Kirin 980 Support Mainstream Games Full Frame Cool Play Honor V20 Performance Test And Game Experience

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel] “Nothing to run a score,” in an era of poor performance, it used to be a way for netizens to show off the phone’s strength. In recent years, there has been new from time to time, our test is primarily used to check whether its hardware indices are up to standard, can meet the expectations of users, and can avoid being out of the water with the things. This is the time to investigate the glory of the newly released flagship cell phone V20, the new machine as the glory V series masterpiece, the official announcement of “technology benchmark” so that peer competitors for the side of the eye And the offering of 48 million pixels AI ultra-clear photography, IMX586, Link Turbo, TOF stereoscopic deep lens, Phantom Eye full view screen, and other innovative technology is truly stunning, so people across the screen are salivating as well, so whether the hardware can support the smooth operation of these extreme technology?Honor V20

When it comes to hardware, it is inseparable from the Honor V20’s core processor Kirin 980, which serves as the foundation for all of the V20’s innovative technology to be realized. While most domestic flagships continue to use 10nm process processors, the Kirin 980 is the world’s first commercial TSMC 7nm process processor. The Kirin 980 is also the world’s first ARM Cortex-A76-based developer, with a maximum main frequency of 2.6GHz, as well as the world’s first dual-core neural network processing unit (NPU) and the world’s fastest LPDDR4X particles.

Kirin 980 The use of the Kirin 980 chip, in a sense, has improved the overall coordination of the Honor V20. The CPU performance test was performed using the well-known Geekbench, and the Honor V20 test resulted in a single-core score of 3311 and a multi-core score of 9942. In comparison to the reference, the single-core score of the Snapdragon 845 phone is less than 2500, while the multi-core score of 9000 is more difficult.

That is, the glory V20 processor outperforms the same-priced competition by at least a half-position.

AnTuTu and Geekbench scores 3DMark was used to test the Honor V20’s GPU graphics performance, and the two data are quite good, 4259 points for OpenGL ES 3.1 and 4463 points for Vulkan. Using the AndroBench test app, the Honor V20 sequential read speed reached 837.22MB/s and sequential write speed reached 250.3MB/s, the flagship level of UFS 2.1. Overall, the data show that the honor V20’s strength is in the first tier, with better core hardware than the same-price competitor.

3DMark and AndroBench scores Specifically for gaming, the Honor V20 supports the best software-hard collaboration GPU Turbo 2.0 as well as the market’s strongest hard power. It reconfigures the traditional graphics processing framework at the system’s core to achieve software-hardware collaboration, significantly improving the overall efficiency of GPU graphics operations, improving picture quality and performance while lowering energy consumption. The new GPU Turbo 2.0 also optimizes popular games such as King’s Honor, All Out War, Crossfire, Operation Wilderness, QQ Speed, and Stimulation Battlefield, significantly improving the gaming experience.

In the actual game experience, Honor V20 play “King of Honor” frame rate is stable, basically stable in the line period at around 60fps, group battle melee even if the skills of the characters flying all over the world will not be less than 57fps. and running “Jedi survival: stimulation battlefield”, V20 is also essentially full frame, even when concentrated out of the umbrella no lag phenomenon, and the entire game screen rendering is very fine, no mapping There is no problem with mapping errors.

Running “Honor of Kings” at a real-time frame rate during the lane and group battle periods (top right corner)Running “Jedi survival: stimulation battlefield” without frame jamming

From the score to the game test, the honor V20 hardware strength is in the top tier, and after the upgrade GPU Turbo 2.0, THE NINE liquid cooling technology, WLAN three antennas, and so on. more of an “external” existence According to Thiel Labs, the Honor V20 is the first phone with a comprehensive gaming five-star experience. I’m not sure what Thiel Labs’ evaluation criteria are, but there seems to be agreement on the Honor V20’s gaming experience: it has to be the phone that can help you reach the top. I used Honor V20 for half a month and successfully advanced from Starburst to King.

AI chip and other top hardware support will also better play their extreme capabilities, so that we consumers experience more and more extreme.