Little Sister’s Exclusive Gaming Seat Direxion Dxracer Air Goddess Custom Model Gaming Network Chair Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]Gaming isn’t just for boys; girls can “top half the sky” as well. In reality, it is not difficult to find a small number of female gamers. In the face of such a large user group, Direxion DXRACER will not ignore the needs of this segment of the population, so today we will review the introduction of Direxion DXRACER for the female gamer group launched gaming chair – AIR Goddess custom models.

Speaking of “AIR” gaming chair, I believe we are not unfamiliar, AIR gaming net chair can be called Direx DXRACER specially cool game to create a breathing gaming chair, the product was launched to trigger

Direx DXRACER has created a goddess model AIR with the theme of pink, which is more in line with women’s aesthetics, to allow every user to experience the subtleties of AIR. The pink and grey color scheme is new and versatile, adapting to a variety of home environments, soft and beautiful, and devoid of atmosphere. The new color scheme is stunning. Because the average height of girls is shorter than the average height of boys, Direxion DXRACER AIR Goddess custom models to the height of the cushion range set to 450 to 530mm, female players sitting on the legs can naturally touch the ground, very natural and comfortable.

Open the box of DXRACER Direxion Direxion Direxion Direxion Direxion Direxion Direxion Direxion Direxion Direxion Direxion

The entire installation process is recommended to begin with the cushion and backrest splicing, first screw down the backrest cushion on both sides with a wrench, then install the backrest cushion and cushion along the screw splicing fixed, when installing the screws, please note the use of diagonal installation method, so that the appropriate adjustment of the hole distance when not on all the screws, then unscrew the screws at the bottom of the seat, the ai The AIR Goddess custom models have a strong load-bearing force, good stability, and security of the frog tray, and the tray has passed strict BIFMA international safety certification. The gaming chair supports personalized combination design. To begin, remove the four screws that hold the right armrest in place, then overlap the module base with the holes in the armrest base and secure the installation with screws.

In this way, the tablet stand, cell phone stand, laptop stand, and so on can be used. for you to broaden your playability

The following and then install the five-star feet and sliding wheel, and the gas bar in accordance with the instructions into the middle of the pentagram. Finally, the upper and lower parts of the seat articulated, installed on the headrest, so that the installation is complete, a great success! Goddess model AIR was created on the basis of the addition of a gaming chair steel skeleton, and the integration of the steel skeleton provided better support while extending the life of the seat.

It successfully introduced the racing shock absorption principle, the continuation of the strong support of the steel skeleton, the spring as a medium to achieve the coexistence of rigid and flexible mesh and steel skeleton, give full play to the shock absorption function brought by the spring, avoiding the problem of ordinary mesh chairs collapsing after a long time of sitting, greatly extending the service life of the seat. Direx DXRACER with a diameter of 406mm and a weight of 57kg sandbags from a height of 36mm impact chair 100,000 times to test, professional quality is guaranteed. The goddess model AIR gaming mesh chair retains the comfortable package design of the racing chair, while selecting the international new technology mesh material, the surface with super breathable design, exhaust no shade, quickly take away heat and sweat, and keep dry for a long time. DXRACER Direxion AIR mesh gaming chair armrest adjustment has been upgraded, according to each person’s different hand habits, can be up and down, front and back panning, but also left and right 15 ° rotation, the entire armrest also uses a delicate leather wrapped in this soft and flexible sponge, increase the width of the design to ensure maximum support for both elbows.

The backrest is designed with an adjustable lumbar support, AIR Goddess custom gaming net chair lumbar support up and down 15cm adjustable, can adjust the curve of the backrest and effectively support the lumbar spine, relieving pressure brought on by sedentary lifestyle. Its headrest is ergonomically designed to fit the head, consisting of skin-friendly velvet, slow-rebound memory foam, and breathable mesh, and can be adjusted in height within 6 cm up and down to better fit the curve of the human cervical spine, providing perfect support for the head and keeping you away from cervical fatigue.

AIR goddess custom gaming chair cushion bottom reserved for multi-hole position, can be installed Direxion DXRACER launched laptop bracket, cell phone bracket, cup holder, footstool, etc. A variety of accessories can be selected to match the work, game, lunch break nap, and more than ten types of thematic scene settings, so that the ladies experience “from head to toe” revolutionary modular gaming network chair. AIR goddess custom models launched the matching chair cover, colorful material variety, rich space decoration at the same time.

AIR’s shell is made of polypropylene, which is non-toxic and tasteless, and can be cleaned and disinfected at any time by alcohol penetration to inhibit the growth of bacteria. The release of the AIR Goddess custom model gaming net chair, with its ergonomic design for female users, new girl pink color scheme, and strong practicality, will undoubtedly gain the trust and support of a number of female gamers, and will become another pioneering classic work on the road of Direx DXRACER’s continuous innovation.

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