Leiper M700 Multi-mode Wireless Mouse Review: Both Range + Performance

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel] After more than ten years of technological accumulation, Leiper’s product line spans many fields, including gaming and office, bringing deeply customized products for different users and constantly iterating products to improve the user experience. In terms of business office product positioning, the Leiper M series wireless mouse has a simple and calm design style that is well-liked by business people. With the traditional business type mouse pursuing thin and light and choosing plastic shell different, Leiper M700 wireless mouse using texture more excellent metal cover, completely symmetrical design can take into account the left-handed, right-handed users. To make the mouse more portable, the M700 wireless mouse maintains the flat shape design, carefully outlining the mouse tail curvature to make the mouse as close to the palm as possible.

The redesigned shape provides a good balance of mouse size and grip, as well as improved comfort.

Restricted mouse only 29mm thick, Leiper M700 infinite mouse using simple design language, mouse on both sides no longer provide forward / backward custom buttons, eliminate use of the process of mis-touch problems The mouse is only 75 grams when the battery is not assembled, and the total weight of the assembled 5 batteries is no more than 100 grams. The Leiper M700 wireless mouse with metal solid wheel makes high-intensity control more stable, while reducing the possibility of dirt roller. Silent micro-motion is used on both sides of the left and right keys; a quiet environment will not disturb other people. A sliding on/off button and a mode switch button are located at the bottom of the mouse.

The Leiper M700 wireless mouse maintains the multi-mode characteristics of the M series, offering wireless 2.4GHz and Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 5.0 wireless protocol connections. The user can enter the pairing mode by long pressing the Bluetooth button at the bottom for 3 seconds. Users can also connect to Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 5.0, and other devices at the same time, in addition to the 2.4GHz connection, and in the bottom of the mode switch button, in between multiple devices quickly switch, significantly improving the efficiency of the mouse use. Hardware specifications, Leiper M700 wireless mouse with invisible light tracing engine, with a maximum of 1300DPI, maximum 20G acceleration, and up to 30 inches / second tracking speed, to ensure th The mouse’s left and right button trigger key ranges are short, but the button’s rebound is crisp and clear, with no muddled feeling; mouse wheel damping is moderate, and the metal wheel texture is quite good.

Continuity, Leiper M700 wireless mouse by a 5 battery drive, the official claim that the longest life for 9 months, taking into account the highest 1300DPI optical sensor, no RGB lights, a 5 battery normal office half a year problem is not significant. The mouse’s battery compartment open cover way using the warp magnetic design, down to press the rear of the battery plate to open the battery compartment. In my experience, silent design of the mouse wheel, button in use of quite quiet, not too early to disturb the user around.

Just the right amount of scroll wheel dampening, precise positioning, and scrolling web pages without jumping Copywriting, forms, and other software can all be operated at 1300 DPI.

Editor’s note: The Leiper M700 wireless mouse is a change in the office mouse plastic feeling too heavy, with a metal cover with delicate frosted paint, so the mouse can create a not bad texture. Price, Leiper M700 wireless mouse official pricing of 149 yuan, Leiper tmall flagship store of 3.8 section minimum only 79 yuan, after the overall experience of the integrated mouse, will undoubtedly make the same level feel the pressure, to bring users a more excellent performance of office products.