easily move, placed in the living room fixed output is the best way to use. The volume knob at the source can also be selected, and the high / bass adjustment knob provides a 3db adjustment range, with the midpoint position for the flat curve state. On the back of the pair of speakers, you can see that the Huwei also equipped with a large independent heat sink for the D1500, because the D1500’s main and sub-speakers are built-in independent high-power analog amplifier module, power consumption will be higher than the previous digital amplifier, but

The Whiteway D1500’s back panel is covered with a variety of input jacks, including line in, balanced input, USB input (OTG support), optical input, and coaxial input, which are compatible with almost all connected devices available today, ensuring a smooth high-fidelity lossless music experience. In terms of acoustic design, the high frequency section is a 26mm metal hard dome tweeter with a metal alloy material diaphragm developed by Hewlett-Packard, which effectively prevents the unit from producing sound damaging splitting vibrations at high speeds, ensuring that the unit always works in a linear and low distortion manner.

According to reports, the unit also employs shielded high-performance NdFeB magnets as well as a sandwich anti-magnetic structure to effectively suppress magnetic leakage and generate a miniaturized linear homogeneous magnetic field. Also included is the U.S. The 8-inch large-diameter bass shape inherits Whiteway’s famous professional monitor X8 speaker woofer design, using high-strength Polypropylene composite diaphragm with fatigue-resistant natural rubber folding ring, evoking the famous professional monitor X8 speaker woofer design, with a large power carrying capacity, and can effectively reduce the unit in the resonant frequency near the non-linear distortion.

A new generation of linear magnetic circuit system is used inside the unit, and the costly double shorting ring design suppresses the increase in voice coil inductive resistance with frequency, significantly reduces mutual modulation of voice coil inductance and counter-electromotive force, and reduces non-linear distortion.

The 8-inch unit can show the dynamic appears to need no introduction; if you usually like “Ferry” such low-frequency sound, I believe that after upgrading the Huwei D1500, you will have frequently listened to the new feeling. This is due to the D1500’s excellent low-frequency dive performance, which presents low-frequency details that are difficult to achieve with small-sized units. We also attempted to listen to Huang Ying Ying’s “Weeping Sand.” We would pay more attention to the “tomb school” queen’s voice if the speakers were the usual small size; however, after replacing the D1500, the accompaniment of the strings and percussion hidden in the low frequency suddenly became full, and the emotions contained in the words are more penetrating.

The D1500 has a special Loudness function that allows you to listen at low volumes while still feeling the low frequency output. We also listened to many of the old songs again, and almost all of them had new discoveries.

Although the low and midrange frequencies of the D1500 are the main draw, the high frequencies are also very accurate and natural, with clear layers. The premise is that the audio source is best fed by a wired input, which can reduce treble burr while also allowing for some midrange richness. You may recall that the main and sub boxes of the Whiteway D1500 are built with separate high-power analog amplifier modules, which have the characteristics of both monitor speakers and higher power speakers.

When playing, there is a built-in intelligent AGC system to assist speakers in the low-frequency distortion under large dynamics, to improve the volume of sound reproduction. Of course, the Whiteway D1500 is also built-in desktop audio and stand audio two modes of play, placed on the desktop can also present the ideal listening effect.

In a nutshell, the Whiteway D1500 is fully comparable to the same size bass or even larger bass floor speakers, and its low-frequency sound is truly majestic. Although the D1500 is not easy to move, it is a bookshelf box size product with more than the sound quality of floor boxes, which is already beyond the excellent performance of similar products; coupled with the overall professional electro-acoustic design, precision adjustment of the control function, and a wealth of input methods, Huewei D1500 as a low-frequency speaker product integrity has been very high, in the market is also a real 4000 yuan p