Light Control First-class Clarity Burst Sony Z9g So Define The 8k Tv

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel]8K TVs are in full bloom in 2019. Sony, which has always been known as the “picture quality benchmark,” also debuted its first 8K TV, the Z9G. With a new design language, the most advanced audio and picture quality technology, and a variety of luxury configurations in one, can the Z9G hit the 8K TV’s first shot and set a new benchmark for Sodafa? Today’s review will tell you the answer.Sony Z9G For this review, we received the 85-inch Sony Z9G.

The Sony Z9G debuts the “Blade Architecture” design concept, which employs a “blade” design on the body’s surface to create an overall ebony feel with a matte effect. The lines of the entire machine are well-defined, and this structure not only ensures the strength of the large size TV, but also solves two major problems: heat dissipation and sound quality. The 8K TV has a resolution of 7680*4320, with over 33 million effective pixel points, which is four times that of a 4K TV.

Because ultra-high resolution reduces the panel light transmission rate, achieving the same brightness requires more power backlight, so body heat dissipation has become a major issue with 8K TV.High-density dot matrix backlight

The back of the Z9G is designed with a vertical and horizontal lattice pattern, similar to an anechoic chamber’s wall texture. This design increases the shell’s rigidity while also suppressing vibrations and improving sound stability. The heat of the TV can also be better radiated with the pores of the latticework, while maintaining Sony’s usual minimalist design style.

Sony has equipped the Z9G with two sets of speaker units on the top and bottom in order to achieve a screen sound effect similar to that on OLED TVs, and these units are cleverly hidden at the top and bottom bezels, blending in with the TV body. The new rounded corners also give the whole a more modern feel.8K is so clear that you can count the hairs In the eyes of many people, 4K is clear enough, so why are you releasing an 8K TV? I can only say that it is because you have not personally experienced the shock of 8K picture fine to the extreme.

With the growing popularity of large-screen TVs, such as those above 80, it is unavoidable that the resolution be improved in order to maintain sufficient fineness. The Sony Z9G with 8K panel can refresh your perception of picture clarity.8K screen shot To begin testing the 8K source, we used a special 8K decoder to play 8K video and set the TV image mode to standard mode. The test results were spectacular, and it’s safe to say that every frame displayed by the Z9G is wallpaper-quality.

Zoom in to see the decorations on the vessel with extremely clear details and a lifelike, three-dimensional image in the screenshot above.8K screen shot The above image shows the fineness and complexity of the mask, with all the details visible on the Sony Z9G. The decoration of the metal particles on the face, as well as the outline of the mask, are sharply rendered with no blur.8K screen capture Not only that, but the 8K ultra high definition screen allows you to easily become a “hair counting party.” The 8K TV is like a window into the real world, providing you with a sensory experience like no other.

The Sony Z9G has a multi-partition dot matrix backlight composed of high-density LEDs, and the peak brightness was measured at 2914 cd/ using the SM208 screen brightness meter, which has surpassed most flagship TVs on the market and is nearly 5-6 times brighter than ordinary TVs. It should be noted that, in order to unify standards and achieve the best test results, 4K HDR video is tested in standard mode, while movie sources are tested in movie mode. In the above 4K HDR demo film, we can see the moon around the night sky, which has been presented close to the OLED like perfect black, while ordinary LCD TV black gray problem, in the dynamic backlight system master version of the enrichment has long ceased to exist.

The moon is shining brightly in the night sky, the surface of the crater is clearly visible, and you can feel the obvious three-dimensional sense. There is also no common halo at the edge of the moon’s outline.

In the above frame from “The Boy Wonderland,” the light emanating from the lights in the river and the stars in the night sky form a strong contrast with the night color. The Z9G can accurately light each area, the dark areas are dark enough, the brightness has details, and the image has a lot of layers because of the extremely high contrast.

The Wonderful Adventures of BoysThe Young and the Restless The Z9G demonstrates a strong HDR effect on the sea at sunset once more. The light is plentiful and soft, the colors are brilliant and realistic, and the dusk transition between clouds and sea is rich and natural. More details can be seen when combined with the 8K resolution.

For example, the handwriting on the hull is small but clear and sharp, especially when standing in front of the large 85-inch screen, a detail never noticed before. As you can see, compared to OLED, the Z9G’s black level performance is not far behind, and it also performs very well in terms of brightness and dark details.4K HDR video screen shot

The above image is from “Billy Lynn’s Halftime Show.” The colors on the field are extremely vibrant, and the color representation is accurate. The green grass, blue uniforms, and orange sizing are all rendered realistically. The Z9G unobtrusively represented the slightly darker details in the audience, thanks to the Dynamic Backlight System Master Edition, which created the Z9G’s benchmark level of light control and the level expected of a top-tier 8K TV.Billy Lynn in the Middle The Z9G relies on sufficient brightness to effortlessly display the searing light quality, with bright spots like the soldier’s armband remaining fully detailed, layered, and clearly visible in t Sony takes a different approach, employing the latest “multi-channel screen sound field” technology in the Z9G to achieve an effect similar to that of the Sony OLED TV’s “screen sound field.” To achieve this effect, the Z9G is outfitted with a total of six groups of speakers, the upper and lower two groups of high-frequency and mid-frequency speaker units, as well as two groups of subwoofers, with a total output power of 80 W.

To improve sound quality and avoid interference from the TV’s exterior design, Sony added a sound wave guide structure to the front of the tweeter to improve volume, tone, and sound field performance. Sony has now filed a patent application for the structure.

In terms of the actual listening experience, the Z9G’s multi-channel screen soundstage technology provides a wider soundstage and more prominent low frequencies, and the four front speakers scattered above and below also make the sound more directional.Spider-Man: Parallel Universe This is especially noticeable when watching movies and TV shows, such as “Spider-Man: Parallel Universe,” where multiple characters focus.

Sony Z9G main interface The quick settings interface has been changed; you can now quickly adjust the “image mode,” “brightness,” “sound mode,” and other common parameters, which is much more convenient than before. Sony Z9G application store has partnered with Dangbei Market; all kinds of live streaming, video, games, and other apps can be downloaded and installed at your leisure. Furthermore, the Z9G has a built-in Tencent NewTV Aurora App, which covers the most popular dramas, variety shows, and movies of many genres and countries, and is exceptionally rich in streaming media resources. The dedicated Dolby Zone can fully exploit the benefits of Sony Z9G’s support for Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision to experience the different experience brought by high quality movies online.

We tested the commands “2019 science fiction movie,” “I want to listen to Faye Wong’s Rush Hour,” and “adjust volume to 30,” and the Z9G could respond quickly and provide accurate feedback with a high recognition rate. It eliminates the need for traditional remote control button searches and increases efficiency. Review Summary.

The Z9G is a watershed moment for Sony and the entire TV industry. First and foremost, the 8K ultra-high resolution screen, in conjunction with the flagship version of the image processing chip X1, provides a detailed performance never seen before, as if one is touching the real world.

Second, in terms of light control performance, Z9G has demonstrated the highest level of Sony LCD TV products to date, boasting the unbelievable peak brightness, super partitioned direct down type backlight, and the year of the “king of LCD” Z9D similar, with the same close t