Lenovo Yangtze S540 User Story: Photographer Ierendier’s Road To Dream

[Bestbuy618 Notebook Channel] Some people are either in a distant location or on their way to a distant location. Thinness and portability are the first considerations for these people who are constantly on the move when selecting office products. Elendil, a photographer and co-founder of Sichuan Three Eyes Culture Communication Co., shared his story and experience with us as one of the first users.

Elendil was originally a heroic character in British author Tolkien’s fantasy novel “The Lord of the Rings,” which means “star lover” in the Kunya language. Erendil, our main character, is also a preacher of nature and light.

Dare to live up to your youth.

In 2013, a young man with a DSLR around his neck documented the prosperous world in his own way, walking through skyscrapers and into streets and alleys, one footprint and one photo became his life and converged his dream; he likes to record beautiful things through photography and wants to go out more while he is young. He feels that the work and life of two points and one line are not suitable for him, and at such an age when he dares to say and do something without giving in, he resolutely quits his job in a large international enterprise that is the envy of everyone and puts on his backpack to go far away, and this is 6 years. He simply wants to do what he wants, live the life he wants, and pursue his dream.

Irundil’s life has become stop-and-go as a result of photography, and even stop-and-go is on the road. Irundil traveled to the north and south for 6 years, from the city into nature, which for him is not only a test of photography skills, but also a test of physical and mental strength. Natural scenery photography is very weather-dependent, but the very small human in nature cannot control the weather changes, and no one knows when that beautiful moment will appear, so all he can do is wait. In the rainy days, dripping wet and waiting for 4, 5 hours, itchy, damp, tired, these can only endure, all the time in the challenge of their bodies and patience, and these waits are to record those beautiful moments.

Even during a thunderstorm, will stand by the lightning rod and concentrate on waiting, recording the light of the lightning and thunder. It can be said that behind every stunning photograph, there are unknown dangers.

Temperature drop, plateau reaction, landslides… These are the dangers he is frequently exposed to. Ierendier will rise to the occasion in the face of danger and challenges, because when those magnificent landscapes were included in his photographs, he felt that some of the dangers and efforts were worthwhile.

Time and again, time and again, to pack a bag Packing a bag for a photographer is always a challenge, not only because of the need to bring all of the necessary equipment, but also because of the need to pack light. The 14-inch body is only the size of a typical 13-inch laptop, and the 1.5kg weight does not add too much of a burden, so it can easily be placed in a backpack. The road of dreams continues to move forward On the way to chase the beautiful scenery of the motherland sea and mountains, what changes may be the distance and direction, but what never changes is Erendil’s love for photography, and Erendil has used a stunning photo to let more people see

He has traveled all over Sichuan, Qinghai, and Tibet because of the motto “My journey is the starry sea,” which is the motto of many photographers who love starry sky, to record the stars in his mind; he has also visited Tao Cheng Yading, which is known as a photographer’s paradise, to feel “the last piece of the watery blue planet The last piece of pure land on the aquamarine planet.” “This is the most beautiful Milky Way I’ve ever seen, and I’ll never forget it.” The Milky Way’s heart hangs above the temple in the heart of the holy lake Yamdrok Yumtso, perhaps the devout faith is telling the stars about the people’s livelihood in the earthly world, let me immerse myself in that a dream of nothingness.”

“When devout people pray in front of the lake, they can see their past and future lives” Sichuan, Tao Cheng Yading “I heard that looking into the turquoise blue lake by the sea of five colors allows you to see your past life and afterlife, and that when the senior monk is looking for the reincarnated spirit child, he will determine the direction of the spirit child based on the color change of the sea of five colors.” It was already drizzling when I arrived at the lake, but the dark clouds on top of the mountain looked more layered, so I took this selfie for myself.” When it comes to photography and writing, inspiration can strike at any time. Yang Tian S540 thin and light portable, so that Ierendier can take out the Yang Tian S540 immediately after shooting photos for simple processing and labeling, without losing any hint of inspiration.

And when the day is done, he will go into the studio, open the computer for each piece of work, and do meticulous post-processing, which can take half an hour or even an hour. He stated that he is currently using the Yangtze S540 ultra-slim business notebook, which is equipped with an i5-8265U processor and an AMD R540X discrete graphics card, excellent performance, which can help him finish processing pictures more quickly, with an FHD IPS high-definition screen, 4.9mm ultra-narrow bezel design, so that the screen to 81 percent, can truly restore the image effect, bringing a higher quality of visual experience.

A trip to say goodbye is simple for Erendil, but being on the road for an extended period of time is a significant challenge for his body and equipment, particularly for PC devices, which must ensure both ruggedness and good after-sales service. The Yangtze S540 notebook is made of aerospace 5 series aluminum alloy, which is more robust and lighter to avoid damage to equipment and file loss caused by heavy blows and knocks in the field, while also supporting a 2-year warranty on the entire machine, 2-year 7×24-hour engineer telephone support service, and 2-year 7×12-hour professional engineer on-site service, thanks to Lenovo’s nationwide service outlets, no matter where you go, Ieren. From 9 to 5 ordinary working people to independent photographers, from hobby to career, their favorite things become work, their understanding of photography changes, but the only constant is their love of photography. Whether you want to record the painstaking journey to the destination of what you see in front of you, or shoot the most beautiful images and sleepless nights, everything in the eyes of onlookers is hard work, but in my opinion does not feel tired at all, because of the love so willingly given.

Landscape photography also necessitates a reverent heart for nature, recording the scenery of nature with kindness and reverence, and putting his own pursuit and aspiration for beauty, integrating his true feelings with the scenery of nature, in order to better leave the beauty of nature and pass it on to more people. He also believes that “we can do something only if we dare to do something,” and will continue to persevere, work hard, and struggle in order to become an excellent recorder of beautiful nature and a magician of light and shadow.