Let The World Be Silent Bose Quietcomfort 45 Experience Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]On the eve of National Day, Bose officially launched the new QuietComfort 45 (hereafter referred to as QC 45) noise canceling headphones, the successor to the well-known QuietComfort 35 II. This update not only maintains the QC’s highly recognizable classic appearance design, but also inherits the all-weather wearing comfort and stability. The QC 45 has been improved with a new transparency mode, improved call pickup, and a longer battery life.

The shape of the QC 45 is very similar to its predecessor, and the two color schemes make the product more understated and stable. Headphones on both sides of the shell are made of impact-resistant glass fiber nylon, which helps to reduce overall weight while also increasing the strength of the headset. The headband is made of stainless steel, has excellent flexibility, and can be freely adjusted according to the size of the demand, so that users do not feel pinched head for a long time to wear; additionally, for a long time to wear, the headband and ear cushions are made of synthetic leather, soft and breathable, and no pressure, a better fit. And because the overall weight of the headset is only about 240g, the headset’s presence is very low, allowing users to fully immerse themselves in the music.

Even first-time users will not wear the reverse because the left and right logos are very visible inside the ear cushions.

After adjusting the headband to the proper size, the headset remains stable even if the head shakes significantly after wearing it. It is worth noting that glasses party users do not have to worry about the headset pinching their glasses, as the ear cushions are soft enough to demonstrate the advantages at this time. In terms of storage, the QC 45 is equipped with a carrying bag, into which the headset can be simply folded and carried, and each pivot point is metal casting hinges to ensure that the headset is strong and durable.

Furthermore, the bag conceals a storage compartment where headphones, an audio cable, and a charging cable can be stored.

The power on and Bluetooth pairing functions are integrated by a physical toggle on the outside of the right ear cup, and the multi-stage design is very easy to use. The volume up/down and play/pause buttons are located on the bottom of the right side ear cup, and the three physical buttons are designed with high and low keys to help users differentiate faster when operating blindly.

Three built-in features are the headset power indicator and a real-time display of the headset’s current status. The most important change is that the QC 45 charging port has finally been converted to a USB-C interface, eliminating the need for users to have an extra special cable in order to charge it. The USB-C port not only facilitates charging, but also significantly increases the charging speed of the headset. Continuity, QC 45 can be played once charged for about 24 hours, after running out of power through the USB-C charging, a full charge takes up to about 2.5 hours.

Furthermore, after only 15 minutes of charging, you can play for approximately 3 hours. Users can, of course, use the audio cable to enjoy longer playback in wired mode.

The QC 45 has a 2.5mm audio jack on the bottom of the left ear cup that can be used with the included 2.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable. The solid button on the side is the new pass-through mode toggle button; when pressed, the microphone will pick up the surrounding ambient sound and play it naturally through the headphones, allowing the user to hear both the ambient sound and music.

Bose is well-known for its more than 50 years of acoustic noise cancellation technology research. The QC 45 also has excellent noise cancellation performance, employing a miniature microphone built into the earcups to continuously monitor the surrounding noise and then generate the opposite signal to cancel it out, resulting in a space with only music and less interference. You can switch between “Noise Canceling Mode,” which is completely noise-cancelling, and “Clear Mode,” which allows you to hear ambient sounds, by pressing the button on the left ear cup. The new Clear mode helps users understand their surroundings or communicate with people outside.

And the QC 45 noise cancelling headphones don’t stop there; with four external microphones, the QC 45 noise cancelling headphones improve voice pickup performance. The noise-canceling algorithm filters out ambient noise to deliver clearer calls, while the headset isolates noise and focuses on picking up the user’s voice.

All of these features operate in real time, so users can be confident that their voice will be heard clearly even in windy or noisy environments. Furthermore, the QC 45 includes Bluetooth version 5.1 for a stable and reliable connection at a range of approximately 9 meters. In terms of sound quality, the QC 45 is equipped with a number of exclusive Bose technologies, such as TriPort acoustic architecture and dynamic sound equalization technology, which are designed for excellent performance across the entire range of sound.

The outboard over-ear sound waves’ proprietary TriPort design improves the depth and fullness of sound without increasing the size of the earcups. As a result, even though the headphones are smaller, lighter, and more comfortable, users enjoy better sound. Furthermore, Dynamic Sound Equalization technology boosts the bass and treble for a full, dynamic sound at any volume level.

Furthermore, Bose users are familiar with the “Bose Music” app, which unlocks the full potential of Bose Bluetooth products. Now that this application supports the Bose QuietComfort 45 noise-cancelling headphones, the user can use the program to control the headphones for automatic shutdown, volume control, voice prompts, battery level, and other routine operations, and the headphones can even be adjusted to the noise cancellation function, which is very convenient.

The new QuietComfort 45 headphones are still a great experience for people who like to listen to music while commuting or working in a noisy environment.