Leiper Vt950q Dual-mode Wireless Gaming Mouse Review: Qi Wireless Charging More Convenient

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel] As wireless transmission technology advances, low latency, high-performance wireless chips become available, ushering the keyboard and mouse into the wireless era. In today’s world, wireless mode is primarily divided into two types: wired 2.4G wireless dual-mode and Bluetooth 2.4G dual-mode. Wireless mouse life has been the user’s biggest pain point, the process will always encounter the mouse power exhaustion can’t use the situation, replace the battery or timely charging become the focus of players’ attention. In early August, Leiper officially launched its first support wireless charging function MT750PRO, the mouse located in the business office has become the focus of user attention.

The VT950Q, which was released in September for high-end gaming, was the first VT series product to support wireless charging. The suffix “Q” represents the universal Qi wireless charging protocol.

Leiper VT950Q dual-mode wireless gaming mouse from VT950 upgrade, as an upgraded version of the VT950Q to join the universal Qi wireless charging protocol, so the mouse can be charged in a variety of charging devices that support Qi protocol, so the mouse can be charged in a variety of charging devices that support Qi protocol. Leiper removed the VT950 mouse bottom weight module to “make room” for the wireless charging module. The mouse retains the “V” light LOGO, which can be customized via the driver RGB, the default mode for breathing spectrum cycle. The Leiper VT950Q dual-mode wireless gaming mouse retains the symmetrical design of its predecessor VT950, which can be well adapted to both left and right-handed players, with a total of 11 programmable buttons.

The split design of the left and right keys reduces the linkage between the two keys, and the internal tension spring improves the click feel and consistency of the key clicks even more. The two side keys on the right side are custom keys in the default key settings, which users can customize based on their actual use needs. The mouse provides 5 groups of profiles by default, which are stored in the mouse memory, and players can switch through the DPI /- button behind the scroll wheel.

The mouse cover, side skirt also continues the VT950 design, with the cover still using light frosted material, and the side skirt 3D three-dimensional texture to provide a better feel and excellent an The mouse retains the VT950 classic custom OLED display frequency, can real-time display mouse DPI information, battery power, making it easy for players to charge the mouse on time. This OLED display also has a customization function, which players can access via the mouse driver, providing personalized setting options.

The dimensions of the Leiper VT950Q dual-mode wireless gaming mouse are 129.3mmx74.04mmx39.98mm, and the VT950 remains consistent. The net weight of the mouse was 125g, 3g heavier than the VT950, but the actual experience was not noticeably different. With the VT950Q joining the wireless charging module, the mouse weight is expected to increase slightly.

Furthermore, because the mouse cancels the bottom 10g magnetic counterweight, the mouse weight is not adjustable. Mouse disassembly Hardware specifications, Leiper VT950Q dual-mode wireless gaming mouse core configuration has not changed.

The optical mouse sensor is still the industry’s top original phase PMW3389, capable of up to 16000dpi and 50DPI for step-by-step fine-tuning. Mouse left and right button micro-action from omron, black shell blue dot key life of 50 million times; mouse in the key is from kaihua black shell red dot, knocking sound is small, key strength is moderate; top DPI /- is also kaihua black shell red dot; left side forward/backward key is kaihua black shell black dot, the left side is kaihua black shell blue dot; Battery, Leiper VT950Q dual-mode wireless gaming mouse will be the original 14500 lithium battery replaced with flat lithium battery, 800mAh capacity remains unchanged, the mouse range does not appear to be improved, but considering the new Qi wireless charging mode, players can directly charge in the universal Qi protocol charging base.

Because the wireless charging module of the VT950Q dual-mode gaming mouse is located in the mouse’s back half, the mouse’s overall center is shifted back. Because the charging module is located at the back of the mouse, the user must pay attention to whether the mouse is in the wireless charging state or will face the mouse “no power” punishment; however, the mouse supports wired mode, while charging function, or can well relieve the user’s anxiety about “no power.” Furthermore, Leiper official provides XC100 wireless charging base, up to 10W Qi wireless charger can not only charge the mouse, but also support Qi protocol for cell phones are compatible with charging.

Leiper also provides a complete function driver for the VT950Q dual-mode wireless mouse, divided into 5 major parts, the first of which contains 7-speed CPI adjustment, Windows pointer speed settings, 4-speed USB report rate, custom buttons, and 5 sets of built-in configuration at the bottom, users can download the settings stored in the cloud through cloud synchronization, making it more convenient for users to configure the mouse. The Leiper “V” logo offers 16.8 million color lighting configurations, with the spectrum cycle being the default, as well as APM breathing mode and more power-saving light off. Users can also customize the lighting color to their liking, and the driver’s macro editing function can record multiple groups, which can quickly trigger a series of commands to simplify game operations. A quick detour is made further back for driver updates and mouse firmware updates.

The cloud sync function of the mouse is located on the far right side of the driver, and players can download driver settings from the cloud by logging into their Leiper account in the upper right corner.

Review Summary As a high-end gaming mouse, the Leiper VT950Q dual-mode wireless gaming mouse inherited the hardware specifications of its predecessor flagship, including the original phase PMW3389 optical sensor, 50 million times the life of Omron micro-motion, and a bit to bring more powerful gaming performance. The mouse hits the player’s pain point Qi wireless charging function, which allows players to charge the mouse in their leisure time. At the moment, the Leiper VT950Q dual-mode wireless gaming mouse has been officially launched, priced at 499 yuan.