Leiper Vh610 Gaming Headset Review: The New Design Is More Comfortable To Use

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]E-sports has gained public recognition, but it has also allowed the gaming industry to flourish, and a variety of game mice and keyboards have emerged. Most users ignore headsets, but for “chicken” and other real-time combat games, the performance of the headset is also very important; a headset rich in detail, excellent positioning, can make players in the game work twice as hard. As a peripheral manufacturer engaged in the manufacture of gaming products for many years, Leiper seized the opportunity brought by gaming to provide gamers with many personalized products.

In addition to high-end gaming mice and keyboards, Leiper also provides users with outstanding virtual 7.1 channel headset positioning capabilities. The headset we will be reviewing today is Leiper’s latest VH610 gaming headset.

The outer packaging of the Leiper VH610 virtual 7.1 channel gaming headset follows the classic design of the VH series headphones, with black packaging and the headset’s product chart on the front. Interestingly, the VH610 headset has a pink design printed on the outside, so I mistook this for the pink version. The box, however, is still the VH610 gaming headset in a streamlined silver color scheme. As gaming becomes more popular among the general public, more and more female gamers emerge, and pink and other feminine colors become the new direction of gaming peripherals.

In terms of appearance and design, the earcup part of the Leiper VH610 gaming headset features a new ovular design with a frosted texture for the earcup shell, giving female players a personalized choice. The ear cups are made of standard protein leather, which effectively reduces external noise interference while improving wearer comfort, and users will not feel uncomfortable wearing them for an extended period of time. Shell a ring of RGB lights, Leiper “V” light-emitting Logo, for this headset to bring a cooler feeling; headband also abandoned the previous common suspension design, using a new winged headset design.

The top two hard curved frame has excellent toughness, and in the event of a strong pull, it can still be quickly recovered, while the bottom two separate wings can adapt to the user’s head size and wearing habits. This “winged headwear design” can immerse users in the game while also providing a high level of comfort.

The Leiper VH610 with noise-canceling microphone, with a non-removable design, is connected to the left ear cup of the headset along with the cable, supporting 360° all-round radio. The headset’s connection cable is made of a pull-resistant cable, and the USB interface can provide full analog 7.1 channel function, making it compatible with PC, PS4, Xbox, and other gaming devices. The Leiper VH610 virtual 7.1 channel gaming headset’s cable is configured with a controller that can control the microphone switch, volume adjustment, and headphone light effect switch. Hardware Configuration Leiper VH610 virtual 7.1 channel gaming headset with a diameter of 40mm graphene composite film sound unit, can better performance in a complex environment of various dynamics, extending the product wide frequency, improving high-frequency transients, and reducing distortion problems caused by Graphene composite film for the headset to bring more excellent sound resolution, but also to make this headset in the game can better capture sound details, making the game experience more excellent.

The headset has a 360-degree highly sensitive pointing noise-cancelling microphone with an integrated hose capable of freely adjusting the angle, which can eliminate noise by suppressing background noise and allows for smoother communication in-game. Using the Leiper VH610 gaming headset’s in-line design, a good solution for users in the game volume adjustment and microphone control function. In general, when users switch from daily music to the game, you need to adjust the volume to hear the details of the game sound and dialogue, the driver in the computer, or the headset on the knob to adjust the volume has a lot of inconvenience, in-line control will be able to directly adjust, no communication can be directly i Furthermore, the volume knob only affects the volume of the headset and has no effect on the Windows system. Drivers and lighting effects

Leiper supports driver-free functionality for the VH610 virtual 7.1-channel gaming headset, but in order to facilitate user adjustments, Leiper prepares drivers for the VH610 to provide more playability for gamers. The Leiper VH610 gaming headset’s default driver has four modes: Hi-Fi, Movie, Music, and Custom, and it includes volume control, sampling frequency, equalizer, ambient simulation sound, virtual 7.1 technology, lift KEY and original sound elimination, and ambient effect adjustment. Volume control, sampling frequency, microphone echo and magic sound, microphone gain, and other functions are available on the microphone. To change the settings of various functions, right-click on “Speakers” and “Mic” on the left side of the driver.

Wearing, Leiper VH610 and other suspension headband designs are different, the wing design can fit more closely to the top of the head, fabric-covered sponge can be effective in reducing head pressure, hollow large mouth to reduce the contact surface, even if long time wearing will be easy to sweat, so that players head more refreshing In real-time battle games like “Jedi survival: battle royale,” the 7.1 virtual multi-channel effect in the Leiper VH610 driver can be turned on to bring more clear sound details, which can accurately locate the sound and accurately feedback the sound in the gamut.

The Leiper VH610 virtual 7.1 channel gaming headset is a unique product with a humanized winged headband design that effectively reduces the weight of the headset; combined with a wire weight of less than 400 grams, it greatly improves wearing comfort, and in-line control provides excellent convenience. VH610 sound positioning is quite accurate as a gaming headset, Hi-Fi performance is not as good as professional audio Hi-Fi headphones, but enough players in the nervous game after the music can soothe nervous nerves At the moment, as a graphene sound unit with high resolution gaming headset, the official pricing of Leiper VH610 virtual 7.1 channel gaming headset, is very cost-effective 249 yuan, has been on the shelves of a number of e-commerce platforms for sale, providing streamlined silver and limpid pink dual color scheme, interested friends should not miss out