Leiper Vh500 Gaming Headset Review: All-round Chicken Sharpener

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]The importance of the headset in “chicken” and other FPS type games is self-evident; it can bring gamers more accurate listening to the sound to achieve the first opportunity to anticipate the enemy, making it easier to achieve the final victory. I recently received the Leiper VH500 virtual 7.1 channel RGB gaming headset, from the name to know the headset positioning professional gaming, providing analog 7.1 channel and RGB lighting effects. The cool RGB lights not only improve the gaming experience, but they also provide an excellent viewing experience. So, how is the experience of using the Leiper VH500 gaming headset, the author and the following to see.

Unboxing and Appearance Appreciation

The packaging for the Leiper VH500 gaming headset is still dark blue; dark tones can bring a calm temperament. The front of the box features a rendering of the headset, RAPOO LOGO, and VH500 model number; the back of the box lists the main selling points of this product in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, and Korean. The accessories inside the box are simple; in addition to the VH500, there is a quick start guide. As a gaming headset, Leiper VH500 gaming headset with headset design, overall design of the black appearance, headset overall weight of about 350g, large, soft ear cups on the hands quite comfortable.

The top of the headset has a suspended headband, which has a free retractable function and can better fit a variety of head shapes. The wide headband can also disperse the pressure on the head when wearing the headset.

As the headset supports virtual 7.1 channel function, the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack can no longer meet the needs of use, so Leiper VH500 gaming headset using USB Type-A interface design, providing approximately 2.2 meters long cable, can adapt to the needs of the vast majority of gamers use. The microphone on the left side of the headset supports the ENC noise cancellation function and can be freely adjusted 360° design angle, allowing players to communicate smoothly in-game.

The ear cups of the Leiper VH500 gaming headset are designed with round wraparound ears and are filled with high-density inert sponge to provide a more comfortable and soft wearing experience while also effectively reducing the impact of external environmental noise, providing players with the ultimate immersive experience. For gaming players, the larger the volume, the better the wrapping of the headset can also adapt to a variety of head-shaped users, and the wide ear cups can also reduce the problem of wearing a “head pinch,” so that long time wearing and gaming does not appear oppressive. The volume adjustment dial is located on the left side of the headset, and players can use their left thumb to adjust the volume of the headset in real time while wearing the headset.

The cool RGB lighting effects of gaming headphones are also essential, and the Leiper VH500 headphones provide RGB lighting effects on the outside. With excellent visual effects, the RGB light effects are ringed around the V-shaped logo in the center.

When connected to a computer, the Leiper VH500 gaming headset can be used without the need for drivers. However, exclusive control software is required for users who require fine control of the headset. The Leiper VH provides exclusive control software, which users can download by going to the Leiper official website and selecting the corresponding model.

The control center provides a rich set of functions, such as equalizer, sound, microphone, virtual 7.1, ENC, and VM Eff. A number of functional modes enable the Leiper VH500 gaming headset to not only enjoy the game but also to provide high-quality Hi-Fi music.

In addition to the standard mode, the control center provides four sound modes inside, including theater, bathroom, living room, and stone corridor. The headset supports microphone gain function, allowing players to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone based on the environment.

The virtual 7.1 channel audio output must be enabled in the control software, and Leiper also offers clockwise and counterclockwise sound effects to choose from. The headset also supports the ENC microphone noise reduction function, which can accurately calculate the orientation of the caller’s speech and effectively suppress reverse ambient noise, reducing ambient noise and allowing gamers to communicate more efficiently by voice.

Game and Hi-Fi experience Game selection “Jedi survival – stimulation battlefield” for experience, this first-person shooter game has a very diverse set of player groups, but also to better understand the feelings of users when using headphones. As a first-person shooting game, “Jedi survival – stimulation battlefield” on the game headset requirements are very high; many times in the game require sound assistance, and thus determine the location of enemy footsteps and gunfire. In the game, Leiper VH500 gaming headset after opening the virtual 7.1 channel audio output, sound positioning is more accurate, players can easily identify the front and back of the sound of gunfire, the game experience and immersion are morbid. Furthermore, the Leiper VH500 gaming headset supports ENC single microphone noise reduction function, noise reduction microphone can help players communicate more clearly in the middle of the game.

The performance of the Leiper VH500 gaming headset in terms of Hi-Fi is also noteworthy. The headset has three balanced frequencies, excellent sound performance, and a wide sound field thanks to the 50mm sound unit, and after intense gaming, the headset can also provide players with music to relieve fatigue in their free time. In fact, the Leiper VH500 gaming headset is very comfortable to wear, players are quite comfortable even if they play for a long time; cool RGB lighting effects further enhance the perception of the headset.

Product Summary As a game headset, the Leiper VH500 achieves a good balance of function, value, whether the game or Hi-Fi in the nap, such as EQ equalizer, ENC microphone noise reduction, magic sound effects, and other features to give users a richer and more diverse way to play. At the moment, the headset is available for purchase for the low price of $ 169, which the user should not pass up.