Leiper Vh530 Virtual 7.1 Channel Rgb Gaming Headset Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]With the gradual acceptance of e-sports by the general public, such as “League of Legends,” “Jedi Survival,” and other “phenomenal” games, a national e-sports boom was launched. The demand for players, in addition to gaming computers, cell phones, peripherals, and other products, must be calculated in “billions,” and this huge market requires a large number of excellent products to provide support. Leiper is an early entry into the game peripheral market manufacturers, including Leiper game V series contains keyboard, mouse, headset, and handle; launched for the gaming and high-end peripheral products: VT high-end gaming series, won the majority of the market. I finally received this new product in the most recent Leiper, and I had the following experience with it.

In terms of design, Leiper VH530 gaming headset continues to use an integrated design with black matte leather material ear cups, gray and black tones can fit well with a variety of game scenarios, while makIn terms of packaging, Leiper VH530 gaming headset continues to use the classic blue and black color scheme packaging, the design of the packaging is still based on simplicity, the box printed with detailed information on the Leiper VH530 and the complete technical parameters.

Leiper VH530 Leiper uses a gray and black matte design on the headset shell to improve the visual feel of the Leiper VH530 gaming headset and to make the entire headset more durable. In addition, the metal headband uses a matte black design shape to enhance the headset’s layering and bring a better design aesthetic.Leiper VH530 In addition, the over-ear shell of the Leiper VH530 gaming headset uses a metallic gray design shape, and a circle of illusion RGB lights on the over-ear shell with the Leiper brand logo in the middle of the headset breathes synchronously to bring a better immersive experience. In the quiet darkness, the pattern of the RGB light spectrum cycle is very cool and visually impactful.

Leiper VH530 gaming headset uses Leiper’s classic 50MM large size sound generating unit, wrap-around ear cup design, large size soft leather combined with high density inert sponge, which can fit the ear better and reduce the discomfort caused by long time wearing. The high quality inert sponge and large size soft product provide better closure, allowing players to listen to the sound in the game more accurately.Leiper VH530

Although Leiper official did not announce the specific weight of the headset, the actual use of no apparent sense of weight, the headset’s intelligent suspension design can automatically adapt to the size of the head, retractable soft leather material headband, the headset provides excellent head support, but also to further enhance the user reputation.

Leiper VH530 The VH530 gaming headset features a 360° omnidirectional noise-canceling microphone for high-quality radio, as well as a one-touch mute switch on the microphone, allowing users to manually control the microphone. The VH530 can also be used to achieve ENC noise reduction through the Leiper audio driver, adjusting the gain value to control sensitivity, and also supports a personalized voice change system, bringing more interesting ways to play. Interface, the Leiper VH530 gaming headset does not use the common 3.5mm audio interface, but changed to a more ubiquitous USB audio connector, not only can easily connect to Windows, Mac computers, gaming consoles, and even cell phones through the USB audio connector.

Leiper VH530 driver Software, Leiper has developed an exclusive driver for the VH530 gaming headset, which can be downloaded and installed from Leiper’s official website, and which can adjust the sound, microphone, virtual 7.1 channel, and other functions. The main page includes four sets of custom EQ settings, as well as the ability to store and read custom configurations for enabling and disabling 3D surround effects. You can toggle between EQ, sound, microphone, virtual 7.1, ENC, VM Eff, and other functions in the lower section of the page. The software’s UI and operating logic are relatively simple and easy to use, and the Leiper audio driver is pre-configured with four different environmental simulation sounds, such as theater, bathroom, living room, and stone corridor, among others, which the user can customize based on personal preferences or different game styles.

Leiper VH530 gaming headset with 50MM large-unit neodymium speakers, not only can bring excellent music experience, the game is the VH530 headset is a great place to show their skills; VH530 can present a clear midrange, treble effect for the game users, with a strong and powerful bass effect, the sense of hierarchy and space is very fine. The sound details of the game’s various elements are clearly audible, creating an immersive gaming experience.

7.1 channel is based on 5.1, with a new division into two points of occurrence, L – left channel of the “center left,” R – right channel of the “center right,” C – center, LS – left surround, RS – right surround, LB – left rear, RB – right rear, and sub subwoofer, to create a more balanced sound field effect. The dual rear center channel effectively avoids sound source identification deviation at the back of the head, which can help players lock the enemy’s position and improve their chances of winning the game. The VH530 virtual 7.1-channel RGB gaming headset is priced at only $149, which makes this headset extremely competitive considering its excellent design, workmanship, comfortable wear, and better immersive gaming experience.