Is It Exaggerated Or Not? Honor 20 Pro And Iphone Xs Max Night Photography Zoom Comparison

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] During the 618 promotion, the new Honor 20 series won the sales championship in one go, beating out Tmall, Jingdong, Suning, Vipshop, and other e-commerce platforms thanks to its excellent photo strength and a number of world-leading self-research technologies. The Honor 20 series of Honor 20 PRO has a 48 million HD main camera, f/1.4 the industry’s largest night aperture, dual OIS four-axis optical stabilization, 3x optical zoom and up to 30x digital zoom, and other cutting-edge technology, and received the world’s second highest DxOMark score of 111 points. The official glory cell phone recently released glory 20 PRO than the iPhone XS Max night shooting and 10 times zoom test, and the results are mouth-watering. So, is the difference between the two really that significant? To find out, we’ll compare them in the same environment and scene.Honor phone official microblogging screenshot The photo strength of the iPhone XS Max needs no introduction; it represents Apple’s highest level at the moment.

It is also equipped with the A12 chip processor, which improves the module structure of the camera function, the image processing ability, the calculation of the scene scene, and the control of the effect. The Honor 20 PRO is Honor’s most powerful camera phone of the year, with a large 1/2-inch CMOS sensor and individual pixel size of 0.8m, and it supports 2x optical zoom and up to 10x digital zoom. and the Honor 20 PRO employs the industry’s largest f/1.4 aperture, which increases light intake by approximately 50% when compared to f/1.8 apertures, and by approximately 100% when compared to f/2.0 apertures.

In terms of zoom, the Honor 20 PRO supports 3x optical zoom, 5x hybrid zoom, and up to 30x digital zoom.

Let’s start with the performance of the two in the night scene: iPhone XS Max Indoor Night View SampleiPhone XS Max indoor night scene sample photoHonor 20 PRO indoor night scene sampleHonor 20 PRO indoor super night scene sampleHonor 20 PRO indoor night scene sampleHonor 20 PRO indoor super night scene sample

iPhone XS Max outdoor night shotHonor 20 PRO outdoor night scene sample100% zoom detail comparison, iPhone XS Max highlight font edge vignette During the shooting process, we discovered that in a dark environment, the iPhone XS Max will increase the exposure time to get more light intake, but this causes the picture to be easy to shoot due to hand shake and paste This is most noticeable during night scene shooting, but I believe iPhone users have also been bothered by this issue. The Honor 20 PRO, on the other hand, does not suffer from hand shake in low-light situations.

On the one hand, it can handle night scenes with ISO sensitivity of up to 204,800, allowing for long exposure times. Honor, on the other hand, has implemented OIS four-axis optical stabilization technology in both the 8 million telephoto lens and the 48 million main camera. The Honor 20 PRO phone includes a gyroscope that detects hand shake.

The gyroscope can measure the camera’s tilt on the X and Y axes due to hand shake, and the system predicts the amount of image shift caused by the tilt based on the tilt angle, and then the system controls the lens set relative to the image sensor to produce image shifts of the same size but in the opposite direction on the stereo image on the X and Y axis, thus offsetting the image shift caused by hand shake.

Honor 20 PRO Complex Light Night SampleHonor 20 PRO super night shot with complex light source The iPhone XS Max is not as good as the iPhone XS Max, both indoors and outdoors, and its image control is not as good as the Honor 20 PRO. In terms of detail sharpness, highlight suppression, color saturation, and dark detail richness, the Honor 20 PRO outperforms the iPhone XS Max.

Zoom item comparison, we chose 10x digital zoom to compare the zoom strength of the two, and divided into different day and night scenes to verify the zooming ability of the two.iPhone XS Max 10x zoom non-light night scene sample photosHonor 20 PRO 10x zoom non-light night scene sample photos

100% zoom detail comparison, glory 20 PRO font is clearly visible, iPhone XS Max has been smeared into a balliPhone XS Max 10x zoom light source night scene sampleHonor 20 PRO 10x zoom light source night scene sample100% zoom detail comparison, this is up to everyone to judge

The iPhone XS Max can only distinguish between large objects such as cars, whereas the Honor 20 PRO can see billboards behind the car, and the difference is even more noticeable when light sources are compared.iPhone XS Max 10x zoom sample photosHonor 20 PRO 10x zoom sample100 percent zoom detail comparison, Honor 20 PRO clear and natural text in the picture, iPhone XS Max has been blurred

We rarely use 10x zoom to take pictures in real life, primarily because it is more susceptible to hand shake interference, making it difficult for non-professionals to take stable photos. And this is related to its magnification principle, to use an analogy, 10x zoom is like selecting a laser pointer point 100 meters away from the object, the wrist as long as there is 1 mm of shake, then the distant irradiation point may produce half a meter or even more error. So in the case of sufficient light, iPhone XS Max and Honor 20 PRO’s 10x zoom, although both can output the picture, Honor 20 PRO’s framing and imaging are more stable This is due to the Honor 20 PRO’s telephoto lens supporting four-axis OIS optical stabilization, which completely suppresses jitter and ensures image clarity.

iPhone XS Max 10x zoom sample photos Honor 20 PRO 10x zoom sample photos

When we compare the details, we find that the iPhone XS Max detail smear sense is more serious, the text in the picture is not visible, and the dark details are also lost significantly. In contrast, the overall image of the Honor 20 PRO is bright, the outline of the building is clear and natural, and the edge of the text in the image is clear with little smearing. Overall, the Honor 20 PRO’s 10x zoom capability is at least two notches better than the iPhone XS Max. Finally, returning to the issue raised at the beginning of the article, the Honor 20 PRO’s 10x zoom and night shot are indeed superior to the iPhone XS Max, and there is a significant gap between hardware and software.

I believe the most fundamental reason for such a result is determined by the philosophy or attitude of both towards technology, so to speak, the iPhone XS Max is the primary solution to the problem of whether ordinary users can record the picture, while the glory 20 PRO considers whether our ordinary users can take good pictures in all scenes. According to the most recent survey in 2019, cell phones account for more than 75% of all photos taken globally. The user demand for photos has long progressed from simple social sharing to deeper aesthetic needs, and I believe no one wants to share a slew of black or blurry photos with their friends right now.

So, when purchasing digital products, you should begin with your needs in mind; if the Honor 20 PRO can solve all of your photo problems while remaining cost-effective, what is the reason not to get it? The Honor 20 series is currently participating in the 618 promotion, with prices starting at only 2699 yuan, and friends should not pass it up.