Light And Thin Power Mechanic F117-b Pro Gaming Book Comprehensive Review

[Bestbuy618 Notebook Channel] On April 2, the mechanic online held a new experience, bringing a variety of equipped with the tenth generation of intelligent Intel? Core? The new product is defined by the mechanic as a dual-energy book, the thin and light design performance release balance, has a strong hardware configuration and good performance release, can meet the needs of gamers gaming experience, while the relatively t So, how does this product perform? Let’s take a look at it together. First and foremost, let’s look at some configuration information of this Mechanic [Battle Air] F117-B Pro. With the mechanics of the other game book is different, mechanics [war air] F117-B Pro in the overall upgrade is more simple and elegant, can better adapt to the tastes of different users. The A-side is made of aerospace aluminum alloy metal with a very fine sandblasting treatment, giving it a lot of texture, making it very comfortable to touch, and making it difficult to stain fingerprints.

The iconic V-shaped logo is present, and it emits a blue glow when the machine is turned on and running, making the simple design no less “brilliant.” Furthermore, the A-side edges are diamond CNC cut to create a high-gloss glossy edge that also highlights the bright texture. The large micro-bezel screen provides great visual impact and better immersion when playing games and watching movies, and the micro-bezel design also allows the body size to be reduced, putting the 15.6-inch product on par with a regular 14-inch notebook in terms of size, compactness, and weight.

The C-side is also very straightforward, and the aluminum alloy with fine sandblasting has a very pleasant feel to it. It has a full-size backlit keyboard with a variety of color backlighting options; users can set and adjust their preferences using the built-in software. The keyboard’s key range is relatively short, the rebound is relatively strong, and I personally feel that the game and typing feel pretty good. The touchpad is also very large and sensitive, and supports various gestures, so you can control the computer very well when there is no mouse.

The Mechanic [Battle Air] F117-B Pro has interfaces on the left and right rear sides of the body for expansion. Dual mini DP ports, HDMI ports, Type-C ports, and charging ports are among the rear side interfaces, while the left side has a laptop lock port, a network cable jack, a USB 2.0 port, and a headphone and headset port, while the right side interface has two USB 3.0 ports and an SD card slot. This product has three video output ports, which means that up to three external 4K resolution monitors can be connected, allowing for triple screen interconnection, with each screen displaying a different screen. This allows the user to connect multiple screens and work more efficiently.

As I previously stated, the micro-bezel design makes the body more compact, and as a dual-energy notebook, it is also very thin and light. The F117-B Pro’s thinnest part of the body is only 19.9mm, and the bare weight is 1.8kg; compared to other 15.6-inch gaming notebooks, there is a significant weight advantage, and even though many thin and light notebooks are not significantly heavier, the burden of daily carry is not significant. The D side of the body has a large air inlet, and you can also faintly see its internal dual fans and four copper pipes.

Heat dissipation is a top priority for a gaming book, especially for such thin and light design products, whose internal space is relatively small. The Mechanic [Battle Air] F117-B Pro has a dual fan four copper tubes four air vents cooling configuration, with the copper pipes adopting a 4 3 layout, allowing both the CPU and GPU to efficiently conduct heat out, and also covering the CPU, graphics card, and graphics memory locations with an even thermal plate to further strengthen heat dissipation of high heat generating components. And this time, the fan blades of the Mechanic [Battle Air] F117-B Pro have been increased from 37 blades in the previous generation to 53 blades, and the fan thickness has been increased to 8mm for increased cooling efficiency. I also used the AID64 for baking, and after running at full load for more than 2 hours, the CPU has been maintained at less than 80 °C, the graphics card at about 64 °C, heat dissipation is no problem,

It has two PCIe solid-state interfaces, and we can add another PCIe SSD for expansion in addition to the one that is already occupied. Although the body is very thin and light, and internal space is relatively limited, the Mechanic F117-B Pro is still very powerful in terms of cooling configuration, and also has some interfaces reserved for upgrades and expansion. The mechanic [war air] F117-B Pro is equipped with the new tenth-generation Core H series mobile processors, and we got this with the tenth-generation Core i7-10750H processor.

The processor employs a 14nm process, six cores and twelve threads, 2.6GHz, up to 5.0GHz, a TDP of 45W, and 12MB of Level 3 cache. The main difference between this generation and the previous generation of i7-9750H is an increase in core frequency. The memory is 16GB DDR 4 3200MHz dual-channel memory, with 512GB SSD storage.

As previously stated, the Mechanic [Battle Air] F117-B Pro has a one-button mode switch that allows the computer to quickly switch between gaming and work, and we can also configure it in the computer’s built-in control software. So, in order to fully utilize the product’s performance, I will use the gaming mode in the following tests. (Choose GeForce RTX? 2060 version will come with Turbo turbo mode, more powerful to help RTX version performance release) We first tested the performance of this 10th generation Core i7-10750H processor using CPU-Z, Fritz Chess Benchmark, and CINEBENCH R20. CPU-Z has a single-core score of 548 and a multi-core score of 3755.6; CINEBENCH R20 has a single-core score of 501cb and a multi-core score of 2857cb; Fritz Chess BenchMark has a score of 22612, which I compared to the previous generation i7-9750H (reference value).

As you can see from the table, the i7-10750H scores have improved slightly over its predecessor, but not significantly. In terms of graphics, we got the version with NVDIA? GeForce? GTX 1650Ti, which is a new mobile graphics card launched by NVDIA, an upgraded version of GTX 1650 with 12nm process and Turing architecture. When compared to the GTX 1650, it still has 1024 stream processors, 4GB GDDR6 memory, the raster unit remains unchanged, the texture unit has increased to 85, the memory bit width remains 128bit, the memory bandwidth has increased to 192GB/s, the memory rate has increased to 12Gbps, the base main frequency is 1350MHz, the accelerated main frequency is 1540MHz, and it can run up to

As for the hard drive, this Mechanic [Battle Air] F117-B Pro has a 512GB NVMe SSD with sustained read and write speeds of 1878.5MB/s and 1627.8MB/s, respectively, which is several times faster than SATA solid state, with faster boot speeds, game loading, and large file transfers. Here, we chose games to test such as Overwatch, No Man’s Land 3, The Witcher 3, Metro: Departed, Horizon 4, Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Shadow, and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, some of which came with BenchMark or performance testing features, so I conducted the relevant tests directly, while the rest of the games used Fraps to Overwatch’s average frame rate was 92.6 at the default super high quality settings, which is very smooth and stressful, while No Man’s Land 3 can run smoothly at 66.6 fps in medium quality but cannot reach an average of 60 fps in high quality.

The Witcher 3 high quality average frame rate can reach 58, relatively smooth running, ultra-high quality leveling frame rate will drop to more than 40, the smoothness will be worse on some. Metro: Departure” very high quality average frame rate can reach 55, the overall smoothness is not bad, appropriate to reduce the quality of the frame rate will be higher, very high quality will be some lag.

In general, this equipped with ten generation Core i7-10750H GTX 1650Ti mechanic [war air] F117-B Pro to deal with the vast majority of online games are no problem, 3A masterpiece to play is also essentially no problem, but if you want to run with the highest quality very smooth recommended to choose RTX 2060 version. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the mechanic F117-B Pro also has THX sound technology, which allows you to adjust the sound according to your needs, and the game brings a better sound quality, as well as a stronger immersion. As a mechanic this year launched a dual-energy book, mechanic F117-B Pro and most of the game book on the market, compared to the appearance of the design is relatively introverted and elegant, more suitable for users who do not have a taste to In the face of the current market’s large online games and most single-player masterpieces, Intel’s tenth generation Core i7 plus GTX 1650Ti hardware combination can also be relatively good response to the daily office is also not a problem, and can also be switched in office mode and game mode with a key, with the most appropriate performance to respond to the current needs.