Large Screen Immersive Sports Keep C1 Pro Intelligent Dynamic Cycling Experience

I believe that partners who frequently go to the gym must have taken a dynamic cycling course, followed the trainer students, listened to music while riding a bike, and had a sense of the sports atmosphere. However, going to the gym for exercise is often limited by time and location, which is obviously not very convenient for the modern working family. Some time ago, the sports technology brand Keep launched its new intelligent exercise bike C1 Pro, it is understood that this Keep C1 Pro intelligent exercise bike on the basis of C1 to upgrade again, through intelligent screen interaction and multi-dimensional courses to provide users with a new experience of all-round immersion.

I’ve been using the keep c1 pro intelligent exercise bike for about a week now, and I’ll share my thoughts with you below.

First and foremost, here or first to talk to you about the sport of dynamic cycling, and all aerobic exercise, dynamic cycling is also in the full activation of the body’s exercise cells, in the consumption of energy at the same time to achieve fat loss, in the purpose of hip, leg, waist, and abdominal multi-part shaping. At the same time, dynamic cycling is adaptable and simple, with no excessive threshold restrictions, which works in the sport’s favor. Back to the product, Keep C1 Pro intelligent exercise bike equipped with a 21.5-inch full touch LCD screen that can be flipped 180 degrees, through the innovative large screen operating experience and the new kitOS system, more clear and intuitive for the user to display information, fully customized to you. I have deeply felt the immersive wisdom experience brought by this large screen for cycling sports in these days of use!

The first time you use it, open the Keep app on your phone and scan the QR code on the screen to link your account. It is worth noting that the first time you log in, the user will also send you a two-week membership. Oh, and you can use it to experience the live sports courses that are only available to members.

Furthermore, you must follow the video tutorial on the screen to adjust the seat and handle of the bike to the proper height distance; following the instructional video should be easy to say. After that, you can freely open your dynamic cycling movement. I also conducted a cycling ability test prior to exercise, which was also very simple to operate, as I am a sedentary family who rarely exercises, so the new rider segment is really expected ah.

Keep C1 Pro intelligent dynamic bike by using the ETM electromagnetic control system, you can ride before, during, and after the stage of data analysis and match the rhythm of their own sports, for you to customize the exclusive sports experience.

Of course, the course library contains a variety of exercise courses. For me, I started by filtering the difficulty, length, and effect of the course, and users can also book a week of courses through the course schedule, which is very systematic and professional. The hardest thing about exercising at home is that it’s difficult to keep going without a partner, but I felt the positivity and fun of exercise in the C1 Pro Smart Cycling course, and it also rekindled my enthusiasm.

To begin with, an intelligent dynamic cycling session is multiplayer online together, under the leadership of the coach in front of the screen, you can follow the rhythm of the video to stimulate your sports energy, the cycling process, the cycling rhythm is maintained at a uniform intensity with the coach, at the same time, the bike will also adjust the resistance value of the bike based on the results of the user test. Furthermore, on the left page of the ongoing course, you can use AI voice to send pop-up communication with your exercise partners. In addition, the bottom column of the screen contains consumption, pedaling frequency, heart rate, resistance, distance, and other values. For example, if your current pedaling frequency number is lower than the value range, the screen will remind you that this time you must speed up your pace to keep up with everyone.

Furthermore, while riding, you can manually adjust the riding resistance by rotating the start-stop button left and right to help you do a more professional ride training. We previously mentioned that the full touch LCD screen can be flipped 180 degrees; when you flip the screen to the opposite direction of the bike, you will notice that the screen content has been switched to the unarmed training mode, a screen to achieve “dual sports mode,” their own home sports are not a problem.

Keep C1 Pro smart cycling supports multiple account logins, a single sweep to connect, easy switching, and sports data at a glance. Keep C1 Pro intelligent exercise bike with innovative large screen operation experience, multi-dimensional exercise courses, and intelligent control resistance system, to bring users belong to the family scene of professional sports experience, it can be said.

As you can see, I believe you have a better understanding of this Keep intelligent exercise bike. And currently on the market and in the gym, contact with the dynamic bike is different, Keep C1 Pro intelligent dynamic bike with a large screen operating experience, the system of live courses and can be adjusted to ride resistance, etc., are more professional more intelligent exercise experience for users. For my own experience, I feel relaxed after exercising on the C1 Pro every day after work, and the stress from work life is behind me, especially in the interactive mode.

Furthermore, keeping an intelligent dynamic bicycle in front of the body has increased the design of the handling wheel, making it difficult to move the bike. Daily use makes little noise, so there’s no need to be concerned about disturbing the downstairs neighbors or other issues. Overall, I have now planted this Keep C1 Pro intelligent dynamic bike in your hands.