Leiper Vt200 Dual-mode Version Mouse Review: Fast Dual-mode Switching

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel] As wireless technology matures, wireless mice and keyboards have gradually entered the market’s mainstream. In the last year, Leiper has released a number of multi-mode mice, allowing users to quickly switch between multiple devices. I recently received the rapax VT200 dual-mode version of the mouse, following the first half of VT200, VT200S two wired mouse, rapax another support 2.4G wireless, wired mode mouse, this mouse can bring players two devices between the fast switching function, so that users can easily switch between the game and the office.

The Leiper VT200 dual-mode version retains the classic black basket color scheme, and the front of the outer packaging is similar to the Leiper VT200S, with the exception of the mouse details and printed words. The back and sides of the box detail the mouse’s functions and features. The mouse box has an upper draw design, a manual, a 2.4G wireless receiver, a Micro-USB to UBS-A adapter, a 1.8-meter-long, wrapped snakeskin net USB-A to Micro-USB connection cable, and a Leiper VT200 mouse.

The Leiper VT200 dual-mode version maintains the classic design of its predecessor, with both sides of the mouse, the scroll wheel RGB light band, and the Leiper V LOGO also supporting the RGB light effect. The top of the mouse, scroll wheel are designed with skin-like material, matte frosted surface not only brings a better texture, while making the mouse feel more comfortable in the hand, for the game, office have a significant improvement. In fact, Leiper VT200 dual-mode version of the mouse feels quite delicate, warm, the mouse in the fast slide will not appear out of the case, bring more stable use experience.

The left and right sides of the mouse are affixed with diamond-shaped anti-slip rubber, relatively soft rubber let bring closer to the touch of the skin, so that the game process is more stable, comfortable, and not easy in the large slide off the hand. The mouse uses the same left and right symmetrical design as its predecessor VT200, but this is a product designed for the right hand, players want to use the left side of the mouse forward and backward button,

The forward and backward keys on the left side of the Leiper VT200 dual-mode version are always positioned, so players don’t have to worry about accidental touch, and they also don’t move the position of the palm. The top of the mouse has a traditional four-button design, with the left button, right button, scroll wheel, scroll wheel button, and a customizable DPI switch button, allowing the user to switch between different devices, even if the on-board memory on the DPI, return rate quickly switch, very convenient to use. The bottom of the mouse has two large protective feet, so that the mouse slides more smoothly, and a wireless mode power switch button is also designed.

The weight of the dual-mode version of the Leiper VT200 increased from 99 grams to 114 grams due to the addition of the module and battery to support wireless functions, but the overall weight gain of the mouse is not obvious, and 114 grams of weight is not unacceptable, the greater weight is also conducive to improving the stability of the mouse in the game process, bringing better gaming experience.

The optical sensing of the mouse still uses the original phase PMW3325, this optical sensor up to 5000 DPI, 100IPS movement speed, 1000Hz return rate, and 1ms fastest response speed, for different games to bring a variety of adjustments. Leiper mouse preset 1000/1500/2000/2500/3000/4000/5000 a total of seven PDI, the user can also be fine-tuned by the driver between 200-5000 in 100 units, single press the top DPI button to achieve cyclic switching to find the most appropriate sensitivity, To allow users to see the DPI gear more intuitively, Leiper also has red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple flashing as an indicator, telling the user which gear the mouse is in, for quick switch to do a good job of the preliminary prompt. Leiper VT200 dual-mode mouse with Kaihua joint custom red shell red dot micro-action, this carefully tuned micro-action not only has 60 million times life, button trigger speed is very fast, rapid feedback, para The mouse scroll wheel keys are black shell red dot micro-action, the DPI switch key is black shell blue dot micro-action, and the forward and backward keys are black shell blue dot and black shell black dot, respectively.

The Leiper VT200 Dual Mode Edition’s 2.4G wireless module is a Compx model CX52810 that can provide a continuous and stable 2.4G signal to the mouse. The mouse has an 800mAh built-in battery that can be charged via the Micro-USB port. Driver settings Leiper for VT200 dual-mode version turn back exclusive Windows driver, users can go to the Leiper official website to download, the mouse for custom DPI, return rate, lighting, and macro settings The driver page is divided into four modules: main settings, advanced settings, macro definition, and lighting.

Users can customize each mouse button in the main settings, as well as change the mouse’s return rate. The main settings can also display the mouse battery level, prompting players to charge the mouse, while the advanced settings primarily include DPI, pointer movement speed, scroll wheel speed, double click speed, and so on. The left side of the 7-speed DPI adjustment, the player to every 100 units of DPI adjustment, the lowest 200, the highest 5000 DPI has been adequate; the left pointer movement speed can be changed according to user habits; and scroll wheel speed and double-click speed can be fine-tuned according to demand.

Review Summary As the multi-mode mouse has gradually become the market’s mainstream, Leiper has successively launched upgraded versions of the product in recent years. The Leiper VT200 dual-mode mouse is based on the VT200, with the addition of a 2.4G wireless module, allowing the mouse to achieve dual-mode functionality. The mouse hardware is a continuation of the specifications of the VT200 wired version, with the same game performance. The mouse’s hardware specifications, as well as its appearance design, are excellent.

When compared to other dual-mode mice, this 199 yuan dual-mode mouse has a very high cost performance.