Leiper Xs100 Sports Headset Review: Summer Meat Dumping Essential

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]After the longest winter vacation in history, the meat on many people’s bodies has grown increasingly fatty. Guangdong March will begin to enter the summer season, the body’s excess meat and about to wrap up, exercise to lose weight has become the focus of young people’s lives today. Whether at the gym or while running, a pair of sports headphones can not only reduce outside noise but also improve the sports experience.Leiper XS100 sports headphones To meet the needs of sports users, the famous peripheral manufacturer Leiper launched the XS100 neck-mounted headphones designed for sports people, bringing a richer choice for users who love sports. So, how do you like the Leiper XS100 sports headset? Unboxing and exterior design

The Leiper XS100 sports headphones are packaged in a square box with a black theme on the front and an embossed rendering of the headphones. The headset has an upward pull-out design, and the box includes XS100 headphones, two pairs of silicone covers, a manual, and a micro-USB charging cable.Leiper XS100 sports headphones

The vast majority of sports headphones are neck-hanging design, Leiper XS100 sports headphones are also neck-hanging design, to focus the headset’s center of gravity near the collar, not only to keep the headset in the intense movement of stability; at the same time can also be stuffed with a larger battery, so that the headset has a longer life.Leiper XS100 sports headset package contents Both ends of the collar are made of high-strength engineering plastic, with one end housing a 140mAh battery and the other housing a Micro-USB charging port, pause/play, and volume /- buttons. Leiper XS100 sports headphones three buttons paragraph clear, quickly pressed back

Leiper XS100 sports headphones With half in-ear earbud design, three pairs of different sizes of silicone earbuds can better match different ear canal users, headphones more stable in the process of use, Leiper XS100 sports headphones can better match different ear canal users, headphones more stable in the process of use When the user is not using the headset, the magnetic housing makes it easier to exercise, store, and significantly reduces the trouble caused by tangled wires.Leiper XS100 sports headphones

Leiper XS100 sports headset Leiper did not announce the XS100 waterproof level as a sports headset, but based on the overall sealing of the headset, general movement and life splash will not cause significant damage to the headset. It is worth noting that the back of the left and right cavities of the headset are magnetic suction design, which means that when the headset is not used, it is automatically adsorbed together to reduce the use of the headset during the process of flinging the problem, and when the use of direct pull off the adsorption out can be used. The intelligent start-stop function of the headset can save users unnecessary power consumption and improve the life of the headphones.

When wearing and using the Leiper XS100 sports headset, it is also necessary to distinguish between the left and right ear, as the headset shell and cable connection can be seen at the L / R. Button, long press the multi-function keys to turn on and off the power, the light above the button flashes to indicate that the headset is connected, click to activate the play and pause functions.

Leiper’s three buttons are slightly above the plane; the user can operate the headset blindly by touching through the fingers; and better feedback allows users to more accurately understand the state of the headset.

Leiper XS100 Sports HeadsetDuring use, the status of the headset’s indicator light accurately reflects the headset’s real-time status. White LED fast flashing indicates pairing status (connected status is de-energized/incoming), white and other long light indicates successful Bluetooth connection, white LED slow flashing indicates playing music or talking status, white LED long light indicates charging completion, red light constant light indicates charging, and red LED slow flashing indicates low battery.

Leiper XS100 sports headset Leiper employs an omnidirectional microphone design on the headset to improve clarity, as well as specially optimized sound technology to effectively eliminate call noise. The headset uses Bluetooth 5.0, which is provided by Qualcomm’s QCC3003 Bluetooth chipset, which not only supports higher transmission rates, but also brings a high-performance decoding core, so that the headset can better output sound. Continuity, Leiper official claim XS100 in a fully charged state, the longest standby 180 hours or play 12 hours of music, and the headset’s battery light can be displayed in real time in the phone, the user can understand In the author’s experience, the headset rarely appears in a low power state; in a fully charged state, the headset can basically meet the needs of a day at work and sports; the user only needs to plug in before going to bed to charge.

Listening experience Headphones 32.7 grams of weight, better comfort in daily wear and sports, lighter weight and soft skin-like silicone, even if it is a long time to wear can also maintain a high degree of comfort. Three sizes of silicone plugs can provide a more stable wearing experience, even after a long period of exercise and sweating.

In terms of connectivity, the Leiper XS100 sports headset can connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time, the user can independently control the occasion to switch freely, and there are voice prompts when the call comes in. In terms of connection stability, the Leiper XS100 sports headset supports Bluetooth 5.0, has a lossless audio transmission rate, and has excellent playback stability. As a new headset, no “boiling” on its evaluation is not accurate; however, after several days of listening, the Thunderbird XS100’s performance is still quite good, the headset’s high and mid-range performance can meet psychological expectations; subject to the unit, the headset’s bass dive strength, volume is slightly insufficient.

Of course, as a sports headset, the Leiper XS100 cannot be compared to professional Hi-Fi headphones; after all, the positioning and focus of the headphones are different. Experience summary: as a positioning sports Bluetooth headset, the Leiper XS100 has excellent wearing sense, excellent design, making it very suitable for sports; headset excellent connection stability and excellent range, making it more competitive.

The headset also has a high “quality to price ratio,” with an official suggested retail price of 199 yuan, making it a must-have for many sports enthusiasts.