Lift + Multi-focus Triple Camera Lens Vivo X27 Photo Flagship Review

Today’s cell phone launch is no longer a pre-conference suspense spread, followed by a meeting to resolve the doubts of this routine operation, but rather a constant explosion, from the design, photography, from the inside to the outside, followed by a one-by-one summary and the final price announcement. Every cell phone manufacturer in China is doing this, that is, there is to maintain the relative suspense and heat in order to complete the long line of communication needs. The vivo X27 was the first to appear on Weibo, and even two days before the new machine’s launch, many media teachers discovered that the real X27 advertisement had landed on the big screens of airports all over the world.

There is no excuse for such publicity for the vivo X27, whose sub-brand iQOO announced its first competitive new product 20 days ago, splitting up many of the original X series users. After some introductions at the X27 launch, we can see that there is a fundamental difference between the two.

As the X series photo flagship, the vivo X27 lens upgraded Sony 48MP sensor, with the full field of static triple camera module, photography ability is better.

Before that, we’ll look at how the design of the vivo X27 has evolved. From the entire back of the light mapping, the reflective area is basically the same as the previous generation X23, but there are more changes in the pattern on the basis of the X23. The two colorways announced, “Bird Feather Blue” and “Powder Gold,” are inspired by the blue plume on the tail of the blue peacock, and the elegant “Bird Feather Blue” was created by simulating the color and texture of this shade. “.

And by drawing on neon light, silver, and gray illusion tones, while using the physical properties of light transparency, permeability, and so on, there is the same texture of the “powder gold,” this color will quietly change between gold and pink through refraction of light, more suitable for female users.

The new triple camera module on the back, vivo by optimizing the internal structure of the X27, in the small space of the body, cleverly stepping motor, front camera and rear three cameras using stacked overlap presented in a vertical direction, and not raised, the flash is located between the depth of field lens and ultra-wide angle lens The NEX features vivo’s industry-first elevated camera.

gif This generation of the X27’s elevated camera has become “more beautiful,” not only is the elevation speed as fast as 0.68 seconds, but Vivo has also added a translucent light band on the left and right sides of the elevated camera, with two built-in 6-color LED lights, when starting or closing the selfie camera, the front camera will be elevated to show two halos, and the entire front camera module is also an inverted trapezoidal structure.

Following the adoption of the concealable front camera, the official phone screen brings a vast and wide full-screen view, which is also the first X series product to apply a true full-screen, the screen still maintains the usual high quality of vivo, 6.39-inch Super AMOLED @19.5:9 screen ratio, the resolution is 1080*2340 pixels, and supports DCI-P3 With a wide color gamut and a 91.6 percent screen-to-body ratio, the The screen also includes the sixth generation of screen fingerprint technology, which makes unlocking faster and easier.

Unlock gif Fortunately, the Vivo X27 retains the 3.5mm port while officially adopting USB Type C in this generation of the X series, with the card slot design located at the bottom of the body. The AI Jovi Quick Wake button remains on the phone’s left side bezel, while the right side has an integrated volume level and power button. It’s a shame that the device isn’t IP-proof or dustproof yet.