Let The Fruits And Vegetables Continue To “grow” Rongsheng Will Chilled Box Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] As people’s living standards improve, they enjoy life more while paying more attention to health and wellness. Because simply eating enough will not suffice, eating healthy has become the key. And the refrigerator, as our storage place for ingredients, has long been closely related to our health. Speaking of which, perhaps you want to ask, what kind of refrigerator to let us “eat” to health? In general, as long as the refrigerator can do long-lasting freshness, sterilization, and anti-bacteria can be used, we can “eat” to health.

Rongsheng WILL ice fresh box elegant appearance, four door folio design simple and generous. Rongsheng WILL chilled box using gray microsculpture panel, highlighting the noble, it also uses seven layers of material design panel impact resistance is stronger, the light shines on the glitter, very in line with

The door handle of the Rongsheng WILL refrigerator is hidden, which can improve the overall appearance of the refrigerator, make the surface of the refrigerator more concise, but also avoid the situation of children playing around when they hit the door handle. This refrigerator in the door body of the lower edge of the design of a row of induction lights, when the refrigerator is in the “human sense mode” induction to people and refrigerators in a certain. In the event of an accidental touch, the “lock” design prevents the user from changing the internal temperature of the refrigerator.

The overall appearance of the refrigerator is basically these, in summary, Rongsheng WILL chilled fresh box with exquisite and elegant appearance to meet the crowd’s favorite pursuit of sophisticated life, in addition to the details are also very thoughtful We look down together, the internal layout of the Rongsheng WILL refrigerator is reasonable, the volume of the freezer is 374 liters, the volume of the freezer is 92 liters, the volume of the greenhouse is 92 liters, so you can do a love of hoarding “hamster”. Open the freezer door, we can see that the freezer design is neat and orderly, with the top light illumination, bringing a transparent visual enjoyment, There is also a negative ion sterilization strip under the top light, allowing users to visually see the progress of sterilization inside the refrigerator. On the left shelf, there is a sealed compartment for girls to place skin care products such as face masks, which can effectively ensure the best storage environment for skin care products and maintenance products, as well as protect these products from the odor of meals.

On the right shelf, there is also a moisture control system without water mist, which can add moisture to the freezer to ensure the humidity in the freezer so that the ingredients do not lose water and dry out, and no water mist is generated. At the same time, it has an internal integration of ionic components, in the replenishment of moisture at the same time to deliver ions, to achieve sterilization effectiveness. To control humidity in the freezer, there is a humidity sensor on the right side of the freezer, which intelligently senses humidity.

When it detects that the humidity is too low, the refrigerator will replenish water until the humidity reaches a reasonable range of about 70%. Above it is a temperature sensor that keeps the humidity in the freezer within a reasonable range of the set temperature.

It has three storage modes for cooked food, dry goods, and mother and baby, which can meet the needs of different items; and it has an independent anti-bacteria and clean taste function to achieve double anti-bacteria, which ensures the safety and health of mother and baby food to the greatest extent possible.

The button to control the mode is located in the upper part of the precious area; the user only needs to press and unlock for three seconds to select the storage mode they want. On the right side of the refrigerator is the WILL Fresh section, which is designed for storing meat, with a superconducting tray at the bottom, which meets the requirements of low-temperature freshness of meat, without breaking the cells and causing nutrient loss. There are also three buttons on top, which are set in the same way as the buttons in the Precious Zone: WILL Fresh, Zero, and Chill.

Unlike most refrigerators, the lower half of the Rongsheng WILL chilled box is not entirely freezer; the freezer only occupies the left side, and the right side is the greenhouse. To ensure the safety and health of the food in the two rooms, each freezer and greenhouse door has a bacteria and odor elimination magic box. Then we’ll see if it can really do fresh, if it can do “in the refrigerator, continue to grow seven days.” I prepared a small green vegetable, apples, and beef for comparison, to see if we can get more convincing evidence.

Three portions of apples and baby bok choy were placed in the daily environment, ordinary refrigerator, and Rongsheng WILL chiller for three days to test their appearance, color, and weight change. The bok choy in the ordinary refrigerator was slightly better, with only a 6 gram weight loss, but the leaves were not as tender as before. The best condition of the greens in the Rongsheng WILL chilled box, the weight was only reduced by 3 grams, demonstrating its strong ability to keep fresh, and the leaves are still fresh and safe for consumption.

Apples in everyday life Apples in a normal refrigerator Apples in the WILL refrigerator I prepared two portions of beef, one in the freezer of the ordinary refrigerator and the other in the WILL fresh section of the Rongsheng WILL chiller, and observed the change in color and weight for three days.

The weight of the beef in the ordinary refrigerator was reduced by 27 grams, whereas the weight of the beef in the Rongsheng WILL chiller was reduced by only 11 grams. In terms of touch, the skin of the beef in the regular refrigerator had dried out and hardened, whereas the beef in the Rongsheng WILL chiller remained soft and tender to the touch and edible. In terms of appearance, the color of beef in the ordinary refrigerator has turned deep red, and the fat part has turned yellow, whereas the color of beef in the Rongsheng WILL chiller has remained bright red, and the fat has remained white, with no significant change. The above three experiments demonstrate that the Rongsheng WILL chiller can indeed preserve the ingredients better, allowing them to retain more moisture and nutritional value.

Before conducting the experiment, I performed a temperature test on this refrigerator, which was unpacked and powered on immediately after the temperature test instrument was placed in the WILL fresh area, and the temperature was set to 7 °C after the temperature change monitoring, four hours after the instrument was removed. Data show that in 150 minutes after the Rongsheng WILL fresh refrigerator freezer temperature was reduced to around 7 °C, temperature fluctuations in the upper and lower compartments occurred.

The Rongsheng WILL chiller’s appearance in the design is understated and elegant, the texture of the panel is full of texture, and when the light shines on it, it will reflect a star, very dreamy. This refrigerator partition is reasonable, simple, and clear in the storage space, and each type of ingredient has its own place. The user can also intelligently control two partition storage mode, flexible and changeable storage space, so that storage ingredients are no longer subject to any restrictions.

In terms of freshness, we can easily see from the results of the three-day freshness experiment that the water loss rate of green vegetables, apples, and beef is very low, and the freshness effect is very good. Overall, the Rongsheng WILL chiller is definitely a good helper in the daily life of users, put in the fruits and vegetables, meat and will not lose too much moisture, perfect to maintain the freshness and taste, to provide more fresh ingredients for the family;