Let People Forget It Exists 1more Comfobuds+ Air Bean Experience Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]I believe that most ordinary people, when purchasing headphones, have certain requirements, more or less, based on their own use of the scene to decide what style of headphones to buy. At home, more immersion headphones are required; in the gym, portable and not easily falling off the neck hanging headphones are required; and in the commute, portable and easy to use true wireless headphones are the first choice. 1MORE’s true wireless headset products are numerous, including “comfortable beans,” “fashion beans,” “sleep beans,” and so on. Today to say “air beans” as the name implies is a main light headphones will be able to roughly understand the direction of the main product, today to say “air beans” as the name implies is a main light headphones The 1MORE ComfoBuds Air Bean is a customized version of Jay Chou, and the packaging differs from the standard one in that there is an additional customized paper sleeve.

Remove the custom paper sleeve to reveal the distinct 1MORE style box. The box is essentially the same as the regular version of 1MORE ComfoBuds Air Bean, and includes: headphones, charging compartment, charging cable, charging compartment protective sleeve, as well as manual, warranty card, and bear sticker. The difference is that the customized version includes a charging compartment protective sleeve, which is made of skin-friendly silicone material, is comfortable to hold, and can well protect the charging compartment shell from bei

The charging compartment remains unchanged, with a volume of 68.7*30*25 mm, a weight of 28.9g (charging compartment only), a battery capacity of 410mAh, and a standard Type-C charging port on the back that can charge it from 0 to full power in 80 minutes. 1MORE ComfoBuds Air Bean’s headphone body is also very compact, its size is about 39.25*17.92*18.7 mm, the weight of a single headphone is only about 3.8g, the headphone itself has a battery capacity of 35mAh, and can be used continuously for about 4 hours under a full charge, with the battery compartment can provide a long listening experience of 18 hours.

When compared to Bluetooth 4.2, its transmission speed, transmission distance, and transmission capacity have all been significantly improved, ensuring a quick connection and stable transmission of headphones and cell phones. This is very useful for users who enjoy playing games and watching movies, and the low latency performance will provide a better entertainment and audio-visual experience. The headset is designed with a breathable semi-ear shape, which has the advantage of not invading the ear canal, avoiding the sensation of swelling or pressure after a long period of wearing.

Because the headset is so light, most people who wear it don’t even notice it’s there.

Although it is light, this has no effect on its sound performance. According to the official information, the headphones have a built-in 13.4mm large dynamic unit with LCP (liquid crystal polymer) and PU composite diaphragm, which can optimize the bass effect while also providing a wide sound field and thorough balance. In actual use, the headphones’ sound quality performance is still satisfactory, and they can handle a variety of styles, including pop and symphonic music. Furthermore, the 1MORE ComfoBuds Air Bean has a very good ease of use.

It can achieve fast and stable connection and transmission thanks to mainstream Bluetooth 5.0 technology, and users can automatically connect the headphones the next time they open the lid after the first connection is completed. Furthermore, the headset has in-ear detection and a listen back function; wearing the headset will automatically play the last song list.

It is worth noting that the headset can perform the function, and that customization settings are available in the official APP. By default, double-click the headset to play/pause or answer/hang up, and triple-click to call the phone’s voice assistant, so users can personalize it according to their own habits. In terms of communication, 1MORE ComfoBuds Air Bean also performs well; it employs a four-microphone digital signal processing algorithm and beamforming technology, which can easily separate human voice and environmental noise.

And it can communicate over a distance of about 10 meters in open scenes, which is very useful in many situations where you can’t open your hand to hold the phone.

After a brief hands-on with the 1MORE ComfoBuds Air Bean, I believe it is a very good product in terms of portability, sound quality, and range, and it will be a very cost-effective headphone option for non-Apple eco-users.