Kirin Chip Or Independent Mass Production Dual-ring Secondary Screen With 98 Percent Screen-to-body Ratio Huawei P60pro Concept

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After a round of crackdowns, Huawei’s cell phone business took a hit. Despite the fact that a number of classic models were released during these two years, there was never enough production, owing to a lack of parts. This piece also has to look at Huawei, and the Huawei P60Pro’s foreign media exposure is particularly stunning, positioning this model as the strongest competitor to Apple’s flagship. The face alone has an excellent screen ratio, and the back of the body not only has a double ring design but also a ring-shaped sub-screen. The design isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s still visually stunning, and it’s equipped with a true full-screen design effect. What matters most, though, is that the chip not only achieves independent research and development, but possibly also independent mass production.

After suffering a series of crackdowns in recent years, Huawei has not completely abandoned the cell phone business. The Huawei P60Pro is also the first smartphone to use the most advanced feature, the under-screen lens. Xiaomi MIX4 was the first to use this feature, but the screen-to-body ratio isn’t as good as Huawei P60Pro’s. The screen-to-body ratio on the Huawei P60Pro is as high as 98 percent, which not only hides the front lens, but also the black edges at the top and bottom of the screen. The most noteworthy feature is that the Huawei P60Pro does away with the curved bezel design, which has been popular for several years. Instead, I believe the straight screen is more durable.

The Huawei P60Pro’s main screen has a 98 percent screen share, with a resolution of 2K and a refresh rate of 144Hz. The screen panel comes from domestic suppliers, and it also supports the first generation of LPTO OLED panels, so the function isn’t compromised. The screen ratio is 20:9, which explains why it appears so slim. In addition to the handheld comfort of the straight screen, the Huawei P60Pro is also handled in detail to very reach, resulting in a greatly enhanced user experience. The body’s front and back are made of the latest generation of glass, which includes a ceramic crystal process, making it more resistant to falling and smashing. However, because the inner and outer screens are fused together, the cost of repair is also very high if they are damaged.

The Huawei P60Pro also has a round sub-screen, as can be seen from the back of the device. In fact, the round sub-screen design first appeared in Huawei’s p50pocket, and its primary function is to serve as a selfie viewfinder. It’s small and elegant, with a lot of functionality.

The Huawei P60Pro also has a dual-ring secondary screen. The ring-shaped secondary screen is used for low-power situations like calls and text messages, as well as for photography. The other ring has a Leica lens with a large base aperture main lens with up to 80 million pixels, ultra-wide angle with OIS anti-shake and 9P lens, telephoto lens with liquid lens, and 3 to 10 times lossless optical zoom shooting support.

Huawei P60Pro in the chip shortage may be improved, will be independently developed at the same time, but also in collaboration with Star to create production lines, but this means that mass production of the Kirin chip low power consumption and heat dissipation performance is almost the same as Qualcomm, at a fixed degree of sacrificing part of the performance, but to achieve independent mass production, at a fixed degree of sacrificing part of the performance, but to achieve independent mass production, And the operating system is still Hongmeng, which will be fully upgraded through the optimization of the interface fluency, as well as the security and privacy aspects. 4500 mAh battery, fast charging, and wireless charging power of up to 100W

This is a very classic Huawei flagship, with a 98 percent ultra-high screen ratio that ensures the value of the guarantee, and a dual-ring secondary screen on the back that is also very practical. Will you support Huawei’s flagship if it is released at the end of the year?

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