Lazy Man’s Breathing Apparatus Haoze Intelligent Air Purifier To Save Heart And Effort

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] About the Houser air purifier this product, before the author has introduced its appearance and design, purification capacity, core filter and power consumption, sound and other operational indicators, after experiencing so long, I want to talk to you finally about the use of this product experience.

Visible air quality, easy to turn on remotely Recently, my company relocated to a new office, and the room has a strong odor, no windows, and poor ventilation, so I installed this air purifier near my workstation. I can use the app to check the air quality of the office before I go to work, and then decide whether or not to turn on the air purifier so that I can enjoy clean air when I arrive.

The connection between air purifier and cell phone is also very simple; simply download the “Houser Water Purifier” APP and bind it. When we press the “on” and “mode” buttons on the air purifier, the air purifier can be connected to Wi-Fi and then bound to the cell phone, and we can easily operate the air purifier’s switch, fan mode, child lock mode, and check the current indoor air quality.

However, because lazy people like me find it difficult to open the app to see, I frequently judge the current indoor air quality by the color of the indicator light. The color of the indicator light is blue, which means the air quality is excellent, purple is less polluted, and red is severe pollution. As we can see in the picture, the color of the indicator light is blue and the APP shows that the current indoor air quality is excellent, but when I made some smoke, the waiting color immediately turned to red and detected that the current PM2.5 concentration exceeded the standard, and the APP was subsequently updated to show that Except for the fact that the indicator is more intuitive and the APP is more accurate, there isn’t much difference in viewing the current air quality from the indicator or the APP.

A patient with rhinitis and laryngitis can also turn on the air purifier at home, to the company will be able to enjoy clean air directly, without the “destruction” of formaldehyde. This feature is not only friendly to people with sensitive respiratory tract, but also pregnant women and people with children at home. Data show that formaldehyde hazards are linked to more than 70% of infertility and fetal malformations; and formaldehyde has a small risk of causing childhood leukemia, increasing the incidence of asthma in children, and causing chest tightness, choking, nausea, and other symptoms.

So, if your home has a Houser air purifier, it must be opened as soon as possible; do not wait until a pregnant woman or child returns home before opening; and do not be afraid of one in case the above symptoms are caused, as the consequences will be extremely difficult to bear.

Intelligent monitoring and automatic adjustment, based on the quality of the more worry-free As I previously stated, I am a lazy person, so I usually set it to automatic mode when working, so that it can detect the air quality and decide which gear to use to purify the surrounding air on its own.

The most important feature of the automatic mode is that it saves time by automatically adjusting to the air quality without my intervention. If the air quality is good, it will be in sleep mode, which will not only not disturb colleagues but will also allow us to enjoy clean air. And when it detects poor air quality around it, it will automatically switch to the powerful mode gear to immediately clean the air.

As seen in the GIF image above, the original indoor air quality is excellent, and the tissue paper at the air outlet is only slightly floating up, indicating that the Houser air purifier is currently in the sleep mode gear, and when the PM2.5 concentration near the detection is too high, it immediately switches to the powerful mode gear to immediately clean the air. The air purifier is always in automatic mode and does not switch modes when switching gears.

Automatic cartridge life warning, no need to worry about purchasing and replacing If you can only remotely control the purifier and remotely monitor the air quality in the APP, this is not uncommon; many devices can be remotely controlled. However, in addition to remote control and remote monitoring via the APP, we can also check the life of the cartridge via the APP, which must be given a good review, greatly assisting us in determining the cartridge’s replacement time.

Aside from the accurate display on the APP, the indicator on the body will also display the cartridge life expiration warning. When the indicator turns yellow and continues to flash, it is a reminder that it is time to change the cartridge. When we check the cartridge’s life in the APP, there is a button to buy the cartridge in the lower right corner, click in to buy the cartridge, but also to enjoy the 200 yuan discount. Before I explain the significance of the filter cartridge for the air purifier, please visit the left website at if you haven’t already.

So, when replacing the cartridge, don’t be greedy for cheap to buy some cheap cartridge, whether the fit is a problem, and the bigger problem is that you don’t know whether the cartridge you buy has the same powerful purification ability as the cartridge you bought. So it’s better to buy from official channels, where you won’t have to worry about fakes and will have more peace of mind.

Summary: The wisdom function of the Houser air purifier is very thoughtful; viewing the current indoor air quality and remote control allows us to see the air quality at home from thousands of miles away, assisting the elderly and children at home to turn on the air purifier; viewing the cartridge life allows us to know more accurately the remaining use time of the cartridge, facilitating timely replacement, and preventing the air purifier from doing unnecessary work. We can’t work and overdraw their health in today’s fast-paced world, so the Haoze air purifier, with its eye-catching appearance, powerful purification capacity, and thoughtful wisdom function, is definitely worth recommending home goodies.