Listen To Me: Coloros 7.1 Creates Special Features For Oppo Ace2 High-performance Experience And New System Support

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] On April 13, 7 p.m. Beijing time, the long-awaited OPPO Ace2 was unveiled at the Super Play Conference, debuting with more cutting-edge charging technology, a more immersive gaming experience, and a new look. The OPPO Ace2 is primarily a 5G high-performance flagship, with a 90Hz high refresh rate screen as standard, while supporting a 180Hz sampling rate, with improved display clarity and smoothness, as well as significantly improved touch response time and operation accuracy. Furthermore, OPPO Ace2 employs Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 mobile platform and 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 super flash charging the industry’s fastest mass-produced 40W AirVOOC wireless flash charging technology, as well as the new ColorOS 7.1 software system to assist Ace2 in the 5G experience, display, image, charging, games, and so on, in order to bring the pursuit of high-quality users All-around experience upgrade.

Today, we’ll look at the changes brought about by ColorOS 7.1 following the major version 7.0 update. ColorOS 7 has been dubbed “Borderless Design 2.0” due to its unique design, which not only optimizes UI, interaction, and animation, but also allows users to enjoy the system’s “light” experience and “fast” operation. It not only optimizes the user interface, interaction, and animation, but it also allows users to enjoy the system’s “fast” experience, revealing its own unique beauty from within.

ColorOS 7.1 maintains the lightweight design concept, with lighter and more beautiful icons, page whites, and animation interactions, as well as a less saturated color mode that makes colors more elegant and simple, effectively reducing fatigue from prolonged use.

ColorOS 7.1 includes default, material (Google Material Design), pebble, custom, and Art icons with various icon system styles. It is worth noting that Art icons are redrawn by using designer’s three-party icons, redrawing more than 200 third-party APP icons to keep common APP and system style consistent. Users can select the one that appeals to them the most or makes them feel the most at ease.

The new all-weather dark mode makes ColorOS 7.1 more practical and eye-friendly, and the third-party’s “reverse adaptation” allows the phone system to get a complete “dark mode,” avoiding the pain of “blindness” in the evening. “Bright blindness” is a source of pain. The all-day dark mode is said to be based on the concept of borderless design, which distinguishes the page level and effectively improves the dark contrast, reducing the possibility of visual fatigue. Furthermore, ColorOS 7.1 is designed with a large number of detailed animations that make the sensory experience linearly improved, using non-linear animation with the crisp vibrating feedback of the Z-axis linear motor to bring a complete and superior interactive experience.

Multitasking switching, weather animation, charging animation, and other features truly achieve the effect of balancing global design and detailed experience.

ColorOS 7.1 includes a flashback key that displays a countdown to return to the game, navigation, and other applications at any time (the game supports King’s Honor, Peace Elite, and so on), and users can quickly switch to other tasks while waiting for the game to be resurrected. For example, if you reply to a message or view a strategy, it will display the progress of a long task in the form of a floating window, making it easy for users to switch back to the previous application at any time, especially in the scenario where you can reply to a message while waiting for a parachute jump, which shows the thoughtfulness of ColorOS design; and ColorOS 7.1 also has an exclusive ” This ensures that important information is not overlooked, and, most importantly, that you will be able to “eat chicken” tonight.

Although playing games that are too “dish” is a problem in and of itself, as a cell phone for the game user group, of course, having the quality of mobile games to have is essential. Aside from Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor support, a 90Hz high refresh rate gaming screen, and a 180Hz touch sampling rate, the OPPO Ace2’s built-in Hyper Boost 3.0 optimizes game heat, power consumption, and other issues to help improve the gaming experience. According to OPPO, Hyper Boost 3.0 opens up the temperature control callback interface to third-party applications, allowing games and applications to actively reduce the demand for system resources when the phone is overheated, moderate cooling to ensure smoothness; additionally, the Ace2 uses VC even heat plate new thermal buffer material multi-layer graphite cover heat dissipation technology, all-around to cool the phone.

Furthermore, the Game Zone engine in Hyper Boost 3.0 can intelligently adjust system resource allocation based on demand, and optimize for the unique scenario of playing games while watching videos and other multi-tasking with heavy load.

Most hand game players have experienced poor signal dropped line pitted their teammates, but do not worry, OPPO Ace2 also has 360-degree surround antenna support, which intelligently matches the best antenna group based on the user’s different grip on the phone state, to ensure that the phone signal always maintains the best state; not only that, OPPO Ace2 support SA/NSA dual-mode 5G, but also make 5G and Wi-Fi6 overlay, so Ace2 to achieve a more

In terms of sound, OPPO Ace2 adopts stereo dual speakers, the volume is higher, and with Dolby Atmos technology, especially “headset party” hand game players, can just accurately identify each other’s position. Furthermore, Ace2 built-in Z-axis linear vibration motor, 4D vibration sense 2.0 has been further optimized, OPPO Ace2 can be triggered by sound, image, and touch recognition vibration, and different types of firearms match different vibration sense, s Not only shooting games, but also racing games, have this super Ace game vibration feel. Furthermore, OPPO is the best in user information security, employing multiple data protection methods to ensure the security of user information in a variety of scenarios. ColorOS 7.1, for example, includes a password book feature.

If you enable password protection, ColorOS will save the account and password after the first login, and when we log in again, we only need to select the account, and the password will be filled automatically. The encryption factor of this function is very high, so there is no need to worry about the password being read or leaked.

Concerning the issue of excessive privacy reading by Android ecosystem software games, OPPO can send blank data from the system level to ensure both normal user use and privacy security. Furthermore, ColorOS 7.1 includes security features such as anti-deduction, anti-auto-installation, secure keyboard (no recording of input when entering sensitive information such as passwords, and no networking or association), verification code protection, anti-screenshot, anti-recording, and anti-background recording and taking photos, making users feel at ease from the heart. According to user demand for product updates and upgrades, the new ColorOS 7.1 brings more black technology to fully assist 5G high-performance OPPO Ace2, which is also one of the necessary conditions to harvest the majority of users’ praise.