Leiper V800rgb Review: Ip68 Level Waterproof For Players To Enjoy Gaming

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]For most users, mechanical keyboards are important not only for their excellent feel, cool appearance, and lighting effects, but also for their way performance. After all, in the most intense stage of the game, touching the water cup may directly affect the game’s win or loss, so a keyboard that supports the waterproof function is especially important. So, how is the new generation of Leiper V800RGB’s hands-on experience?

Packaging and appearance of the Leiper V800RGB mechanical keyboard As for the outer packaging, the Leiper V800RGB mechanical keyboard maintains the classic design, displaying the appearance and design of the keyboard, functional features, and so on. The package’s backbone remains the traditional multi-language introduction of specific features. In addition to the Leiper V800RGB mechanical keyboard, Leiper thoughtfully includes a shaft puller and palm rest in the box.

The Leiper V800RGB mechanical keyboard has a standard 104-key design, with the same key layout as a traditional mechanical keyboard, a size of 447*202*39mm, and a weight of 1081g, so it can remain stable even during intense gaming.

The keyboard is designed with a suspended keycap, which provides more efficient hydrophobicity than traditional embedded keyboards with a suspended keycap with a tilted aluminum top cover. The connection between the top cover and the bottom of the keyboard is also equipped with a circular RGB light strip, which enhances the cool effect.

In terms of keys, the Leiper V800RGB employs a two-color injection molding process, which is supplemented by a nano-waterproof coating on the surface, which prevents water droplets from adhering to the keycaps and top cover. The key caps are also ergonomically designed with a stepped curvature to reduce fatigue during gaming. The bottom of the Leiper V800RGB mechanical keyboard is distributed with three moderate-sized rubber feet to prevent slippage, while the top of the foot brace uses a small bump integrated with the bottom shell to ensure that the keyboard has enough clearance for drainage. The two foot supports also have a large area of rubber pads, so the keyboard retains good friction even when the foot supports are opened.

The V800RGB mechanical keyboard has a 1.8 meter long USB cable with a magnetic ring in the front section of the USB connector to reduce signal interference. The gold-plated USB interface ensures that the keyboard connection signal is stable.

To improve the feel of the keyboard, Leiper added a full-size magnetic palm rest with six rubber anti-slip pads at the bottom, giving the keyboard double anti-slip performance. The Leiper V800RGB mechanical keyboard employs Leiper’s newly developed infrared silver shaft, which is water and dust resistant and has a long life span. The Ray-Power Infrared Silver shaft has a similar feel to the green shaft, with a full sense of passage and crisp keys.

As the first mechanical shaft to support RGB lights, the Infrared Silver axis supports Leiper’s illusion RGB dual backlight system, with up to 18 built-in preset key light effects. In addition, players can perform multimedia operations by pressing the “Fn” “F1/F2/F3/F4/F5/F6” key combination.

Backlight Leiper V800RGB Leiper creates a separate driver for this mechanical keyboard, and players can use the driver to change the RGB lighting effects of the keyboard. The keyboard supports up to 18 different types of key lighting, and the light strip supports up to 11 different light modes, allowing users to express themselves however they want. The Leiper V800RGB driver also includes a custom key combination function, which allows players to create key combinations and single key replacements for any single key on the keyboard.

Driver settings also support macro settings; Leiper thoughtfully pre-set a variety of game macro settings for players; players can select the corresponding game in the driver settings. After customizing the macro commands, players can return to the macro settings interface for selection. The final support interface allows you to update the software driver version and the keyboard’s firmware, as well as import configuration files from local or the cloud, and restore the keyboard’s factory settings.

The Leiper V800RGB mechanical keyboard supports full key conflict-free operation, so it easily passed the hKBTest test. The Leiper V800RGB easily passed the test with no key conflicts, easily meeting the needs of various games. In the gaming experience, the Leiper V800RGB mechanical keyboard can easily meet the needs of various FPS games with fast response and accurate triggering. The IP68 level waterproof and dustproof function allows players to stay focused during intense games.