Leiper Vh610 Gaming Headset Review: Game Music Both

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]The Chinese New Year in 2020 is a little longer than previous years, and if you’re stuck at home, gaming is the best way to kill time. The game, in addition to a strong performance computer host, excellent monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset is also essential, the market is full of game headset, many users do not know how to start to pick. At the end of 2019, Leiper released a new design of VH610 virtual 7.1 channel gaming headset, Leiper prepared two colorways of quicksilver and limpid pink to bring users a more personalized home with and choice. Designed specifically for the many female users for the clean pink color scheme, but also to make female fans love it.

Original new design

The Leiper VH610 gaming headset features an innovative headband design that provides users with a novel experience. The product packaging retains Leiper’s classic design, with black packaging and a full face of the product chart. The product rendering printed on the box is very interesting; I assumed the box was filled with the clear pink version when I received the silver, but after opening it, I was disappointed. However, Leiper finally sent to test the long-awaited version of limpid pink, but also let colleagues who love pink be satisfied.

Leiper VH610 game headset headband using the winged design, separated by the active buckle can be well adapted to a variety of user head shape and wearing habits; headset top two rigid arc frame, excellent toughness, so that the headset can maintain the shape of the headset under a large angle of violent pulling, bending can quickly restore the sh Leiper’s winged design can keep the user in the game for a long time, ensuring comfort of wearing. In addition to the skewed top of the headband, the headset’s ear cups are equally important to wearing comfort. The Leiper VH610 gaming headset has an ovular shape and a surface complemented by a frosted texture shell that provides a comfortable fit.

Soft protein leather ear cups not only provide a comfortable touch, but also effectively reduce allergies and other issues, as well as isolate external noise interference.

As a gaming headset, Leiper VH610 headset is still equipped with RGB lighting effects, the middle of the headset is Leiper V-shaped LOGO, an egg-shaped ring of light around it, real-time change of RGB color is very attractive to the user’s attention; Leiper VH610 noise-canceling headset is also equipped with an essential microphone, supporting 360 ° all-round radio; to ensure the stability of use, Leiper VH610 noise-canceling headset Leiper VH610 gaming headset volume knob is not designed on the ear cups of the headset, Leiper originality in the cable configuration powerful controller, not only supports volume adjustment, but also can control the microphone switch, heads up display, and other devices.

Wearing and using experience Compared to traditional sponge cushioned headbands, the Leiper VH610 gaming headset is more comfortable to wear, with the headband part of the “fly-jig” design to better fit the head, fabric-covered sponge soft, can effectively reduce the pressure when wearing, hollow buckle to reduce the area of impermeable, reduce the problem of overheating and sweating on top of the head for a long time to wear, long time game is still very comfortable. The headset’s weight of about 390g (including the cable) is considered “light” in the headset, which can better prolong game time and reduce pressure on the head of too heavy.

Leiper VH610 gaming headset with 40mm diameter graphene composite membrane sound unit, larger sound unit for more accurate resolution of sound details, can very clearly hear the sound from all sides in “Jedi survival: battle royale” and other matchmaking games, so that the original is too obvious sound and become clear Users can also enable the 7.1 virtual multi-channel effect in the Leiper VH610 gaming headset’s exclusive driver software to bring more stereo sound, and accurate sound positioning allows players to accurately determine the location and movement of the enemy and get a head start in the game. It should be noted that changing the volume of the headset has no effect on the system volume setting, and that only the volume of the headset is changed.

Leiper VH610 gaming headset supports RGB lighting effects, a circle of light-transmitting band on the ear cup shell and the “V” shaped Leiper logo support RGB lighting effects, the headset default RGB transformation effect, users can set personalized color in the driver. The Raytheon VH610 gaming headset’s default driver has four modes: Hi-Fi, Movie, Music, and Custom. Volume control, sampling frequency, equalizer, ambient simulation sound, virtual 7.1 technology, lift KEY and original sound elimination, environmental effects adjustment, and other functions are provided by the speaker driver.

Volume control, sampling frequency, microphone echo and magic sound, microphone gain, and other functions are available on the microphone. To access various function adjustment settings, right-click on the left side of the driver and select “Speakers” and “Mic.”

As the latest flagship headphones, the VH610 has a unique design concept, with an improved headband design that reduces the weight of the headphones and improves wearing comfort. The headset’s listening performance is excellent thanks to the 40mm sound unit and virtual 7.1 channel technology. As a gaming headset, the Leiper VH610 headset Hi-Fi sound quality is moderate, but considering the bias towards game tuning, the performance of the sound quality can meet the intense game after the relaxation. At the moment, the Leiper VH610 gaming headset has been listed, the official pricing price of 249 yuan, to provide the flow of silver and clear pink to players to choose, the need for friends do not miss.