Letv Super Tv G Pro Series Fresh Experience: High Picture Quality High Cost Performance

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] When consumers buy flat panel TVs, the first demand that determines the user’s purchase is picture quality. Whether it’s a traditional color TV brand or an Internet TV powerhouse like LeTV Super TV, they’re always working on it. On December 19, 2019, a LeTV Super TV 2020 technology and new products conference with the theme “Extreme Painting” was successfully concluded in Beijing. This time, LeTV Super TV, the leading brand of Internet TV, introduced the new G Pro series and the revolutionary high color gamut health display technology – Quantum Dot 3.0 to consumers.

The new G Pro series of LeTV Super TV is upgraded in terms of picture quality, which can make the picture orderly in terms of light and dark, rich in real details, and have a more excellent and shocking visual experience. The key point is that, despite such a significant upgrade, the price remains enticing. Next, we will test the new LeTV Super TV G Pro series in real-world conditions to see how the picture quality changes.

A formalized paraphrase What are the benefits of Quantum Dot 3.0 technology? As the two main points of this conference, Quantum Dot 3.0 technology and the G Pro series of new TVs released by LeTV Super TV each have their own unique characteristics and are full of appealing features. Quantum Dot 3.0 technology, for example, is based on the joint development of Yingtang’s SPD technology and can provide the optimal combination of human eye spectral adaptation and excellent ultra-high color gamut. In the 1.0 era of quantum dot technology, nano-powder luminescence was used; in the 2.0 era, a layer of nano-film was used to luminous, but many brands in the current industry use quantum dot technology; and in the 3.0 era, the three primary colors of LED lights were used, with chip control, and finally mixed into white light.

The benefits that users can directly feel are three: 1) can make the human eye in an adaptive pupil contraction; 2) the spectral combination can match the human eye’s sensitivity to color curve changes; and 3) can bring infinitely close to the natural light color synthesis ability, ultra-wide color gamut. In comparison to ordinary TVs that use front frame wrapping technology, which sacrifices some of the screen display area, the LeTV Super TV true full-screen adopts lamination technology, using ultra-narrow bezels without screen cover, to achieve a “larger field of view” of the full-screen form, raising the overall aesthetics and process level to a new level.

LeTV Super TV new G Pro series at its thinnest point and iPhone 7 thickness are comparable LeTV Super TV G Pro series logo display

In terms of configuration, the LeTV Super TV G Pro series uses an Mstar quad-core 64-bit professional TV chip and a large storage combination to provide more exciting content and meet the needs of users in a variety of ways. The standard cloud leopard base, inspired by the “cheetah,” represents the Super TV’s smooth and quick operation. The LeTV Super TV G Pro series is still relatively high value in terms of product design, as the ease of use of the interactive interface of the smart TV directly affects the user’s experience of the product.

The LeTV Super TV G Pro series is equipped with the new artificial intelligence EUI system 8.0, from system to application, from hardware to software, to achieve a full range of AI intelligence, flexible and fast mode switching, big data-driven family r

According to the site staff, the upgraded EUI system 8.0 built-in three innovative modes: standard mode, parent-child mode, and simple mode, for different people, from the bottom of the system design, can meet the different needs of users watching movies. The actual viewing effect of the TV is not only related to the resolution and contrast ratio, but the color of the picture is also important. LeTV Super TV G Pro series picture quality display is equipped with its newly released Quantum Dot 3.0 comfortable high color gamut screen, which provides a comfortable effect close to natural light, extremely rich color presentation, and true, the best spectral combination in line with the physiological characteristics of the human eye, which can be comparable to the OLED color display effect.

LeTV Super TV G Pro series picture quality shooting LeTV Super TV G Pro series picture quality LeTV Super TV G Pro series picture quality LeTV Super TV G Pro series picture quality

LeTV Super TV G Pro series picture quality real shot LeTV Super TV G Pro series picture quality details show This TV is more effective in restoring the images of ingredients in videos, particularly the subtle changes of dumpling skin, so users can get very good visual effects when watching movies, serials, and other film and TV content.

The content of the above video (4K source) demonstrates that it is more in place in terms of color, level, stereo, detail, brightness, saturation, contrast, and so on. The color reproduction is very good, whether it is vegetables or meat ingredients. The new 55 G55 Pro is priced at 3,499 yuan, and the 65 G65 Pro is priced at 4,699 yuan. When compared to OLED and Quantum Dot 2.0 TVs, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars, the LeTV Super TV G Pro series is comparable to OLED display technology and offers the best price/performance ratio.

If, in Mr.’s words, the new product is lacking in any way, “Its contrast in the dark field is a little bit worse than OLED, which is something we need to work on, but it doesn’t matter, you can actually compare, there is almost no difference in perception, but obviously better than other products,” says Wu Guoping, senior director of marketing for the Le Rong brand. ” formalized paraphrase

This conference LeTV Super TV also brought the new G series and F series of “Total Life, G for Brilliance” in addition to the new G Pro series with Quantum Dot 3.0 technology screen. The first launch of the G55 was priced at 2199 yuan, and the G43 was priced at 1599 yuan. The main difference between the G series and the G Pro series is that the Quantum Dot 3.0 technology screen is not used; everything else is the same; F series from 32 to 65 full coverage, product appearance design fashion The F32 costs 899 yuan, the F40 costs 1299 yuan, the F43 costs 1399 yuan, the F55 costs 1999 yuan, and the F65 costs 3099 yuan.

It has made a comprehensive innovation in two dimensions of picture quality technology and software, and I am confident that LeTV Super TV will perform better in the domestic color TV market next year.