Let The Kitchen Last Like New Skyworth Smoke And Grease Separator Hood Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel]Chinese people are very knowledgeable about food, and there are countless Chinese dishes. A Chinese family’s kitchen is an absolute “heavy” place. Kitchen cooking cannot avoid the problem of grease and smoke, and the problem of grease and smoke in Chinese kitchens is definitely a big killer for the health of Chinese “cooks/husbands,” because grease and smoke have the risk of causing various types of tracheal, bronchial, and lung cancers, so the existence of range hoods is necessary, whether from the perspective of family health or kitchen environment.

Because many friends will discover that if you choose an unsuitable range hood, the kitchen becomes a burden, cooking fumes are not clean, but lead to grease all over, especially some of the old deep hood type hood is also very easy to drip oil leakage, cooking noise is extremely noisy, and the user will feel extremely poor use. That a qualified range hood is definitely to improve the kitchen cooking environment, strong suction, so that the instantaneous absorption of grease, grease does not spread; simple operation, more convenient to use; noise should also be a little lower, more suitable for a variety of kitchen structures, such as the needs of open kitchens; then there is the entire hood cleaning problems, whether easy to clean, etc., are in the choice of hoods need to pay attention The body is designed with chamfered corners, rounded edges, and is not bumped, making it safer for users to use.

Skyworth smoke hoods use a near-suction structure, which is closer and cleaner, solving the problem of oil splashing on the wall, easy to remove and wash magnetic suction design, more convenient to take and pull the oil net, clear oil net and the interior of the cavity is a breeze. The material of Skyworth hood is food-grade stainless steel body, which is corrosion-resistant and healthier, and the nano-coated oil net.

Skyworth hoods use a full-coverage smoke collection design, so smoke does not get in your face and it is easier to absorb the smoke. Full-coverage smoke collection design Skyworth hoods use bright and energy-saving LED cold light, which can better meet the needs of modern family kitchen decoration, using energy-saving cold light technology, long service life, and soft brightness. The Skyworth hood will go through a series of tests to see what features it has and how well it performs in the kitchen.

The hood for kitchen cooking fumes can be effectively discharged, everyday life, the greatest fumes than fried, today we will simulate fried chili peppers, put cooking oil and chili peppers in the pot, and so on after the oil is hot sprinkle a little water, you will see a lot of smoke rising, along with a pungent spicy smell (The full review video can be viewed below.) Stir-fry chili test From the video, we can see that a lot of grease smoke came out of the wok when frying, and once it came out, it was sucked away by the hood, and you can barely see the smoke envelope focus into a mass, quickly absorbing grease smoke. In actual use, we can see that the smoke is instantly sucked, that the entire process of smoke, according to the different modes of the hood, including slow, fast, and stir-fry gear, suction power can fully meet our daily needs, smoke is instantly sucked, cooking more easily.

The automatic cruise booster mode’s main function is to detect the pressure in the public flue to determine whether to increase the air volume, and when the frying season arrives, the hood will activate the automatic cruise booster mode to help quickly discharge the grease. In our test, we used two plates to block the hood’s oil network, and you can see that the smoke is still normally sucked away, and you can clearly hear the sound of the hood operation becoming louder, faster smoking speed, so it can be seen that in daily use, when the peak cooking period occurs, Skyworth smoke and grease separator hood can also respond perfectly, and will not allow the smoke to back up. (The full review video can be viewed below) Automatic Cruise Booster If a range hood is used for a long time and not cleaned properly, the wind wheel accumulates more and more oil and slowly turns motionless, giving users the impression that the hood has lost suction power after a long time.

And Skyworth oil and smoke separation range hood supports AI self-cleaning; when the hood fan is running, the control board accumulates the fan running time; when the accumulated time is full 30 hours, the hood will automatically enter the hot oil removal function; when the oil removal is complete, the hood will automatically enter the shutdown state. AI high-temperature self-cleaning

We frequently face the problem of cleaning the range hood and cleaning the kitchen grease in our daily kitchen use. Although the hood effectively dissipates cooking fumes, there is usually a large area of oil stains behind the oil net that is extremely difficult to clean. Skyworth hoods effectively solve the problem of oil splashing on the wall, easy to disassemble and wash magnetic suction design, more convenient to take and pull the oil net, clear oil net and cavity interior is easy. The design of Skyworth’s oil and smoke separating range hoods is very different from the design of ordinary range hoods.

After disassembling the screen, wash it with room temperature water or a non-abrasive neutral detergent and dry it. You can easily install the screen by following the disassembly steps and then installing the screen from top to bottom in the hood.

Play address of the review video: We frequently find that when cooking in the kitchen, as long as the hood is turned on, we want to communicate with the family, usually only by yelling. The sound level of the range hood during operation has a direct impact on the user’s communication during use, and the sound will be too loud for the user to hear, resulting in a significantly reduced use experience. This time, we’ll look at this problem as well as the Skyworth smoke and grease separation hood for noise testing.

Taking into account the distance from the hood when cooking, the noise tester is essentially placed in accordance with the cooking station. According to the data, the slow-speed gear noise is 62.5 decibels, fast gear is 65.7 decibels, and frying gear is 66.7 decibels.

Because many homes now have open kitchens, we measured the noise data at a distance of 3 meters from the hood, and the noise of the slow speed gear is 57.1 db, the fast gear is 60.6 db, and the frying gear is 63.2 db. We provide a reference value of 0 -20 db, which is very quiet, almost imperceptible; 20 -40 db, which is more quiet, like a whisper; and 40 -60 db, which is equivalent to the general, ordinary indoor conversation sound.

According to the reference value, Skyworth smoke and fume separator hood noise is slightly higher than our normal speech, in our daily use will not cause too loud noise, and can be used without fear. As we all know, household appliances in use will emit electromagnetic radiation into the surrounding environment, and when the intensity of the electromagnetic radiation exceeds a certain threshold, it will constitute “electromagnetic pollution.” As a result, electromagnetic radiation testing in the testing of home appliances is also necessary. The radiation tester is also primarily placed according to the cooking station, with the radiation value when the hood is operational.

Household appliances in our homes are primarily magnetic radiation, with the frequency band divided into the industrial frequency band and the radio frequency band. The frequency band used for work is primarily TV, computer, hair dryer, refrigerator, and so on, and the unit is T.

Skyworth smoke separation hood tested data is around 0.14T, which is lower than the national standard of 0.2T safety value, so daily use is still very safe.

Throughout the testing process, we looked at the appearance of the Skyworth hood design, the use of various functions, and the comparison of various data to see if its performance was still good, the appearance is not only beautiful and easy to clean, full coverage of the smoke collection design so that the fumes do not face, and AI floating induction to make the use of more convenient. Furthermore, the main thing is its grease separation design, grease for the kitchen environment caused great pressure, cleaning grease is very troublesome, and Skyworth grease separation hood grease separation design, effective smoking at the same time can be isolated grease, grease on the wall, cleaning stress-free.