Leiper V20 Pro Dual-mode Version Of The Mouse Review: Fast Switch To Enjoy The Fun Of The Game

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]Leiper launched V20 PRO at the end of 2017 as a positioning sub-flagship gaming mouse, V20 PRO adopts the traditional wired connection mode, and the high specification hardware configuration brings a better experience for gamers. As the product supply chain matures, there are more and more Bluetooth, wired, wireless, and even multi-mode keypad products. In 2019, Leiper will release a number of upgraded products, including a dual-mode version of the V20 PRO mouse with enhanced connectivity features that support both wired and wireless connectivity modes.

As a former sub-flagship product, the first generation of Leiper V20 PRO mouse with flip-page outer packaging design, this upgraded dual-mode Leiper V20 PRO is more concise on the draw design, with better practicality. The mouse box is still using the classic black and blue design, the front of the box is still printed with the mouse, while the description supports wired, wireless dual mode.

The appearance of the Leiper V20 PRO dual-mode mouse is symmetrical “shark” design, frosted surface for the mouse to bring excellent feel, matte black combined with frosted surface can effectively reduce the oil, slippery situation. Both sides of the mouse are equipped with a large area of rubber honeycomb side skirt, which significantly improves the mouse’s stability during use. The Leiper V20 PRO dual-mode version retains the thumb rest located on both sides of the mouse’s rear, but I did not clearly feel the support brought by the thumb rest during the experience. The left side of the mouse still has the forward and back buttons.

To press the forward button, lightly lift the thumb; to press the back button, lift the palm.

The Leiper V20 PRO dual-mode mouse is flooded with silver gray metallic luster throughout, with the mouse left / right button in the middle of the scroll wheel part of the metal strip decoration, the scroll wheel on both sides of the rubber, and the mouse’s decorative strip forming an echo. The center of the mouse has two DPI gear switching keys, allowing users to make real-time adjustments and switch between gaming and office design more quickly; the bottom of the mouse has four Teflon foot patch, located in the rear of the “shark fin” foot patch area is larger, can better support the palm of the hand on the mouse, bringing better balance; and the wireless switch is located in the middle of the two shark fins. The bottom of the mouse does not have any removable accessories and accessories, and the integration is also higher.

The light effect of the Leiper V20 PRO dual-mode mouse is also higher.

Leiper V20 PRO dual-mode version has five light-emitting areas, namely the logo, the left and right light bands, the scroll wheel, and the shark’s mouth at the bottom. Leiper V20 PRO supports 16.8 million colors RGB system, the default phantom flow mode, users can adjust through the Leiper driver, Leiper additionally provides lighting constants, breathing mode, off lighting, and other modes.

The original phase PMW3325 optical sensor used in the mouse is a product developed for gaming, with a native maximum DPI of 2000. The left/right button uses Huanuo 20 million clicks life of the blue shell white dot micro-motion, the top DPI adjustment button uses Kevlar black shell white dot micro-motion, the wireless solution is from Compx CX52810, and the serial memory is from Hua Hong K24C128. This optical sensor has the fastest response time of 1ms, supports up to 1000Hz, and has four adjustable USB return rates. Leiper in the V20 PRO dual-mode version of the mouse uses a variety of micro-action design, including the main button using Huanuo’s blue shell white point, with a minimum click life of 20 million times; DPI adjustment and scroll wheel is used Kevlar white point micro-action; forward/back button is using a smaller micro-switch

The Leiper V20 PRO dual-mode mouse is outfitted with COMPX’s CX52810 solution, which supports 2.4G wireless transmission and can also be used within a 10 meter range. Built-in a large-capacity on-board memory, you can save the mouse profile (macro definition, DPI settings, lighting lighting mode) in the game mode, etc., so that players can more quickly switch to the standard mode of operation. Leiper V20 PRO dual-mode mouse driver Leiper designed a special driver for the V20 PRO dual-mode version of the mouse, the new driver has a simple, convenient control mode, making it very friendly for new players. The driver is broken down into four sections: main settings, advanced settings, macro definition, and lighting.

The driver’s main settings allow you to customize seven main buttons. Leiper supports triple play, RGB on/off, return rate switching, fire keys, key combinations/disable keys, and macro definitions in addition to optional DPI adjustment and multimedia functions. The driver includes four USB return rate settings, ranging from 1000Hz to 100Hz, as well as five levels of custom programming that allow users to set different DPI rates, mouse movement speed (up to 20G), scrolling speed of the scroll wheel, and double click speed. The final lighting setting includes four modes: always on, breathing, streaming, and off.

Users can change the brightness of the light, the speed at which the lamp changes, and even customize a single color in the driver to create a more immersive gaming experience.

Summary Design, the Leiper V20 PRO dual-mode version of the mouse retains the classic design of the wired version, shark shape, scroll wheel and DPI key details are quite excellent, the length of the design of the side keys and double anti-slip particles side skirt, are capable of bringing the ultimate experience for gamers; rich lighting features and more detailed adjustments, so that gamers can be more comfortable with the g